No. 2.

To be engrossed on parchment.

To the Right Honourable the Lords of the Committee of Council on Education,

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. If all cannot
being the *

trustees of the school at exechte, insert major part of in the county of

which has been endowed for the education of the poor by deed dated

wherebyt statement of being duly appointed under the said deed to apply for aid out of the the the nature of the money granted by Parliament to Her Majesty to be applied for the should be set out purpose of promoting the education of the poor in Great Britain, to shortly. enable us to rebuildi, or repair, or enlarge the school belonging to State according such endowment or the residence of the master or mistress of the said tu fact.,

school, or to furnish such school,) and do hereby assent to the said school being henceforth open to the inspector or inspectors for the time being appointed or to be appointed in conformity with the order in Council bearing date the 10th day of August, 1840.

This shonld be And we do hereby declare that

of stated when there is a visitor.

is the present visitor of the said school, as witness our hands this

day of


Witness (or witnesses)
to the signing of the
several parties.
in the county of

, being the
visitor of the above-mentioned endowed school at
do hereby give my consent to the said application, and to the said
school being open to such inspection as above expressed.


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Letter respecting Grants for School Apparatus.

Committee of Council on Education, Council Office,

Whitehall, August 7, 1844. Rev. SIR,

The Lord President of the Council having had under his consideration the best mode of giving effect to that portion of the Minute of the Committee of Council on Education, which contemplates that their Lordships will make grants towards providing schools with furniture and apparatus, is disposed to receive the recommendations of the inspectors of schools, in a certain class of these cases, and to recommend the Committee of Council to make grants to a limited extent on their suggestion.

His Lordship conceives the Inspectors may observe some schools which, though built with aid from the Parliamentary grant, languish for want of adequate funds, though they have the service of a master of more than average intelligence and zeal.

They may need the encouragement derived from friendly counsel and assistance to select and purchase what may be indispensable to improvement. In such cases a grant of school apparatus, selected from a schedule prepared for the purpose, may prove an incentive to the exertions of the master; may distinguish his partial success as containing the promise of the greater excellence; and become a sign of the public approval of the Inspector.

In some cases the daily school may have been suspended for want of funds, and it may become the duty of the Inspector to point out the obligation which the trustees have voluntarily accepted to maintain a daily school. His representations ought to excite earnest exertions to procure the requisite means of support, and it will be gratifying to him to have the power to offer a limited supply of apparatus, on condition that the trustees raise the requisite income for the support of a daily school.

In every such case the Lord President would require the Inspector to report in a summary form the condition of the school ; its income and expenditure; to state the grounds of his recommendation, and to define precisely its limits, in a schedule of the items and the

expense. For the present his Lordship will be disposed to recommend the Committee of Council to grant two-thirds of the expense of providing a school-room, with a group of three or four parallel desks, to contain from 20 to 40 children for simultaneous instruction in writing, according to the method pursued in the National Society's Central School at Westminster.

This group of desks may be erected either on a graduated stage or on the plain floor. Drawings, with dimensions and specifications, will be distributed to the Inspectors for their use. The

be made by local carpenters, and must be signed by them, and transmitted by the Inspector, with his Report on the case.

estimates may

In any case in which the writing-desks are still affixed to the wall of the school, his Lordship will be glad to promote their removal by contributing two thirds of the cost of converting those desks and their benches into a group of parallel desks and benches, according to the plan of the National Society's Central School.

For this purpose the Lord President contemplates a grant of 101. or 151. to be met by a corresponding subscription of 5l. or 71. 10s.

In every such case the trustees should cause the desks to be seared with the initials—By grant from Committee of Council on Education, 1., in a conspicuous part of the frame of the desk.

Their Lordships do not feel themselves at liberty to make any grants for books, but they are desirous to facilitate the universal introduction of the black board and easel ; of the black board ruled for writing or arithmetic lessons ; of suitable maps ; of the reading-frame; and other mechanical contrivances.

My Lords will be ready, in cases in which the inspectors may make the recommendation, and with the concurrence of the schoolcommittee or trustees, to select the apparatus from the accompanying schedule, to make a grant towards the purchase of the apparatus in the following ratios :

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In all these cases, my Lords will require the trustees to cause the apparatus thus purchased to be marked, as having been procured with aid from the Committee of Council on Education, or to be acknowledged by some record painted on the walls of the school, and to enter into a written engagement to cause the apparatus to be renewed when damaged or destroyed.

It will be the duty of the inspector at this next visit to audit the account, and at every subsequent visit to inspect the schedule of the apparatus, to examine its condition, to ascertain what repairs it may require, and if any part be deficient to require its renewal.

These grants are to be made only in those cases in which the apparatus will be appreciated, and used with skill, and in which the funds, though gathered by zealous trustees, and applied by an intelligent and industrious master, are inadequate to maintain the efficiency of the school without further aid to enable the trustees to adopt improvements in its management.

In order that the cases may be selected with the greater care, the Lord President will accept the recommendation of the 10 such cases from each inspector in his ensuing tour of five months. But towards the alteration of the writing-desks my Lords will be prepared to make the proportionate grant in a greater number of cases.

In any case in which the school has not been aided by a public grant, the school deed must be transmitted for examination and approval before the grant is made, and the Committee of Council will require an endorsement on the deed securing the right of inspection to Her Majesty and her successors.

I have the honour, &c.,


Her Majesty's Inspector of Schools.


School, in the County of

Correspondent on behalf of the Trustees,

Post Town

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Average number of children in actual attendance on

the School Amount of Grant sought

£ Amount of Subscriptions collected to meet this Grant £


List of the APPARATUS selected by the School Committee or Trustees

from the Schedule of Committee of Council on Education, with the price of each Article appended.



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What agent do the trustees select to purchase and convey this Apparatus to them from London ?

Special Report on the Condition of the School on behalf of which the

Recommendation is made. Date of erection.

Whether conveyed by a Deed to Trustees for the education of the children of the poor.

Whether the right of inspection is secured in the Deed.

Number of Children which the School will accommodate at six square feet for each child. Qualifications of Schoolmaster and Mistress. [Answer in general terms those Questions appended to the In

structions to Inspectors which relate to Master and Mistress,

viz., from 109 to 123 inclusive.] Describe the present condition of the School. Annual Income and Expenditure. [See Appendix to Instructions. Questions from 133 to 140 in

clusive.] State the grounds on which a grant of Apparatus to this School appears to the Inspector desirable. Dated day of

18 Signed,

Her Majesty's Inspector of Schools.

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