Council Chamber, Whitehall,

January 16, 1844. Their Lordships having referred to that part of their Minute of 22nd November, 1843, which regards Normal Schools for the training of Masters and Mistresses, think it desirable to determine what information they will require from applicants for aid towards the building of such Schools, and also to define, with more pre. cision, the proportion of the original expense of the building of such Schools for which they will, under the Minute, make grants in cases where they may think fit to accede to such applications.

Their Lordships will, in the first instance, require answers to the several Queries contained in the list hereunto annexed; and if they should require further information, they will, if necessary, direct their Inspector to go to the place where the School is proposed to be built, and to report to them.

If their Lordships should, in consequence of such inquiries, be satisfied that the application ought to be acceded to, they will make a grant of a sum of money equal to 501. for every pupil which the proposed building is calculated to accommodate; that is to say,—if it is to accommodate ten pupils, 5001.; if twenty pupils, 10001., and so on.

Their Lordships will also grant the usual rate of aid towards the erection of the Model Schools.

QUESTIONS to be answered as a preliminary to the consideration

of any application for a grant towards the Erection of a Normal and Model School.

or near

1. The site on which the

Normal School is to be erected is situated in or near

Street (or road), being plot of ground lying between

2. State the extent of the site, and how it is bounded.

3. Will the Model or Practising School be erected within the same boundary? If not, at what distance will the Model School be from the Normal School ?

4. How many trustees will be appointed ? 5. Give their names, professions, &c.

6. Furnish (on a separate sheet of paper) a brief but precise statement (not a regular abstract, unless subsequently required) of the title of the present owner of the site proposed for the Normal School; and if the Model School is to be erected on a separate site, then also a similar statement of the title of that site.

7. Describe the means by which the site or sites will be drained ; stating the distance which collateral drains will have to run, and the nature of the main drain.

8. Are any vitriol-works, tanneries, size manufactories, slaughterhouses, or other noxious trades situated near the site or sites ?

9. Is it, or either of them, in the neighbourhood of any undrained marsh or swampy ground; any large uncovered drain, or large stagnant pool?

10. What is the nature of the soil and superficial bed on which the foundation will rest ?


11. Furnish detailed specifications of the structure of the building, or buildings, if separate.

12. You are requested to furnish a plan of the proposed buildings, showing the accommodation which is to be provided :

1. For the residence of the Principal, Vice-Principal, and any
Explain the means provided for the inspection of the pre-

mises at all hours by the Principal and Masters.
2. For the kitchen, scullery, and domestic offices.

Show how the housekeeper and servants are to be lodged and

to work, so as to be at all times separate from the school. 3. For the class-rooms, library, and dining-room.

The arrangements for each class of students, while under in

struction, should be drawn in the plan, as well as the position of the tables in the dining-rooin,

4. Dormitories,

Show the position of the beds, the mode of lighting, and

the arrangements for inspection at night. 5. Washing-room.

The mode of supplying water, &c. 6. Cloak and hat rooms. 7. Shoe-house. 8. Knife-house. 9. House for domestic uses. 10. Tool-house. 13. Furnish also a plan of the Model or Practising School, showing

1. The elevation.
2. Ground plan.
3. Arrangements for classes.
4. Mode of warming and ventilating.
5. The play-ground.
6. The Master's house.

7. The out-buildings. 14. Ventilation. State in what manner the school buildings are to bé ventilated and

warmed. 15. What extent of enclosed ground will be provided for the employment and exercise of the students ?

16. Which of the following subjects are to be included in the scheine of instruction ? 1. Religious instruction.

Under what heads ? 2. Reading 3. Writing and book-keeping. 4. Arithmetic. 5. Mensuration of planes and solids. 6. Algebra. 7. Whether any mathematics ; and if so, in what form, and to

what extent ? 8. English grammar. 9. Etymology. 10. Eng ish history. 11. Geography 12. Explanation of natural phenomena.

13. Whether mechanics; and if so, in what form and for what object.

14. The organization, discipline, and management of Elementary Schools.

15. What “ methods ” will be taught ?
16. Will Latin be taught ?
17. At what age will the students be received into the school?
18. During what period will they be required to reside ?

19. What part of that period will they be required to devote to daily teaching in the Model or Practising School?

20. What sum will each student be required to pay towards the expenses of his maintenance and training ?

21. Will any exhibitions be granted; if so, how many, of what amount, and how will their distribution be regulated ?

22. What officers are to be appointed for the instruction and training of the students of the Normal School, and at what salaries ? Principal.


per annum.
Vice-Principal .
How many Masters?
Superintendent of household

and garden work
Master of Model or Prac-

tising School 23. What is the scheme of expenditure likely to be annually incurred under the following heads?

1. Salaries of Principal and all Masters.
2. Books, stationery, apparatus, and tools.
3. Ground-rent and repairs.
4. Taxes and rates.
5. Fuel and lights.
6. Supply of water.
7. Clothing, linen, and furniture.
8. Food.
9. Servants' wages.
10. Medical attendance and sundry incidental expenses.

11. Exhibitions. 24. State your reasons for expecting that the Schools will be efficiently and permanently supported. State probable amount of

1. Annual subscriptions and donations,
2. Annual collections,
3. Annual produce of endowment,
4. Annual payments by the patrons or friends of students trained

as schoolmasters, 5. Any other source of income. 25. What is the estimated cost of the building? State separately the cost of

1. The Site,
2. The Model or Practising School,
3. The Normal School, including the apartinents for the residence

of the Principal, and of the students, and any Masters,
4. The boundary fences,
5. The amount of the legal expenses,

6. And any other expenses. (The answers to the above questions must be signed by the builder,

or by the architect and builder, if the plans were not drawn in the Council Office.)

26. What is the amount now raised by subscription to meet this expenditure ?

27. How much do the promoters expect to raise by subscriptions and donations, in addition to the above ?

28. Have you applied to any society, or other similar source for aid; and if so, what has been granted or promised, or on what grounds has the application been refused ?

29. Do you intend to apply to any society or other source for aid ?

30. What will be the extent of the deficiency in the funds for the erection of the Normal and Model School-buildings, after you have collected all your subscriptions and donations, not including any grant from the Committee of Council ?

The above questions, and the replies to them, were read and signed at a meeting of the School Committee (or Trustees] of the

School, duly convened on this 184 at

day of

Extracts from Minutes of the Committee of Council on Education,

24th September, 1839. Read,—An Account of the applications for pecuniary aid to Schools in Great Britain, not including applications for endowment, under 1 and 2 Vict., c. 87.

The Lords of the Committee deliberate as to the best manner of effecting the objects contemplated in the Vote of the last Session; the sum voted is 30,0001.; the number of applications is already 307; the number of scholars to be educated in the proposed schools is 58,302; and the amount applied for is 48,5901.

The Lords of the Committee observe, that in a large proportion of the applications now before them, the memorialists have commenced or undertaken the erection of school-houses, in the expectation of receiving pecuniary assistance from Her Majesty's Government, upon conditions similar to those which were required by the Lords of the Treasury; and the Lords of the Committee resolve to be guided by the Regulations contained in the Treasury Minutes, in so far as will be consistent with the terms of Her Majesty's Order in Council of 3rd June, 1839.

The following regulations will therefore govern the appropriation of the sum intrusted to the superintendence of the Committee for the present year.

REGULATIONS. 1. Every application for a grant is to be made in the form of a memorial, addressed “ To the Right Honourable the Lords of the Committee of Council on Education.”

2. The Committee will consider the Memorials in order, according to the dates at which they have been or shall be received.

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