Maps of the Irish Commis


172, Strand.

Chambers' Educational Maps, W.ORR, and Co., Agents, Paternoster-row, and all



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ChichesterInn Road.

Sunday-School Union,


3. ; 42 by 32, not framed. h, 40 by 36, 10s.

for Muhäu.
st plain, and
her side for

Arithmetic Sheets of British
and Foreign School Society,
78. per set. Combination
Tables, ls. 6d, per set.


rge 6s.

• £200 containing 600 let.

ters, &c.
£1 10 0 containing 300 ditto

£0 10 O containing 150 ditto gway's List.)

Prices, if Prices

mounted in Sheels.


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and by Sf London, Schools.

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108., 128., and 185.


20s. and upwards.



13. pedestal, Mahogany 12 in., 41. 4s. per Mr. Moseley's Globe, 51. 5s. pair.

and 31, 108. 14. pedestal, Chair High, with Compass,

61. 10s. per pair.
pedestal, Black Frames 12 in., 31. 188.

per pair.
Ditto, 10 in., 21. 18s.
Slate Globes 12 in., 11. lls.
6d.; 10 in., 11. 4s.


count for * 15 per cent. Discount for 1* 5 per cent. Discount for t of Fire cash.

cash. ds.

RECOMMENDATION of a Grant towards the Expense of a Group of

Parallel Desks, (according to the plan of the National Society's
Central School, Westminster, for teaching Writing, in the

School, in the County of

Correspondent on behalf of the Trustees,

Post Town


Number of Children for whom accommodation is pro

vided in the School, at six square feet for each child

Average number of Children in actual attendance in

the School.



Number of Children to be accommodated in the group

of desks

Number of rows of desks

Length of each row .

Whether the group is to be placed on a graduated stage

or on the plain floor

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Whether desks and benches are to be removed from the

wall and converted into a group of parallel desks and benches, or the group is to be constructed from new materials

Certified estimate of local carpenter of the cost of the

above proposed group. Amount of local subscriptions in aid

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We, the undersigned, being the majority of the School Committee or Trustees of the

School at

hereby certify for the information of the Right Honourable the Lords of the Committee of Council on Education :

1st. That the furniture and apparatus for the purchase of which, your Lordships were pleased to grant £

and which are described in the annexed Schedule,* have been bought and are now in use in the said school, being all duly marked "By Privy Council Grant."

2nd. That the proportion of private subscriptions and donations required by your Lordships to be contributed in aid of this expenditure have been received, expended, and accounted for, as set forth in the annexed balance sheet of receipts and expenditure, and that there does not remain any debt, charge, or claim of any kind on account of the furniture and apparatus described in the Schedule, except what will be liquidated by your Lordships' grant, the payment of which is now prayed for.

3rd. That we are ready to make such periodical reports respecting the state of our Schools as your Lordships may call for, and to admit your Lordships' Inspectors, according to the annexed Regulation marked A.

4th. That the Deed of Trust has been examined and approved by your Lordships' counsel, and has been duly enrolled in Chancery according to law.

In testimony whereof we affix our signature, and request the payment of the sum appropriated to the School at

aforesaid. Signed and dated


REGULATION A. The right of inspection will be required by the Committee in all

Inspectors authorized by Her Majesty in Council will be appointed from time to time to visit schools to be henceforth aided by public money.

The inspectors will not interfere with the religious instruction, or discipline, or management of the school, it being their object to collect facts and information, and to report the result of their Inspections to the Committee of Council.

* The Schedule must set forth the name of each article, its size, the place where it was purchased, and its price.


Letter to Her Majesty's Inspectors respecting Incomes.

Committee of Council on Education, Council Office,

Whitehall, 13th August, 1844. The first five months' tour of inspection through your district has made you acquainted with the trustees and managers of the parochial schools aided by grants from this department, and enabled you to ascertain the condition of the schools

, the qualification of the masters and mistresses, and to form some estimate of the probability of their exerting a beneficial influence on the character and position of the labouring population. The Lord President is desirous that you should record your impressions on these and similar topics, at the close of this first tour of five months, and that for this purpose you should, as soon as convenient to you, avail yourself of the period devoted to general Reports (as a recess from other labors) in the scheme of periodical inspection for England and Wales.

When this Report is completed, the Lord President is desirous of directing your attention in an especial manner during the ensuing five months' tour, to an important subject of inquiry, which (without neglecting the matters which constantly press themselves upon your attention in relation to the condition of schools) may form the chief topic of your Second Report for this year. This Report his Lordship hopes may be presented at the opening of the Parliamentary Session in February, 1845.

Since the formation of the Committee of Council, in 1839-40, 170,0001. have been granted by Parliament for the promotion of education in Great Britain. This fund has been devoted almost exclusively to the erection of school-buildings, and very recently of schoolmasters' houses. The greatest caution has been exercised so to employ the public grant in aid of local efforts, as at all times to stimulate the contributions of charitable individuals and societies, and never in any case to supersede such exertions and sacrifices. Since 1839-40 upwards of 600,0001., of which 170,0001. was contributed by Parliament, have been expended in the erection of schools and schoolmasters' houses. During six years preceding 1839-40, the Treasury had devoted 20,0001. per annum to similar objects, and the sum thus expended represents a combined outlay from public and private sources in six years, from 1833 to 1839, of upwards of 400,0001. in the erection of school-buildings. So that, since the year 1833-4, the Government have contributed 290,0001. in aid of the exertions of charitable individuals and associations to promote public education in Great Britain ; and these grants have been met by contributions from the public, amounting to between 700,0001. and 800,0001., so in the course of the last 11 years upwards of one million sterling has been devoted to the erection of school

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