for money.


7. One penny a week is required to be paid every Monday morning, by each child who attends the school. 8. The children are required

To be obedient to their master and monitors.
To avoid talking and playing during school hours.
To be orderly on their way to and from school, and when dis-

missed, to proceed directly home.
To be strictly honest, and on all occasions to speak the truth.
To be obedient to their parents, and civil to every body.
To be kind to dumb animals.
To avoid bad company ; to shun quarrelling and contention;

and when able, to prevent them in others.
Never to play at 'pitch and toss,' nor any other

game Never to use bad words, nor ill names, nor to rock blind, lame,

deformed, or afflicted To behave with reverence at church, and when reading the bible. To pray to God morning and evening.

Plain Work and Knitting Will be taken into the girls' school, and the money received for this work will be laid out by the committee in articles of clothing, and given to those children who have done the work, according to their merit.

Orders for the Sunday. All parents and guardians are to take care that their children are at school exactly at nine o'clock in the morning, neatly dressed, to attend divine service, and again at two in the afternoon.

Children not attending the day-school will be admitted to the Sunday school.

Application for admittance into the school may be made to any of the visitors. No school on a Saturday. No child to be admitted under six years of age.


“That their children which have not known any thing, may hear, and learn to fear the Lord your God."-DEUT. xxxi 13.

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he shall not depart from it." PROV xxii 6.

“Bring up your children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord "-Ephes, vi. 4,
“I will pour my Spirit upon thy seed, and my blessing on thine offspring."-ISA. xliv. 3.

Every parish, however small, should have its Sunday school ; for every parish has some children who need to be instructed, and who can estimate the value of one immortal soul ? (Matt. xvi. 26.)

The COURSE OF INSTRUCTION should be adapted to the capacities of the children. Hence it is of great importance to classify them according to their respective abilities.

Rules for the Management of a Sunday School. 1. No child can be admitted into the school under six

years age. When brought for admission, to be attended by a parent, or guardian.


2. The children are expected to come clean and decent, and dressed in a manner suitable to their station in life.

3. No girl will be permitted to attend the school with necklaces, feathers, flowers, or curl-papers.

4. The hours of school are from nine o'clock till a quarter past ten, in the morning; and from half-past one till a quarter past two, in the afternoon.

5. The school is opened with singing and prayer.

6. One ticket shall be given to each child who comes in time for prayer, both morning and evening.

7. For four of these small tickets one picture ticket will be given ; and three picture tickets shall entitle their possessor to a reward of sixpence. 8. The children to be divided into four classes :

1. Sunday School Primer, and Scripture Alphabet ;
2. Second-class book, and Watts's Catechism ;
3. Testament, and the Church Catechism;

4. Bible, and Explanation of the Church Catechism. 9. The children shall stand up when saying their lessons, and when spoken to by their teachers.

10. Every child must obey, and behave properly to his or her teacher. And every child who shall obstinately refuse to do what his or her teacher shall tell them to do, shall be expelled.

11. No child must be allowed to talk during school hours, except when saying his or her lessons.

12. That if any child be guilty of disorderly conduct at school or at church, lying, swearing, pilfering, calling names, talking in an improper and indecent manner, or otherwise misbehaving, such punishment shall be inflicted as the teacher or superintendent may think


and if after frequent reproof the child be not reformed, the superintendent shall have the power of expelling such child from the school.

13. If any child be absent three successive Sundays without assigning a good and sufficient reason for such absence, the superintendent shall have the power of expelling it from the school.

14. That the names of all who are expelled be stuck up in the school as a warning to others.

15. Every child is expected to attend divine service at church, morning and afternoon.

Sick Club. 16. Every child, on paying 6d. entrance, and continuing to subscribe one penny a week, shall be allowed two shillings a week during illness, on the application of the parent, after having been a member for a month.

17. All who neglect or refuse to pay their subscription for three successive weeks, shall forfeit their claims on the club, and all money previously paid.

18. A note from the surgeon attending the child must be brought by the parent to the superintendent, whenever application is made for the weekly allowance. If any illness shall be discovered to be feigned, that child shall be for ever excluded from the club.

Lending Library. 19. Those children whose general good behaviour during the day shall meet the approbation of their teachers, shall be allowed a book on the application of their teachers.

