Angler, The

T. B. Read 621
Abbey, Melrose

Sir W. Scatt 624 Anglers' Trysting-Tree, The...... 7. T. Stoddart 619
Abou Ben Adhem
...L. Hunt 686 Angler's Wish, The

. 1. l'alton 620
Abram and Zimri

...C. Cook 685

3. Thomson 621

· Anonymous
Angling, In Praise of..

Sir H. Hotton 619

F. A. Kemble

Animals, Of Cruelty to.. ..M. F. Tupper 703

.Shakespeare 203
Animals, Plea for the..

7. Thomson 704
Absent Sailor, To her.

Annabel Lee..

...E. A. Poe 275
7. G. Whittier 194
Absent Soldier Son, The.

....S. Dobell 198
Anne Hathaway

Anonymous 814
Acadie, Peace in..

..H. W. Longfellow 645
Annie, For......

..E.A. Poe 297
Achbar and Nourmahal..

T. Moore 113

Annie, Lines to the Memory of.....H. B. Stowe 261
Adam's Morning Hymn in Paradise...... Milton 325

Annuity, The

...G. Outram 906
Adam to Eve..

. Milton 766

Answer to a Child's Que on ....S. T. Coleridge 143

W. C. Bryant 554
A. Pope 818 Antiquity of Freedom, The.....
Address to the Ocean

B. W. Procter 564
Antony and Cleopatra ....

...W. H. Lytle 293
Adieu, adieu! my native shore ....Lord Byron 190 Apple-Tree, The Planting of the ..W.C. Bryant 419

....G. Crabbe 245
Adieu, adieu! our dream of love 7. X. Hervey 185 Approach of Age, The
Ae fond kiss before we part .......R. Burns 183 Après

.A.J. Mundy 695
Afar in the desert..

..Anonymous 281
...... T. Pringle 238 April Violet, An
After the Ball..

.....N. Perry
Arab, The..

.Charles L.Calverly 913

Afton Water..

....R. Burns 410

Are the children at home?....M. E. M Sangster 270
Agassiz, The Fiftieth Birthday of ....Longfellow 850

Arthur, Death of

.........A. Tennyson 597
Agassiz, The Prayer of 7 G. Whittier 850 As by the shore at break of day........ T. Moore 544
Age of Wisdom, The ..W. M. Thackeray 153

Ask me no more..

.A. Tennyson 120

.....G. Croly 506
Agincourt, The Ballad of

.. M. Drayton 456 Aspasia, Pericles and
Ah, how sweet

7. Dryden 85
As ships becalmed

..A. II. Clough 183
D. F. MacCarthy 152
Ah, sweet Kitty Neil !

As slow our ship

.....T. Moore 188
A hunting we will go..

W. Morris
.H. Fielding 617

Atalanta Conquered ..
Ah, what is Love?

....R. Greene
Atalanta Victorious..

W. Morris

Airy Nothings..

Shakespeare 490
Athulf and Ethilda

..H. Taylor 120
Alabaster Sarcophagus, The ...H. Smith 663

At Sea..

-7. T. Trowbridge 563
Alaric the Visigoth, Dirge of.. ... E. Ererett 813 At the Church Gate

W'. M. Thackeray 67
Alas! how light a cause may move.....T. Moore 227

Auf Wiedersehen!

7. R. Lowell 119
Album, Lines written in an. W. Gaylord 919 Augusta, To

.Lord Byron 174
Alexander's Feast
.7. Dryden 689 Auld Lang Syne

....R. Burns 716
Alfred the Harper

.7. Sterling 601
Auld Robin Gray

Lady Barnard 205
..D. F. MacCarthy 160 Aurelia, To.....

7. Dver 384
All's Well
....T. Dibdin 585 Author's Miseries, The.

... A. Pope 706
All's Well

..T. Hood 395
..H. McE. Kimball


Almond Blossom..

