The Statesman's Year-book

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Frederick Martin, Sir John Scott Keltie, Isaac Parker Anderson Renwick, Mortimer Epstein, Sigfrid Henry Steinberg, John Paxton, Brian Hunter (Librarian)
MacMillan Press Limited, 1899

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lxxx. oldal - Department, or upon any contract, express or implied, with the Government of the United States, or for damages, liquidated or unliquidated, in cases not sounding in tort, in respect of which claims the party would be entitled to redress against the United States either in a court of law, equity, or admiralty if the United States were suable...
124. oldal - The expenditure of the revenues of India, both in India and elsewhere, shall be subject to the control of the Secretary of State in Council; and no grant or appropriation of any part of such revenues...
xviii. oldal - States, whose fathers were or may be at the time of their birth citizens thereof, are declared to be citizens of the United States; but the rights of citizenship shall not descend to children whose fathers never resided in the United States.
lxxx. oldal - All claims founded upon the constitution of the United States or any law of congress, except for pensions, or upon any regulation of an executive department, or upon any contract express or implied with the government of the United States...
clxxxviii. oldal - ... transferred, while insolvent, any portion of his property to one or more of his creditors with intent to prefer such creditors over his other creditors...
clxxxviii. oldal - This Act shall not affect the allowance to bankrupts of the exemptions which are prescribed by the State laws in force at the time of the filing of the petition...
lxxx. oldal - Department, involving disputed facts or controverted questions of law, where the amount in controversy exceeds $3,000, or where the decision will affect a class of cases or furnish a precedent for the future action of any Executive Department in the adjustment of a class of cases, or where any authority, right, privilege, or exemption is claimed or denied under the Constitution.
xlv. oldal - Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy, and of the militia of the several States when called into the actual service of the United States.
365. oldal - To give validity to bills passed by the Reichsrath, the consent of both Chambers is required, as well as the sanction of the head of the State. The members of both the Upper and the Lower House have the right to propose new laws on subjects within the competence of the Reichsrath ; but in all other matters the initiative belongs solely to the Government.

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