error, contrary to that way I received of the Lord there, and every. thing contrary to the Word of God,

"I leave my testimony against all unlawful deeds, and all murdering acts and actings, whatsoever they be.

“I leave my testimony against Popery and Prelacy, and whatsoever plant is not of my heavenly Father's planting, and everything contrary to sound doctrine, and the power of godliness.

“I leave my testimony also against these that hear the curates, and against all them that have said in effect, the Word is a lie; that is, because they will not take it to be their rule ; for that is the only thing we should take to be our rule, in all steps of our sojourning here.

“ Now I think I must take my farewell of all created comforts, and all the things of the world, which have been so great a mean to make many of this generation scar [i.e., be frightened at the cross of Christ, which is much mistaken by the world. He was so condescending, that He paved the way for poor sinners Himself, and made it straight and easy; and wonderful it is to think upon. The way that leads to heaven is very straight, and very easy. Also to these that believe He is that universal King, that lives and reigns forever, and all who subject themselves and obey Him, and consent to His terms, shall even know peace and shall enjoy His presence, which is the chief of all things. It is peace with God that is the matter of the believer's rejoicing, and makes them all to flighter (i.e., Alutter or throb] with joy in following Him, who is the way, the truth, and the life ; and whom to know is life everlasting; that doth and may give great courage to these who love this way of His, that is so greatly reproached by the people of this generation. I think ye may conceive what I mean by the saying of this. And now, my dear friends and fellow-sufferers, and brethren in the Lord, O but the counsel of the Lord be wise, in bringing me hitherto !

“And I shall say no more, but touch at one thing, and that is, that here I join my hearty testimony with all that ever the people of God did in His way, and for His cause in His Gospel terms; to all the blood that has been shed for the Gospel, in all fields and scaffolds whatsoever. So I take my farewell of all things under heaven. Farewell to the world, the flesh and sin, and also to all friends and relations, and kinsmen, and brethren ; and also I take my farewell of mother and brethren, and sisters. And also I bid farewell to all my wonted privileges and enjoyments. As also, I take my farewell of

all the sweet Societies that have been so refreshful to my soul several times. Farewell friends in Christ. Farewell sun, moon, and stars. Welcome heaven. Welcome my God and angels, and glorified spirits. And so come, Lord Jesus.


OGETHER with the foregoing martyr, two others received the

sentence of death, viz., Matthew Bryce and James Wilkie,

who suffered at Edinburgh, July 27 (August 12], 1685. The former whereof declares in his testimony, that they were interrogate only on these two questions :

"1. Will ye take the oath of allegiance? To which they answered, No, we will not take it.

“ 2. Will ye own the authority? They answered, We will own all authority according to the Word of God; upon which they were immediately all three sentenced to be hanged. Whence the said martyr very justly infers that they had nothing else to charge upon him as the cause of his death, but that he spoke of the Word of God. His testimony as to all the material heads, is consonant with this of Thomas Stodart's.

[graphic][merged small]

HE notices in the Council Records of EDWARD MARSHALL are

very scanty. Under November 19, 1685, Edward Marshall,

forfeited for being at the rebellion 1679, now prisoner in Falkirk, is appointed by the Council to be brought in to Edinburgh. Under November 26, they recommend it to the justices [i.e., the Lords of Justiciary] to meet, and, in regard Edward Marshall will not own the king's authority and was forfeited, that they name the day of his execution. November 30, the Lords of Justiciary met, and sentenced him, Edward Marshall, of Kaemuir, forfeited January 17, 1682, for treasonable crimes, mentioned in the verdict of the assize, and

decerned to be executed to death, demeaned [i.e., punished] as a traitor, and underly [i.e., undergo] the pains of treason when apprehended ; and now being apprehended, the Lords appoint him to be taken to the Grassmarket, on Friday, December 4th, betwixt two and four in the afternoon, and there to be hanged till dead.

In his testimony he reports the questions that were put to him on his trial. They were of the usual character. He tells that he left behind him a wife and seven children.

Kaemuir, where Edward Marshall lived, is a farm near to the Hill Farm, on the river Avon, in the parish of Muiravonside. There is no mention of his name in the parish records, and the family left the district more than forty years ago, previous to our informant, Mr Henderson, session-clerk, coming into office. The tradition of the parish is, that a family of the name of Marshall once lived at Kaemuir, and that one of the family suffered to the death for the cause of freedom.-Ed.]



Kaemure, in the parish of Morren Side [i.e., Muiravonside), who suffered at the Grassmarket of Edinburgh, December 4th, 1685.

“First, I leave my testimony against all that have joined with the malignant party, either in rising in arms,

or in paying of cess, or any manner of way contrary to our Covenants and Work of Reformation, once famous and maintained by the whole ministry, noblemen, gentlemen, and commons of all sorts, but now opposed and borne down by the generality of this kingdom; and particularly against such persons as once owned the Covenant, and avowed the cause of Christ, and are now employing their strength for overturning the same, as it is in Ps. Ixxiv. 6.

Now, the things upon which I was accused and sentenced were: My joining in arms with that party at Bothwell, and owning of the truth and Covenants, and for adhering thereunto; for they questioned me, if I would call it rebellion ? But I would not, but accounted it my duty.

“ Then they asked me if I would own James VII. as king of Britain? And I told them, I pwned him as far as he owned God, His cause, and people.

“ Then some of them said, That was not all.

“ Then they asked, If I would pray for the king of Britain ? I answered, This is not a place appointed for prayer.

“Then they laughed, and said, Remove you.

“Now, dear friends, be not discouraged, although they threaten you with imprisonment or death for the cause of Christ ; for He that calls you to suffering is able to support and bear you up under it; for I found more of His presence since I came to prison, than I did heretofore : for Christ suffered imprisonment and death for us, and ought notwe to suffer for Him? As concerning this, that my enemies and carnal friends reproach me with self-murder, I am conscious to myself, that it is not so, but out of love to Christ and His covenanted work.

“ Now I recommend my wife and seven children to the good guiding of my God, who hath hitherto protected me; for He has promised to be a husband to the widow, and a father to the fatherless, providing they will walk in His ways, and keep His commandments. Now, I recommend my soul to God, who hath preserved me hitherto, and who unexpectedly has singled me out to suffer for Him, who am the unworthiest of all sinners, and I never thought that He should have so highly privileged me, as to account me worthy to give a testimony for Him, though sometimes it entered into my thoughts, O if I would be called to it!

“ Now, farewell dear wife and sweet children. Farewell all friends and relations, especially such of you as have given up your names to Christ. Farewell sun, moon, and all worldly enjoyments. Welcome Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, into whose hands I commit my spirit.

Sic subscribitur,



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