E. Arnold 419

P. B. Shelley 395
Alnwick Cast'e..

Fitz-Greene Hallock 625 Autumn, A Still Day in ...S. H. Whitman 638
Alpine Heights
.F. W. Krummacher 407 Autumn, The

W. D. Gallagher 396
Althea from Prison, To..
...R. Lorelace 86 Autumn Walk, My.

W.C. Bryant 486
Amazing, beauteous change! ... Ph. Doddridge 339

Aux Italiens

R. B. Lytton 228

W. C. Bryant 531
America to Great Britain.
W. Allston 532

American Aristocracy
7. G. Sare 882 Baby Louise

M. Eytinge
American Flag, The

7. R. Drake 536 Baby May

.......W. C. Bennett
......E. B. Browning 147 Baby's Shoes..

..W. C. Bennett
Amy's Cruelty...

Anchor, The Forging of the .S. Ferguson 500 Baby, The

Calidas 18
Ancient Hymn

. Anonymous
327 Baby, The

..G. Macdonald IS
Ancient Mariner, Rime of the ..S. T. Coleridge 783 Baby Zulma's Christmas Carol ....A.7. Requier 787
Angel of Patience, The
7. G. Whittier 263 Bachelor's Hall

Anonymous 906
Angels, Ba of the
Milton 454 Balaklava..

A. B. Meek 463

..T. Datis 791
Angel's Visit, An..

.E. S. Turner 169 Baltimore, The Sack of
Angel's Whisper, The.
....S. Lover Banks o' Doon, The

R. Burns 205

..T. Davis 166
Angler, The

.7. Chalkhill 620 Banks of the Lee, The




T. Hil 439

T. Hold 251



.R. Burns 513 Boatmen, Song of the Negro......7. G. W'hittier 557
Banty Tim.
7. Hayyor Boat, The Pleasure....

.R. H. Dana 019
Barbara Frietchie

7. G. W'huillier 543 Bobolink, The
Barber's Shop, Jones at the

Punch 914 Bomba, King of Naples, Death-Bed of ....Punch 834
Barclay of Ury.

.7. G. H'hittier 487 Bonaparte, Popular Recollections of F. Mahony 822
Bard's Epitaph, A
R. Burns 829 Bonnie Wee Thing

......R Burns

Barefoot Boy, The.
9. G. Whittier 36 Books

Anonymous 683
Battle-Field, The..
W. C. Bryant 485 Books,

Higgins 683
Battle-Hymn of the Repuilic. 7. W'. Howe 556 Boone, Daniel

Lord Byron 840
Battle of Blenheim, The..
R. Sonthey 48) Borrowing

R. W. Emerson 746
Battle of the Angels..

..... Whilton
454 Boston Hymn

.R. W'. Emerson 556
Battle Song of Gustavus Adolphus M. Altenburg 46.8 Bower of Bliss, The

.. E. Spenser 752
JI. L. Ritter 852 Boyhood......

W. Alisten

Bay of Biscay, The..
...A. Cherry 586 “Boz," A Welcome to

W. H. Venab'e 83)
Beach Bird, The Little.
R 11. Dina 446 Brahma

.R. II. Emerson 722
Beach, Newport
.H. Th. Tuckerman 736 , Bruhina's Answer

..R. H. Stodilirit 722
Beacon, The...
.P. M. James 575 Brave at Home, The

T. B Rerd 505
Beal' an Dhuine
Sir W. Scott 459 Brave, How sleep the

W'. Collins 505
Beatrice Cenci..
.P. B. Shelley 798 Brave Old Oak, The

.H. F. Chorley 416
Beautiful Day, On a
7. Sterling 367 Break, break, break

...A. Tennyson 235
Beautiful River, The

B. F. Taylor 202

Breathes there the man. .... Sir W. Scott 505
Beautiful Snow
7. II, Watson 250 Bride, The

Sir J. Suckling 164
.Lord Thurlow 666 Bridge, Horatius at the

T. B. Macaulay 507
Bedouin Love Son

T. Parnell 234 Bridge of Sighs, The
Before and after the Rain.
T. B. Aldrich 638 Brierwood Pipe, The

C. I. Shan'y 475
Before Sedan.
Anonymous 480 Brigantine, My

. F. Cooper 585
Bezinnings, Small

Ch Mai kay 697 British Soldier in China, The ...Sir F. H Doyle 473
Belfry Pigeon, The..
.N. P. Il'illis 436 Brooklet, The.......