20. The parents of the children attending this school, may be also allowed books from the library.


1. Persons disposed to become teachers, and willing to conform to the rules of the school, should apply for that purpose to the superintendent.

2. The teachers to instruct children of their own sex only; and to be appointed by the superintendent to their respective classes, which they are expected punctually to attend, or in case of unavoidable absence, to give the earliest possible notice of the same to the superintendent.

3. And as great responsibility is attached to the care of the individuals of every class, it is hoped that the teachers will consider themselves bound by the most solemn engagements and sacred ties, to a diligent and very punctual attendance, the neglect of which would occasion serious inconvenience to the school which they profess to serve.

Register of Admission.

(See p. 87.)

Class Book.
(See p. 87.)

Morning attendance to be marked
Afternoon ditto ditto
Good behaviour, and good lessons

Absence from school, to be left blank. Every child to be considered as absent, who is not in the school at the time of prayers.

Morning attendance and good behaviour
Afternoon attendance and good behaviour
Morning and afternoon attendance, good be

haviour and good lesson in morning only

ditto in afternoon only.X Ditto good behaviour and lessons in both .X

[blocks in formation]

Sunday School.
Given to Jane Doe.

Teacher, M. Lovechild.

For learning. Catechism. Scripture. (Hymns. Attendance Behaviour.

[blocks in formation]



Collect. Catechism. Hymns. Verses. M. A.

Jan. ).

Portions of Scripture to be learned by heart.



1 Matt.5. 3-10. 2 5. 43-48. 3

6. 38. 4

6. 19-24. 5

7. 7- 12. 6 7. 21–27. 7 10. 28, 32, 33, 37, 38. 8 11. 25-30. 9 12. 32–37. 10 13. 18-23. 11 - 24. 42-47.

- 25. 31–36. 13 - 26. 41-46.


M. A.


14 Mark 4. 14-20.

8. 34-38. 16

12. 28–33. 17 14. 32-38. 18 Luke 1. 68–70, 76–79. 19

6. 20—26. 20 6. 27, 28, 31–36. 21

6. 45–49. 22

8. 11.-15. 23 11. 9-13. 24 12. 31–36. 25 13. 44 9. 26 13. 24-28.

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I Rom. 2. 6-11. 2 3. 10-12, 19, 20. 3

8. 5_ 9. 4

8. 13-17. 5 · 12. 9-15. 6 12. 16-21. no i Cor.1. 26–31. 8 2. 9, 12–15. 9 2 Cor.4. 15–18. 10 5. 8–10. 14, 15. 11 5. 17-21. 12

6. 14-18. 13 Gal. 2. 16, 19–21. 14

5. 21–26. 15 6. 7-10. 16 Eph. 2. 4- 9. 17 4. 22–27. 18 4, 28–32. 19 5. 15–20. 20 6. 13–18. 21 Phil. 2. 12-16. 22 3. 8-12. 23 Col. 1. 10–14. 24 3. 1-6. 25 3. 12–17. 26 3. 20–24.

27 1 Thess. 5. 15–22. 28 1 Tim. 6. 6—10. 29 Titus 2. 9-14. 30 Heb. 4. 1, 2, 14-16. 31

10. 23–39. 32

12. 11-15. 33

13. 5- 9. 34

13. 12-16. 35 James ]. 5- 8. 36

1. 16-22. 37

1. 23–27. 38

4. 3- 8. 39 | Peter 2. 1-5. 40

2. 13-18. 4)

2. 21-25. 42

3. 8-12. 43

3. 13-17. 44

4. 14-18. 45

5. 5- 9. 46 2 Peter 3. 10-14. 47 1 John 1. 5—10. 48

2. 1- 6. 49

3. 7-10. 50

4. 9-13. 51

5. 1-5. 52 Rev. 3. 17-20.

Hints for Teachers. 1. Take pains to make the children understand what they are taught.

2. Require nothing of the scholars but what they can and should do, and see that all is done that is required. With this view, let their lessons be adapted to their respective capacities, as far as these can be discovered.

3. Keep in view the religious ends of the institution, and constantly bear in mind that Sunday schools are designed-To check and reform

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