Also to

Mr. H. H. Bashford
Mr. E. W. Hornung
Mr. Laurence Housman
Mr. Louis Howland
Mr. J. H. Knight-Adkin

for poems published in The Spectator, and to the Editor for kindly adding his consent to theirs; to Mr. Ernest Currie for a poem published in The Timaru Pioneer, and to Mr. J. Shaw Thompson for confirming his permission.

For other poems we are greatly indebted to the courtesy of the proprietors of the copyright of the following authors:Sir Edwin Arnold (Messrs. Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner

& Co.) Robert Buchanan (Miss Harriett Jay and Messrs. Chatto

& Windus) “Ethna Carbery” (Mr. Seumas MacManus) Bliss Carman (Mr. Elkin Mathews) W. Cory (Mr. George Allen) Sir James D. Edgar (Mr. J. F. Edgar) Adam Lindsay Gordon (Messrs. A. H. Massina & Co.,

Melbourne) W. E. Henley (Mrs. Henley and Mr. Alfred Nutt) Richard Hovey (Mr. Elkin Mathews) E. C. Lefroy (Mr. John Lane) Amy Levy (Mr. T. Fisher Unwin) George Mac Donald (Dr. Greville MacDonald) “Owen Meredith” (Lord Lytton) Arthur O'Shaughnessy (Rev. A. W. Newport Deacon) J. Oxenford (Messrs. Chappell & Co.) Coventry Patmore (Mrs. Patmore) G. F. Savage-Armstrong (the family of the late G. F. Savage

Armstrong) William Sharp (Mrs. William Sharp) Sir Henry Taylor (Messrs. Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner

& Co.)

J. G. Whittier (Messrs. Houghton, Mifflin & Co.)

E. E. Bowen (Mr. W. E. Bowen and Messrs. Longmans

Green & Co. for a poem from Harrow Songs) Nora Chesson (Mr. W. H. Chesson and Mr. Alston Rivers for

one from Selected Poems; and to Mr. W. H. Chesson

for one from Songs of the Morning) George Eliot (The proprietors of the copyright, and Messrs.

Blackwood & Sons, for one from Poems) R. L. Stevenson (Messrs. Chatto & Windus for a liberal

selection from Underwoods and Songs of Travel; and Mrs. Stevenson and Messrs. Methuen & Co. for one

from The Letters of R. L. Stevenson) R. S. Hawker (Mr. John Lane for two froni Cornish Ballads) H. D. Lowry (Mr. Elkin Mathews for three from The

Hundred Windows) William Morris (The Executors of William Morris for

passages from The Earthly Paradise) Hon. Roden Noel (The Walter Scott Publishing Co. for a

poem in The Canterbury Poets) D. G. Rossetti (Mr. W. M. Rossetti and Messrs. Ellis &

White for two from Ballads and Sonnets) H. Woolley (Mrs. Woolley and the Editor of The Spectator

for one from The Spectator)

We are glad to take this opportunity of expressing our obligation to Mr. W. J. Addis for valuable help in the preliminary collection of material, and to Miss C. L. Wodehouse for many services generously rendered.

R. P. S.
K. T. W

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