.. Sir R. Grant 701
Belgrade, Siege of.....
Anonymous 916 Brookside, The

R. 31. libres
me, if all those endearing young charms Brook, Song of the

..A. Tennyson 408
T. Moore 123 Broom-Flower, The

...M. Horvitt 424

....A. l'ope 66 Brougham, Henry, Earon Vaux.. ..Anonymus 836
Bell of the Ball, The
H. JI Praed 230 Bruce and the Spider

....B. Burton 512
Bells, City..
.R. H. Barham 659 Bruce, The Heart of the

W.E. Aytoun 457
Bells of Shandon, The..

.F. Dahony 653 Brutus over the Body of Lucretia ..7. H. Payne 797
Bells, The
...E. A. l'o? 657 Bugle, The

......A. Tennyson 411
Beli, The Passing.
.7. Pierpont 660 Burial of Moses, The..

C.F. Alexander 341

7. GIlhittier 53 Burial of the Dane, The .H. H. Brownell 573

..A.C. Ketchu 27 : Burial, The Drummer Boy's Anonymous 490
Bertha in the Lane
.E. B. Browning 208 Buried Flower, The....

W'. E. Ayłour 262
Beth Gelert.
W. R. Spencer 617 Buried To day

......D. M. Craik 260
Betrothed Anew

.....E. C. Stedman


...E. Elliott 827
Beyond the smiling and the weeping..H. Bonar 292 Burns

.... Fitz Greene Hallock 827
Bill and Joe....

.0. W. Holmes
56 Burns

H. N. Powers 829
Binzen on the Rhine..
....C.E. Vorton 476 Burns

7. G. Whittier 827
Birch Stream, The
A. B. Averill 639 Burns, Robert.

7. E. Rankin 828
Bird Language.
..E.S. Smith 787 Busy, curious, thirsty fly

...V. Bourne 731
7. Montgomery 433 Byron

R. P'ollok 831
Birds by my Window
..E. Spencer 434 Byron's Latest Verses

..Lord Byron 206
Bird's Nest, A
. 3. Hurdis 433 By the Alma River

.D. M. Craik

Birds, Plea for the..

.H. II. Longfellow 433
Bird, To a ...
..Lord Thurlow 446

Birth of Portraiture, The
T. Moore 103 Caliph and Satan, The.

7. F. Clarke 780
Bishop, God's Judgment on a Wicked R. Sou!hey 791 Camp-hell (Charade)

W. M. Prad 832
Bivouac of the Dead, The
Th. O'Hara 540 Campbell, To.

T. Meere 832
Black and Blue Eyes
T. Noore 143 Camp, Song of the

B. Taylor 741
Blackbird, The
.F. Tennyson 640 Cana...

7. F. Clarke 351
Black-Eyed Susan
.7. Gay 185 Canadian Boat-Song

...T. Woore 619
Black Regiment, The
.G. H. Baker 464 Canterbury Pilgrims, The

G. Chaucer (42
Blacksmith, The Village......H. W. Longfellow 495 Cape Cottage at Sunset

W. B. Glazier

Blessed are they that mourn ....W. C. Bryant 718 Caractacus

..B. Barton 551
Blessed Damozel, The
.D. G Rossetti 758 Carillon

.H. W. Longfellow 659
Blest as the Immortal Gods.. .... Sappho 132 Casa Wappy

D. M. Moir 268
Blightod Love
..Camoens Castara

W. Habington 43
Blind Boy, The
..C. Cibber 258 Castle, Alnwick

Fits Greene Halleck 625
Blindness, On his
Millon 330 Castle in the Air, The..

7. Paine 753
Blindness, On his own
..Milton 672 Castle, Norham

.Sir W'. Scott 623
Blood Horse, The
.B. W. Procter 430 Catalogue, The

·Captain Morris 152
......R. Herrick 418 Cataract of

The.......... R. Southey 412
Blow, blow, thou winter wind Shakespeare 236 Ca' the yowes to the knowes

R. Burns
Blue and the Gray, The
.F. M. Finch 483 Cavalry Song

R. !!'. Raymond 466
W'. Cowper 51 Cavalry, Song of the

E.C. Stedman: 465




Celestial Country, The.. ...B. de Morlaix 311 Contradiction...

