This Sacred Earth: Religion, Nature, Environment

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Routledge, 2003. nov. 7. - 672 oldal
Updated with nearly forty new selections to reflect the tremendous growth and transformation of scholarly, theological, and activist religious environmentalism, the second edition of This Sacred Earth is an unparalleled resource for the study of religion's complex relationship to the environment.

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A Common
Nawal H Ammar An Islamic Response to the Manifest Ecological
Quran Selections
Awakening the Spirit
Do Animals Have
Andrew Linzey The Theological Basis of Animal Rights
The Politics
An EcoWomanist

Stan McKayAn Aboriginal Perspectiveon the Integrity of Creation
Ecotheology in an Age of Environmental Crisis
Vandana Shiva The Chipko Womens Concept of Freedom
Thich Nhat Hanh Earth Gathas

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A szerzőről (2003)

Roger S. Gottlieb is Professor of Philosophy at Worcester Polytechnic Institiute and is widely recognized for his work in environmentalism. He has a regular column in Tikkun, and has published in popular venues such as the Sunday Boston Globe and Orion Afield. He has written and edited books on Marxism, Religion and Environmentalism.

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