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Current. Irish (The) Friend: a monthly periodical, devoted chiefly to the interests of Friends. Belfast : J. Macauley, 1837–1842. v. 1–5. 4°. Irish Emigrant Society, New York. Report of the president, 1899, 1903. [New York, 1899– 1903.] 8°. Irish Loyal and Patriotic Union. [Publications.] Dublin, 1886. 8°, 4°, f*. Blind (Karl). The “first partition” of England. Bright (John). Home rule. Condition (The) of Ireland. Cullen (P.), Cardinal. Home rule. Fourth (The) Midlothian campaign. No. III. Fowler (W.) An English liberal ... on home rule. Goschen (G. J.) Irish loyal and patriotic union. Healy (T. M.) “Begone, Saxon ''' How boycotted people are treated in Ireland. Ireland. No. 5, 8, 9, 14, 15, 17, 18, 20. Irish Loyal and Patriotic Čač. Irish public opinion on home rule. Leech (H. B.) Is Ireland overtaxed 2 Montgomery (H. de F.) Gladstone and Burke. Notes on the present condition of the land question in Ireland. Qught I to join the Irish Loyal and Patriotic Union? Parnell (Mr.) as a landlord and a land-grabber. Patton (A.) Reports... to executive committee ... on ... Belfast riots. Smith (G.) Canada on home rule. Statement submitted to the Prime Minister, by the Irish Loyal and Patriotic Union. I., Trevelyan (G.O.) On Ireland. ** Unfortunate (An) death.” True (A) prophecy. Why outrages are stopped. Light at last ! Publications issued during the year 1888. Dublin, 1888. 9oo pp. 8°. Volume contains a table of contents. Irish magazine. Jan., 1810. Dublin, 1810. 8°.

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Irish (The) Monthly Magazine of Politics and Literature. v. 1, no. 1-12 (1832); v. 2, no. 13–20 (1833); v.3, no.21–29 (1834). Dublin, 1832–1834. 8°. Irish Musical Monthly. A journal devoted to the interests of music in church and school. v. 1 (March, 1903-Feb., 1904). Dublin, 1903–1904. 8°. No more published. Irish (The) Nation. Mew York, 1881–1883. Irish National Land League. The land conference [Dublin], Apr. 29, 1880. Dublin, 188o. 8°. — List of branches...to 25th November, 1880. [Dublin, 1880.] 12 1. f* — Memorandum as to cases of rack renting. [Dublin, 188o?] 34 pp. obl. 4°. — Cork Branch. BELL (G. W.) Speech... June 12, 1881, and letter to Mr. John O'Connor. — County Donegal. [Evidence as to clearances, evictions, rackrenting, etc.] m. p. [about 1880?]. — Mewark Branch, Newark, Ohio, 1881. Elliott (William J.) Address on the Irish National Land Question... Newark, Ohio, March 17, 1881.

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Irish (The) Naturalist. A monthly journal of general Irish natural history. v. 1, no. I-9; v. 2, no. 1-12; v. 3, no. I-2; v. 4-date (1892—date). Dublin, 1892—date. 8°. Current. Irish (The) Quarterly Review. v. 1-9. 1851–Jan. 1860.) Dublin, 1851–60. 8°. Irish (The) Rosary. v. 2, no. 9 (Sept. 1898). Dublin, 1898. 12°. Irish (The) Shield and Monthly Milesian; a historic, literary and dramatic Journal. Edited by G. Pepper. v. 1. Mew York, 1829. 8°. Irish Society. Concise view of the origin, constitution, and proceedings of the honourable society of the governor and assistants of London, of the new plantation in Ulster... London, 1832. 8°. An historical narrative of the origin and constitution of “The Society of the governor and assistants, London, of the new plantation in Ulster, within the realm of Ireland,” commonly called the Honourable the Irish Society... London [1865]. 12°. Irish Temperance League Journal. v. 38, no. 8 (Oct. 1, 1901), v. 39, no. 8–9 (Aug.-Sept., 1902). Belfast, 1901–1902. f*. Irish Texts Society. [Publications.] v. 1-4. London, 1899–1901. 8°. Annual report, rules, list of members. [3, 6.] (1901, 1904.) London, 1901–1904. 8°. DiNNEEN (Patrick S.)... An Irish-English dictionary... Dublin: M. H. Gill & Son, 1904. xvi, 8o3, xvii-xxii, pp. 12°. Irish Theosophist. v. 1, no. 5. Dublin, 1893.