...W. Cooper 698
Centennial Hymn
.7. G. W'kittier 546 Cooking and Courting

Anonymous 157
Centennial Meditation of Columbia ..S. Lanier 545 Coral Grove, The

.). G. Percival 582
(Centennial) National Ode
.B. Taylor 546 Coral Insect, The

.7. Montgomery 581
(Centennial) People's Song of Peace....). Miller 549 Coral Insect, The

..L. H. Sigourney 580
Cento Verses
.... Anonymous 915 Coronach

Sir W'. Scott 272
Certaine Man, Of a ........ .Sir 7. Harrington 855 Coronation

.H. Hunt 688
Chain Verses
· Anonymous 917 Correspondences

.C. P. Cranch 361
Chambered Nautilus, The ....0. W. Holmes 582 Cotter's Saturday Night, The.. R. Burns 348
Charneleon, The.........
:3 Merrick 856 Countess Laura

GII. Boker 806
Chancellorsville, The Wood of....D. R. German 541 Country Life, The

..R. Herrick 641
...P. B. Shelley 683 Country, My

A. Tennyson 515
....R. B. Lytton 230 Country, My

7. Montgomery 505
Charge at Waterloo, The .......Sir W. Scott 462 Course of True Love, The

Shakespeare 205
Charge of the Light Brigade. ...A. Tennyson 464 Courtin', The

5. R. Lowell 896
Charles XII.
....S. Johnson 817 Court Lady, A ......

E. B. Browning 530
Charlie Machree
.......W. 7. Hoppin 102 Cowper, Rousseau and.

..C. Wilcor 825
Charlotte, The Princess
.... Lord Byron 819 Cradle Song, A..

..... Watts

W. Chamberlayne 632 Cradle Song

. Anonymous 19
Chess-Board, The
..R. B. Lytton 106 Cradle Song

7. G. Holland

....R. Sheale Creation

Milton 363
Child and Maiden..

Sir C. Sedley
85 Cricket, The

W. Cowper 449
Child during Sickness, To a

...L Hunt
34 Cromwell, Oliver

7 Dryden 817
Children's Hour, The .H. W. Longfellow 46 Cromwell, To the Lord General ..... Milton 817
Children, The
...C. M. Dickin on 181 Cruelty to Animals, Of...

M F. Tupper 703
Chloe, To
...Peter Pindar 145 Cuckoo-Clock, The

C. B. Southey 660
Choosing a Name
..Mary Lamb 18 Cuckoo, To the

3. Logan 436
Chord, A Lost
..A. A. Procter 735 Culprit Fay, The.

7. R Drake 769
Chorus of English Songsters....W. 7. Courthope 432 Cupid and Campaspe..

7. Lyly 148
Christian Calling, The
· Anonymous 360 Cupid Swallowed

..L. Hunt 151
Christmas Hymn

724 Cyrus, The Tomb of

Anonymous 814
Christmas in the Olden Time ...... Sir W. Scott 641
Chronicle, The...
..A. Cowley 144

Church Gate, At the

W. M. Thackeray
67 Daffodils

.R. Herrick 427
Church Porch, The

....G. Herbert 327

W. Wordsworth

4 7
City and Country

.0. W. Holmes 881 Dagger of the Mind, A. ....Shakespeare 796
City Bells..
..... R. H. Barham 659 Daisy, The....

7. Leyden 426
Civil War.
.....C. D. Shanly 475 Daisy, The..

.7 Montgomery 426
Clam, Sonnet to a..
.7. G. Saxe 890 Daisy, To a Mountain.

R Burns 425
Clan-Alpine, Song of
.Sir W. Scott 467 Dane, The Burial of the

H. H. Broruneil 572
Clarence, The Dream of.... ........ Shakespeare 809 Darkness is thinning

Pope Gregory 1. 322

..M. Collins 892
Claude Melnotte's A pology and Defense Bulwer 206 Darwin
Cleon and I..
..Ch. Mackay 668 Davie Sillar, To..

.R. Burns 671
..Shakespeare 644 Dawn.

