The Tale of the Four Durwesh: Translated from the Oordoo Tongue of Meer Ummun, of Dhailee

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148. oldal - how long I remained in this state ; but when I opened my eyes I saw that I was lying in such a wilderness, where except thorns and briars nothing else was to be seen; at that moment my understanding was of no avail to fix on what I should do or where I should go;
159. oldal - perceiving it impossible to catch him, ordered his death, and immediately a volley of above a hundred shots were fired ; many of the balls hit him, but he seemed unconcerned, and moved on towards the mountains ; we kept up an incessant fire for near half an hour ; the
163. oldal - ground from the Tents to the Garden, over •which we moved along, was inlaid with Fireworks, and at every step the Elephants took, the earth burst before us, and threw up artificial stars in the heavens to emulate those created by the hand of Providence ; besides innumerable rockets and
163. oldal - were intermixed on the right and left. On both sides of the road, from the Tents to the Garden, were raised artificial sceneries of bamboo work very high, representing bastions, arches, minarets and towers, covered with lights in lamps, which made a grand and sublime display. And on each side of the procession, in front of the
70. oldal - present. I then sent for the Ruby according to custom ; the officer of the jewel office brought it; I took it in my hand and began to praise it, and gave it to the ambassador of the Franks to look at. On seeing it he smiled, and praised it by way of flattery ; in
160. oldal - Elephants •was drawn up on the North of the lake, facing the East, and we proceeded rapidly through the high grass, with minds glowing with the expectation of the grand sport we should meet. Lay down your pipes, ye country squires, who boast in such pompous language the destruction of a poor
163. oldal - burst before us, and threw up artificial stars in the heavens to emulate those created by the hand of Providence ; besides innumerable rockets and hundreds of wooden shells that burst in: the air, and shot forth a thousand fiery serpents, which
159. oldal - The horsemen seeing him weak and slow, dismounted, and with their swords began a furious attack on the tendons of his hind legs ; they were soon cut. Unable to proceed, this noble monarch of the woods staggered ; looked with an eye of reproach mixed with contempt at his unfeeling foes, and then fell without a groan, like a mountain thrown on its
158. oldal - Game of all sorts were destroyed every morning and evening without number or distinction. His Excellency is one of the best marksmen I ever saw ; it would be strange if he was not, as one day with another he fires above a hundred shots, at every species of birds and animals. The first Tiger we
90. oldal - take me out; with much joy I tied the rope tightly to my waist; some one pulled me up; the night was so dark that I could not recognise the person who had hauled me up. When I was out, he said, " Come, be quick ; this is no place to tarry.

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