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Periodicals, cont'd.
Irishman (The). Apr. 6, 1872 (v. 14, no. 39).
AXublin, 1872. f*.
Literary Journal. vol. 1–5. Dublin, 1744–

“kai. by Rev. Mr. Droz. Each volume in 2 parts. Loyal Orange Institution of Great Britain. To the members of the Carlton club and the conservatives of England [description of the Institution]. [Broadside, 2 col.] London: Redford & Robbins, printers [18—?]. f". Loyal Orange Institution of the United States of America. Constitution and laws. [n. A., 188—?] 40 pp., 1 1. 24”. Loyal Orange Institution. Constitution and general regulations...as adopted by the Supreme Grand Lodge...Feb. 1870. Jersey City, 1870. 36 pp. 16°. Magazine (The) of Magazines. Compiled from original pieces, with extracts from the most celebrated books and periodical compositions... forming a compleat literary and historical account. ... v. 4, 8, 9, 11-14. (1752–1757.) Limerick, 1752–1757. 8°. Maverty's Irish-American Illustrated Alma

nac. 1872, 1881, 1883, 1885, 1888. Mew York, 1872–1888. 12°.

National Irish Theatre Society. See Samhain.

Ossianic Society. Transactions, v. 1-6. (1853– 58.) Dublin, 1854–61. 8°. Ossory Archaeological Society. Transactions. v. 1–3. Kilkenny, 1879–83. 8°. Ramsey's Waterford Chronicle. Apr. 26– July 10, 1800 (nos. 3824–3860). [Waterford], 18oo. 9 nos. f* Roman Catholic Expositor and Friend of Ireland. no. 1. Feb. 21, 1825. m.p.. [but, Ireland?] 4". Royal Agricultural Improvement Society of Ireland. Second report. Dublin, 1841. 78 pp. 8°. Royal Dublin Society. Scientific Proceedings. n. s.; v. 1-date. Dublin, 1878–date. 8°. Scientific Transactions. 2. ser., v. 1– Dublin, 1877-date. 4°. Report of committee on administration of the Royal Dublin Society, with a view to the wider extension of the annual parliamentary grant to that institution. Evidence and appendix. 1836. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) Royal Irish Academy. Cunningham Memoirs. no. I–Io. Dublin, 1880–94. f*. Proceedings. v. 1-10 (1836–69); 2. ser. Science v. 1–4 (1870–88), Polite Literature and antiquities v. 1–2 (1879–88); 3. ser. Science, v. 1-date


(1889-date). Dublin, 1836-date. 8°. Current. Irish manuscript series. v. 1, pt. 1. Dub

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List of papers published in the Transactions, Cunningham memoirs, and Irish manuscript series between the years 1786 and 1886, with an appendix. Dublin, 1887. f*. Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland. Annuary. 1868–69. Dublin, 1870. 8°. Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland. Yearly session, 51st, 55th. [Dublin.] 1899, 1903. 8°. Samhain... Edited by W. B. Yeats... Published in October [of each year]... 1901–1903. Dublin, 1901-03. 8°. 1903 published in September. Theatre Society. Shan (The) Van Vocht. ligan and A. Johnston. v. 3–4. fast [1898–99]. 4°. Discontinued. Society for the Preservation of the Irish Language. Annual report, 1888–89, 1892, 1893, 1896– 1902. Dublin, 1889–II903]. 8°. — Report of the proceedings of the congress held in Dublin... 1882...to consider the present

Organ of the National Irish

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position of the Irish language as a vernacular...