R. W. Gilder 369
.W. W. Story 138 Daybreak

.H. W. Longfellow 368
Closing Scene, The

..... T. B. Read 651 Day, in melting purple dying ........M. Brooks 197
Closing Year, The...

...G. D. Prentice 726 Day in the Pamfili Doria, A H. B. Stowe 630
Cloud, The
....P. B. Shelley 749 Dead Friend, The

d. Tennyson

Cloud, The Evening
7 Wilson 698 Dead, The Bivouac of the

Th O'Hara 510
Cloud, The Little

7. H. Bryant 537

Lord Byron 302
Cock and the Bull, The
.C. L. Calverly 912 Death and Cupid

G. Saxe 148
Coliseum by Moonlight
... Lord Byron 629 Death and the Youth.

L. E. Landon 234
Coliseum, The
Lord Byron 624 Death-Bed, A

7. Aldrich 293
Collegian to his Bride, The.

......l'unch 895 Death of a Beautiful Wife, On the . ...H. King 290

T. Dwight 532

Death of a Daughter, On the. ....R. H. Barham 292
Come into the garden, Maud . A. Tennyson

96 Death of Arthur..

.. A. Tennison 597
Come, let us kis 3e and parte ..M. Drayton 191

Death of Leonidas, The

.....G. Croly 506
Come not, when I am dead.

A. Tennyson 230 | Death of the Flowers, The..... W. C. Bryant 428
Come, rest in this bosom

....T. Moore
133 Death of the White Fawn

..A. Marvell
Come to me, dearest
7. Brennan 204 Death-Song, Indian....

A. H. Hunter 290
Come to these scenes of peace ....W. L. Bowles 367 , Death, The Genius of

.G, Croly 720
.M. Collins 877 'Death, the Leveler

.7. Shirley 301
Comin' thro' the Rye .....Adapted by Burns 136 Death, The Trooper's

R. W. Raymond 467
Common Lot, The....
:7. Montgomery 309 Death, To

Gluck 290
Compliments of the Season, The R. W. Raymond 26 Deborah Lee

Anonymous 908
Concord Monument Hymn.
......R. W. Emerson 533 Deceived Lover, The

Sir T. Wyatt 71
Connubial Life.
..7. Thomson 168 Deep, The

7. G. C. Brainand 572
Aionymous 699 Deep, The Treasures of the .....f Ilemans

....R. Greene 668 Delight in God

......F. Quarles 323
..Ch. Cotton 670 De Profundis

.E. B. Browning 299
7. Sylves'er 668 Descent, The..

.....S. Rogers 408

.0. W. Holmes 669 Deserted Village, The. .....0. Goldsmith 634


.M. Arnold 321 | Electrician's Valentine, The......... Anonymous 895
Diamond, The..

7.7. G. Wilkinson 735 Elegy on Madame Blaize ....() Goldsmith 861
Dickens in Camp

..B Harte 840 Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog..0. Goldsmith 861
Die down, O dismal day!

...D. Gray 380 Elegy written in a Country Churchyari T. Gray 306
Diego Ordas in El Dorado. ..Anonymous 756 Eleonora ...

7. Dry den 287
Dies Iræ

T. de Celano 313 Emigrants in Bermuda, Song of the... Marvell 584
Difference, The
M. L. Ritter 135 Emigrant's Wish, The

Anonymous 203
Dinna ask me

Dunlop 107 (Emmett, R.) O, breathe not his namel.. Moore 834
Dirge for a Soldier
.G. H. Boker 482 Emmett's Epitaph

......R. Southey 833
Dirge for a Young Girl.

7. T. Fields 30-

.A. Cary 99
Dirge of Alaric, the Visigoth . E. Everett 813 End of the Play, The. W. M. Thackeray 259
Dirge, The...
.....H King 303 Ends of Life, The

W. Drummond 304
Disappointed Lover, The....... A.C. Swinburne 226 Enid's Song..

......A. Tennyson 696

MG Brooks 223 Enigma (The Letter H) ........C Fanshawe 697
Disguised Maidin, The .. Beaumort and Fletcher 688 Enoch Arden at the Window....... A. Tennyson 223
Dismal Swamp, The Lake of the T. Moore 782 Epigwa Asleep..

l'. W'. Bailey 379
Diversities of Fortune..

