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72. oldal - But there is a road from Winchester town, A good, broad highway leading down; And there, through the flush of the morning light, A steed as black as the steeds of night Was seen to pass, as with eagle flight...
164. oldal - In murmurings faint and distant moans; And ever afar in the silence deep Is heard the splash of the sturgeon's leap, And the bend of his graceful bow is seen — A glittering arch of silver sheen, Spanning the wave of burnished blue, And dripping with gems of the river dew.
xxii. oldal - Railroad, have the advantage of its splendid vestibuled express-train service both east and west, and are therefore readily accessible from all parts of the country. All Baltimore and Ohio trains stop at Deer Park and Oakland during the season.
292. oldal - There is a river in Macedon, and there is also moreover a river at Monmouth, and there is salmons in both.
425. oldal - ... wilderness of nature, has left us the record that the sounding cataract, the tall rock, the mountain, the deep and gloomy wood haunted him like a passion. There it was that he heard the still, sad music of humanity. There it was that he felt "a presence that disturbs — with the joy of elevated thoughts, a sense sublime of something — whose dwelling is the light of setting suns and the round ocean and the living air and the blue sky and in the mind of man.
531. oldal - Maryland cookery, wholly independent of the process just delicately alluded to in connection with terrapin, that obtains nowhere else. A Maryland dinner is simplicity itself, but it would tax the capacity of the "best men" of a New York club. Washington eats more fish than any other city in the United States in proportion to its population, but Baltimore probably eats more good things generally. There is a sort of refined barbarism about such a menu as that of a plain winter dinner in Maryland that...
78. oldal - ... us; first a few fine-looking fellows rode up nearly within gunshot to reconnoiter, and then little bands would leave the camp and advance, but without any demonstration other than waving their arms in the air or cantering across the plain. At last they came within our reach, and a few rifle shots precipitated the conflict, but not until we had passed half the distance to their camp. At the first shot everything was changed. The bands concentrated, and, uttering their war-cries, they dashed toward...
320. oldal - Why pay $100 per year for your Life Insurance when the same amount of insurance can be had in one of the strongest Life Insurance Companies in the world for $5O?
xxv. oldal - FOR ALL PAIN Rheumatism Feminine Complaints Lameness Soreness Wounds Bruises Catarrh Burns Piles D'S FAC-SIMILE OF BOTTLE WITH BUFF WRAPPER.

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