What Cheer, Or, Roger Williams in Banishment: A Poem

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Preston & Rounds, 1896 - 225 oldal

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208. oldal - Let men of God in courts and churches watch O'er such as do a toleration hatch ; Lest that ill egg bring forth a cockatrice, To poison all with heresy and vice.
212. oldal - Dexter and others, as our town book declares ; and whereas, by God's merciful assistance, I was the procurer of the purchase, not by monies nor payment, the natives being so shy and jealous, that monies could not do it, but by that language, acquaintance, and favor with the natives and other advantages which it pleased God to give me...
207. oldal - Plymouth, professing his own and others' love and respect to me, yet lovingly advising me, since I was fallen into the edge of their bounds, and they were loth to displease the Bay, to remove but to the other side of the water, and then, he said, I had the country free before me, and might be as free as themselves, and we should be loving neighbors together.
176. oldal - England, while they lived there ; and, besides, had declared his opinion, that the magistrate might not punish the breach of the Sabbath, nor any other offence, as it was a breach of the first table...
188. oldal - We cannot yet conceive, (they continue,) but that he is willing to have peace with us ; for they have seen our people sometimes alone two or three in the woods at work and fowling, when as they offered them no harm, as they might easily have done...
176. oldal - That whereas Mr. Williams had refused to join with the congregation at Boston, because they would not make a public declaration of their repentance for having communion with the churches of England, while they lived there...
190. oldal - By this time the enemy perceived that they were waylaid on the east side of the swamp, and tacked short about One of the enemy, who seemed to be a great, surly old fellow, hallooed with a loud voice, and often called out,
178. oldal - ... and when some of them ignored him he excommunicated them. This was too much, even for Salem, and it turned against the minister, who felt impelled to resign. He was now summoned before the general court, and refusing to recant he was ordered into exile in October, 1635. As winter was approaching, he was permitted to remain until spring on condition that he did not preach his tenets. He seems to have made no promise in the matter, but when it was known in January that he was instructing a group...
13. oldal - Vast mantle hoar. And he began to hear, At times, the fox's bark, and the fierce howl Of wolf, sometimes afar — sometimes so near, That in the very glen they seemed to prowl Where now he, wearied, paused — and then his ear Started to note some shaggy monster's growl, That from his snow-clad, rocky den did peer, Shrunk with gaunt famine in that tempest drear, XLV.
198. oldal - Governor, with the advice of others, sent them a round answer, that if they had rather have war, than peace, they might begin when they would; they had done them no wrong, neither did they fear them, or should they find them unprovided. And by another messenger sent the snakeskin back with bullets in it, but they would not receive it but sent it back again.

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