T. Hood 258 Epigram, An (Woman's Will) 7. G. Sare 883
7. Ingelow 186 Epigrams

.S. 7. Coleridge 864
Divina Commedia
.H. W. Longfellow 650 Epitaph on Elizabeth L. H.

B. Jonson 816
Domestic Birds.......
7. Thomson 432 Epitaph, Emmett's

.R. Southey 833
Donald the Black, Song of Sir W. Scott 466 Epitaph on the Countess of Pembrok. B. Jouson 816
Doolkarnein, The Trumpets of.. ......L. Hunt 600 Epithalamion, The

...E, Spenser 162
Doorstep, The

......E. C. Stedman 741 Eton College, On a Distant Prospect of..T. Gray 738
Dorothy in the Garret.........7. T. Tro vbridge 210 Etrurian Valley, In the..

.. Bulnerer 628
Doubt, A
Dr. R. Ifughes 146 Euthanasia

...H. More 720
Doubting Heart, The.

· A. A. Procter 718 Evangeline on the Prairie ....H.I. Longfellow 646
Dover Beach
M. Arnold 563 Evelyn Hope

.R. Browning 275
Dover Cliff ..
Shakespeare 407 Evening

..Lord Byron 373
Dow's Flat
..B. Harte 899 Evening Cloud, The

7. W'ilson 698
Doxology, A Lancashire..
.D. M. Craik 502 Evening in Paradise..

Milton 375
Drake, Joseph Rosiman......Fitz-Greene Halleck 834 Evening, Ode to

W'. Collins 374
Dreamer, The.......
Anonymous 246 Evening Star, The

T. Campbell 371
Dream of Clarence, The
Shakespeare 809 Evening Wind, The

W.C. Bryant 371
Dream of Eugene Aram, The ....T. Hood 810 Eve of Election, The.

3. G. Whittier

Dreams and Realities

...P. Cary
55 Eve of St. Agnes, The

.. 7. Keats

Dreams, Sleepless
..D G. Rossetti 708 Example...

... k'oble 676
Dream, The

Lord Byron 680 Execution of Montrose, The. .W. E. A ytoun 791
Dream, The Mariner's
W. Dimond 567 Exile of Erin.....

T. Campbell 522
Dream, The Soldier's..

T. Campbell 480 Experience and a Moral, An ......F. S. Cozzens
Dress, A Sweet Disorder in

R Herrick 698
Dre3s, Freedom in
...B. Jonson 698



Read 751 Fairest thing in mortal eyes, The Duke of Orleans 300
Drink to me only with thine eyes. ..Philostratus 714 Fair Helen of Kirconnell

· Anonymous 276
Driving Home the Cows
.K. P. Osgood 482 Fairies, Farewell to the

.R. Corbett 114
Drop, drop, slow tears...
.G. Fletcher 322 Fairies' Lullaby

Shakespeare 764
Drop of Dew, A...
...A. Marvell 392 Fairies' Song

T. Randolph 764
Drummer Boy's Burial, The. ..Anonymous 479 Fairies, The

H. Allingham
Drury Lane, A Tale of

..H. Smith
910 Fairy Queen, The

A nouymous 763
W. Cowper 705 Fairy Song

.... Keats 766
Dule 's i' this bonnet o' mine, The ....E. Waugh 904

Faith ..

F. A. Kemble 740
Dum Vivimus, Vivamus..
Ph. Doddridge 325 Faith and Hope.

...R Peale 82
Duncan Gray cam' hero to woo ........R. Burns 152 Faithful Angel, The.

Milton 347
..Anonymous 503 Faithful Lovers, The

. Anonymous 155
Dying Christian to his Soul, The ........A. P'ope 328

Faithless Sally Brown

T. Hood 868
Dying Gertrude to Waldegrave, The T. Campbell 193 Fame...

. A. P'ope 699
Dying Hymn, A
......A Cary 355 Fame

.B. Jonson 699
Dying Saviour, The
.P. Gerhardt 336 Family Meeting, The

C. Spragne 182

.M. A konside 748
Fancy, Delights of..
Fancy, Hollo, my..