..and further information II4 pp.

with a list of members. as to the Irish language revival movement. Dublin: The society, 1884. 8°. Joyce (Patrick Weston). Irish music and song: a collection of songs in the Irish language, set to music. Edited for the Society... Dublin: M. H. Gill & Son, 1888. vi., I l., 44 pp. 8°. Society for the Preservation of the Melodies of Ireland. PETRIE (George). The Petrie collection of the ancient music of Ireland. Arranged for the piano-forte. Dublin, 1855. xxiv, 196 pp. f. Society for promoting the education of the poor of Ireland. Report, [no.] 8. Dublin, 1820 8”. Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland. Journal. v. 1-date. Dublin, 1855—date. 8”. v. 1–2 have title: Journal of the Dublin Statistical Society. United Irishman (The); a national weekly review. v. 3-date. Dublin, 1900-date. f". Current. University (The) Magazine. A literary and philosophical review. vol. 1–5 (1878–80); Quarterly ser., vol. 1 (1880). London, 1878–8o. 8”. Continuation of: Dublin (The) University Magazine. Walker’s Hibernian Magazine. See Hibernian (The) Magazine.

Waterford Mirror and Munster Packet. May 5–Oct. 11, 1802 (nos. 155–223). [Waterford.] 1802. 5 nos. f*.


Dublin Gazette (The). 1903—date. Dublin,

1903-date. f*. Current.

Ireland.—Agriculture and Technical Instruction Department. 1.-3. Annual general report (1900/1-1902/3). Dublin, Igor—1904. 8°.

Agricultural statistics of Ireland, with detailed report on agriculture for the year 1896–1903. Dublin: A. Thom & Co., 1897–1904. f* and 8°.

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— Judicial Statistics, Ireland. Pt. 1– Criminal Statistics. Statistics relating to police, crime and its distribution, modes of procedure for punishment of , crime, proceedings in criminal courts, persons under detention in prisons and other places of confinement for the year 1895–1903. Dublin, 1898–1904, f".

Pt. 2. Statistics relating to civil proceedings in Supreme Courts of Appeal, the divisions of the High Court of Justice, the Court of the Irish Land Commission, the High Court of Admiralty, the Court of Bankruptcy, and in larger and smaller District Courts, law stamps and taxes, consolidated taxing offices, registration of judgments, titles, deeds, &c., for the year 1896–

1903. Dublin, 1898–1904. f". — Weekly return of births and deaths in Dublin . . . and in fifteen of the principal sanitary

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Appendix to final report. C.9512. Rules of examinations. Programme . . . 1902, 1905. Dublin, 1901–1904. 8°. Irish Church Temporalities Commission. Report of the commissioners . . . in Ireland, for the year 1878. Dublin: A. Thom, 1879. 62 pp. f*. —— Land Commission. Report of the Irish Land Commissioners for 1896/7-1903/4. Dublin: A. Thom, 1897-1904. Exchequer contribution, Regulations relative to, dated March 22, 1897. Dublin. A. Thom, 1897. 6 pp. 8°. — Land Purchase Acts, Rules, forms, directions and schedules of fees for, issued March 16, 1897. Dublin: A. Thom, 1897. 112 pp. 8°. Rules, forms, schedules and fees, issued March 16, 1897. pt. 5, Land Law Act, 1896. Dublin: A. Thom, 1897. 11 pp. 8°. Land Commission. Report of the comptroller and auditor general upon the account [of the comrs.], 1881 (1st)–1901. (In: Gr. Br. Parlt. Papers, 1882–1901.) — Same. Separate, 1900–1904. f*. — Ireland Land Comm. Return of judicial rents. monthly. [Aug., 1882(1st)–Dec. 1901.] (In: Gr. Br. Parlt. Papers, 1882–1901.) Same. Separate, Jly., 1896-Feb. 1901 (broken file). Dublin, 1896–1901. f*. — Annual report of the comrs., 1882 (1st)–1901. (In: Gr. Br. Parlt. Papers, 1882–1901.) — Same. Separate, 1898/9–1903/4. Dublin, 1897–1904. f*. — Church temporalities (Ireland). Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General upon the account . . . together with the account . . . from the date of the Irish Church Act, 26 July, 1869 . . . (1899–1903) Zondon [1900–1904]. f*. — — Irish Land Commission (Purchase of land (Ireland) act, 1891). Return of advances under the act, during the year ended 31. March, 1900–1903. Dublin, 1900–1903. f*.

1889–1903. London,

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Public Documents, cont'd. Treasury Remembrancer's Office. County officers and courts (Ireland) act, 1877. Account of receipts and payments, 1899–1900. London, 1900. f*

Peterinary Branch. Report of proceedings under the diseases of animals acts, 1896–1903. Dublin, 1897–1903. f* and 8°. (Agric. and Technical Instruction Dept.)

