Wellingtonia: anecdotes, maxims and characteristics of the Duke of Wellington

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John Timbs
Ingram, Cooke, 1852 - 152 oldal

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57. oldal - Believe me, nothing except a battle lost, can be half so melancholy as a battle won...
113. oldal - Ten thousand francs to the subaltern officer Cantillon, who has undergone a trial, upon the charge of having endeavoured to assassinate Lord Wellington, of which he was pronounced innocent. Cantillon had as much right to assassinate that oligarchist, as the latter had to send me to perish upon the rock of St Helena.
73. oldal - Not only that thy puissant arm could bind The tyrant of a world; and, conquering Fate, Enfranchise Europe, do I deem thee great; But that in all thy actions I do find Exact propriety: no gusts of mind Fitful and wild, but that continuous state Of ordered impulse mariners await In some benignant and enriching wind, — The breath ordained of Nature.
15. oldal - Plunder is stopped, the fires are all extinguished, and the inhabitants are returning to their houses fast. I am now employed in burying the dead, which I hope will be completed this day, particularly if you send me all the pioneers.
81. oldal - Late political events have convinced me that the whole transaction was intended as a blind to the Protestant and High Church party, that the noble Duke, who had for some time previous to that period determined upon breaking in upon the constitution of 1688, might the more effectually, under the cloak of some outward show of zeal for the Protestant religion, carry on his insidious designs for the infringement of our liberties and the introduction of Popery into every department of the State.
80. oldal - I am one of those who have probably passed a longer period of my life engaged in war than most men, and principally, I may say, in civil war ; and I must say this — that if I could avoid, by any sacrifice whatever, even one month of civil war in the country to which I am attached, I would sacrifice my life in order to do it [cheers].
27. oldal - When the extent of the night's havoc was made known to lord Wellington, the firmness of his nature gave way for a moment, and the pride of conquest yielded to a passionate burst of grief for the loss of his gallant soldiers.
146. oldal - I would sacrifice Gwalior, or every frontier of India, ten times over, in order to preserve our credit for scrupulous good faith, and the advantages and honor we gained by the late war and the peace; and we must not fritter them away in arguments, drawn from overstrained principles of the laws of nations, which are not understood in this country. What brought me through many difficulties in the war, and the negotiations for peace ? The British good faith, and nothing else.
24. oldal - I am concerned to be obliged to add to this account, that their conduct throughout this retreat has been marked by a barbarity seldom equalled, and never surpassed.

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