Anonymous 748

..S. T. Coleridge 750
Each and All..

..R. W. Emerson 365 Fancy in Nubibus
Eagle, The.....
....A. Tennyson 247 | Fantasy

B. Jonson 748

T. Moore 193
Earl of Quarterdeck, The .G. Macdonald (03 Farewell ! but whenever

1. Ilood 291
Early Friendship
..A Del'ere 61 Farewell, Life....

Earnest Suit, An

.Sir T. Wyatt 191 | Farewell of a Slave Mother, The..7. G. Il'hittier
J. G. Sure 912 Farewell, The Sea-Poy's .

..Anonymous 573
Echo and Silence.

..Sir E. Brydges 397

Farewell I thou art too dear....... Shakespeare 191
Echo and the Lover

· Anonymous 917

Farewell to thee, Araby's daughter....T. Moore 289

C. Lamb 491
T. Moore


Farewell to Tobacco, A..

.W. Wordsworth
Education of Nature

..R. Bloomfi
Farmer's Boy, The..

Edwin and Paulinus

. Anonymous 354
Father Land and Mother Tongue. .....S. Lovor 697

W.C. Bryant 121
Ezgs and the Horses, The..
..Anonymous 875 Fatima and Raduan.

F. R. Drake 769
El Dorado, Diego Ordas in.

Anonymous 758 Fay, The Culprit..




Fear no more the heat o' the sun....
.. Shakespeare 301 Gentilwoman, To a......

....0. R. 77
Female Convict, The...

..L.E. Landon 291 Gentleman of the Old School, A .... Anonymous 654
Ferguson's Cat....
· Anonymous 891 Giacomo, Fra

R. Buchanan 802
Fern, The Petrified.
M. L. B. Branch 754 Gifts of God, The

...G Herbert 696
Fetching Water from the Well....... Anonymous 82 Ginevra

...S. Rogers 605
Fight of Faith, The...
..A. Askewe 329 Girdle, On a

..E. Wailer 86
Filial Love..

....Lord Byron 173 Give me more love, or more disdain .. T. Carew 8o
Fine Old English Gentleman, The....Anonymous 866 Give me the old ..

.R. H. Messenger 716
Fire by the Sea, The.

.....A. Cary 579 Give me three grains of corn, mother
Fire of Love, The..
Earl Dorset 851

Miss Edwards 255
Fireside, By the.
.L. Larcom 176 Give place, ye lovers

.Lord Surrey 65
Fireside, The..
.....N. Cotton 177 Glove and the Lions, The

......L. Hunt 605
First Kiss, The..
...T. Campbell 135 Gluggity Glug

..Anonymous 858
First Love.
.Lord Byron 689 God

... Derzhasin 320
First Snowfall, The..
7. R. Lowell 264 God everywhere in Nature

.....C Wilcox 452
First Spring Flowers..
Mrs. Howland 28. Godiva..

.A. Tennyson 644
Fisher Folk, The Poor..

V. Hugo 577
God's Acre..

..H. W. Longfellow 305
Fishers, The Three....
.Ch. K’ingsley 576 Go, feel what I have felt..

Anonymous 494
Fisher, The.....
..Goethe 776 Go, happy rose

.R. Herrick

Flight into Egypt, The
F. Mahony 344 Going and Coming.

E. A. Jenks 728
Flood of Years, The
W. C Bryant lxiv Gold..

.T. Hood 705
Florence Vane
Ph. P. Cooke 276 Golden Girl, A

B. Cornwall 144
Flotsam and Jetsam.
....Anonymous 574 Golden Ringlet, The.

...A. B. I'elby 275
Flower o' Dumblane, The ....R Tannahill 96 Go, lovely rose.

.....E W'aller 66
Flower of Finae, The.
...T. Davis 286 Good Ale

..7. Still 858

...T. Hood 422
Good By

.R. W. Emerson 719
Flowers, Hymn to the

H. Smith 421
Good Bye.

A nonymous 183
Flowers, The Death of the

W.C. Bryant 428 Good Great Man, The ...S T. Coleridge 676
Flowers, The Use of.
M. Howitt 429 Good Night

...C. Th. Korner 504
Flowers withont Fruit

.7. H. Newman 741
Good Night and Good Morning ....R M Milnes

Fly, Busy, curious, thirsty

V. Bourne 731
Go to thy rest, fair child

Anonymous 271
Fly, To a ....
.7. Wolcott 731 Gougaune Barra.

17. Callanan 522
Fly to the desert, fly with me ........T. Moore 95 Gouty Merchant and the Stranger, The H. Smith 867
Folding the Flock3.... Beaumont and Fletcher 431 Grape-Vine Swing, The

.7. G Simms 418
Follow a shadow, it still flies you ....B. youson 84 Grass, The Voice of the

....S. Roberts 427
Foolish Virgins, The

...A. Tennyson 717 Grasshopper and Cricket, The... .7. Kents 449
Footsteps of Angels

L. Hunt
.....H. W. Longfellow 262 Grasshopper and Cricket, The

Fop, Hotspur's Description of a

W. Ilarte 448
.. Shakespeare 472, Grasshopper, Soliloquy on a

For a' that and a' that
- R. Burns 257 Grasshopper, The

Anacreon 449
For Charlie's Sake....
7. W. Palmer 266 Graves of a Household, The

..F. Hemans 305
Forest Hymn, A

...A. Dobson 715
W. C Bryant 414 Gray, Growing...
Forest Primeval, The...

...JI. S. Landor 715
H. W. Longfellow 414 Gray Hair, The One
Forever with the Lord.
:7. Montgomery 353 Gray Head, The Young

.C B. Southey 798
Forging of the Anchor, The ..S. Ferguson 500

Great Britain.

0 Goldsmith 633
Forlorn Shepherd's Complaint, The ....T. Hood

| Greatness

A. P'ope 700

For love's sweet sake

.....B. Cornwall

Great St. Bernard, The

..S. Rogers 403
Forsaken Merman, Th9
M. Arnold 775 Grecian Umn, Ode on a...

.3. Keats 750
..Fitz-Greene Halleck 696 Greece (Childe Harold)

..Lord Byron 526
.Sir 7. Harrington 855 Greece (The Giaour).

Lord Byron 526
Fra Giacomo
.R. Buchunan 802 Greek Poet, Song of the

. Lord Byron 525
Freedom in Dress

.....R. Burns
B. 7 inson 698 Green grow the rashes, O!

Freedom, The Antiquity of W.C. Bryant 554

Greenwood Cemetery

...C. Kenneily 305
Freeman, The..

iv, Cowper 552
Greenwood Shrift, The........R. and C. Southey 345

W. L. Bowles 416
Fremont, John C....

.7. G. Whittier 849 Greenwood, The.
French Camp, Incident of the......R. Browning 470


.Shakespeare 290
Friar of orders gray,

I am a..
:7. O'Keefe 869 Grief for the Dead

· Anonymous 260
Friar of Orders Gray, The.. ....T. Percy

72 Grongar Hill

9. Dyer 406
Friends Departed
..H. Vaughan 263 Groomsman to his Mistress, The.. T. W. Parsons

.R. W. Emerson

...A. Dobson 715
Growing Gray..

Shakespeire 60 Growth, The True .....

B. Jonson 665
From the recesses of a lowly spirit..; Bowring 337


.C. G. Fenner 583
Frost, The

..H.F. Gould
46 Guy Fawkes.

Anonymous 867
Future Life, The
W.C. Bryant 263

Future, The

A. l'ope 722
Halleck, Fitz-Greene

.7. G. Whittier 852
Hallowed Ground

.T. Campbell 712
Gambols of Children, The.

...G. Darley
31 | Hampton Beach

.7. G. Whittier 562
Garden of Love, The

....!'. Blake 713 Hang up his harp: he'll wake no more E. Cook 291
Garrison, William Lloyd

7. R. Lowell 846 | Hans Breitmann's Party ..........C. G. Leland 901
Gaz-making: An Impromptu ..R. W. Rrymnoid 892 Happiness

....A. Pope 673

T. Decker 495

..S. T. Coleridge 107 Happy Heart, The
Genius of Death, The

Sir H. Wotton 674
..G. Croly 720, Happy Life, A..

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