CENsus AND WITAL STAtistics.

Newenham (T.) A statistical and historical inquiry into the progress and magnitude of the population of Ireland. London: C. & R. Baldwin, 1805. vi. xix, 360 pp., 3 tab. 8°. Moore (Arthur). Registration of births, deaths, and marriages in Ireland: a paper...at the meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science... Dublin... 1st September, 1857. Dublin: A. Thom & Sons, 1857. 32 pp. 8°. Petty (Sir William). Further observations upon the Dublin bills: or, Accounts of the houses, hearths, baptisms, and burials in that city. London: R. Clavel, 1698. 3. ed. 12°. (In his: Several essays in political arithmetick. London, 1699. pp. 45–78.) Rutty (John). A chronological history of the weather and seasons, and of the prevailing diseases in Dublin. . With their various periods...during the space of forty years. With a comparative view of the difference of the Irish climate and diseases, and those of... other countries. London: Robinson & A'oberts, 1770. 2 p.l., xlviii, 340 pp. 8°.


Ireland–General Register Office. An account in detail of the expenses incurred under the population act in Irelend, in making the census of 1831 ... June 26, 1833. [Dublin, 1833.] 14 pp. f*. (In: Parlt. papers, 1833, v. 39.) Census of population of Ireland, 1831, with comparative abstract... as taken in 1821 and 1831, arranged in the order of parishes, boroughs, counties and provinces...Feb. 19, 1833. [Dublin, 1833.] 42 pp. f*. (In: Gr. Br. Parlt. papers, 1833, v. 39.) — Return of the population of the several counties in Ireland, as enumerated in 1831. May 8, 1833. [London, 1833.] I l. f*. (In: Gt. Br. Parlt. papers, 1833, v. 39.)


Great Britain—Statutes. A bill for taking an account of the population of Ireland. July 7, 1840. [London, 1840.] 8 pp. f*. (Com. 452.) (In: Parlt. Sess. papers. 1840, v. 3.)

— Same, as amended by committee, July 27, 1840. 4 pp. f*. (Com. 552.) (In: Same, v. 3,)

Ireland—General Register Office. Abstract of the census of Ireland, for the year 1841. Dublin: Alexander Thom [1843]. I l. f*. (In: Gt. Br. Parlt. papers, 1843, v. 51.) Report of the commissioners appointed to take the census of Ireland for the year 1841. Dublin: Alexander Thom, 1843. 3 p. 1., 91.1 pp., 7 pl. f*. (In: Gr. Br. Parlt, papers, 1843, v. 24.)


- The census of Ireland for the year 1851. Part 1, showing the area, population and number of houses, by townlands and electoral divisions:–Carlow, Kildare, Kilkenny, King's County, Longford, Louth, Meath, Queen's County, Westmeath, Wexford. Dublin: G. & J. Grierson, 1852. 4, 338 pp. f*. (In: Gt. Br. Parlt. papers. 1852, v. 46.

Return of the abstracts of the census of Ireland taken in the years 1841 and 1851... [London, 1851.] 2ll. f*. (In: Gr. Brit. Parlt. papers, 1851. v. 50.)

- A comparative view of the census of Ireland in 1841 and 1851; distinguishing the several unions and electoral divisions and showing the area and population of these divisions respectively. [Dublin, 1852.] 44 pp. f*. (In: Great Britain. Parlt. papers, 1852, v. 46.)


Great Britain—Statutes. A bill for taking the census of Ireland. May 1, 1860. [London, 1860.] 8 pp. f". (Com. 123.) (In: Parlt. papers. 1860, v. 2.)

Ireland—General Register Office. The census of Ireland. 1861. Dublin, 1863. 3 v. f*. — Census of Ireland for the year 1861. Enumeration abstracts showing...the number of inhabitants... houses [and] families in 1841, 1851, 1861, and the religious professions in 1861. Dublin: Alex. Thom, 1861. 26 pp. f*. (In: Great Britain. Parlt. papers, 1861, v. 50.)

Hume (Abraham). Results of the Irish census of 1861, with a special reference to the condition of the Church in Ireland. London: Rivington 1864. 67 pp., 2 diagr., 4 maps, I table. 8°.


Great Britain—Statutes. A bill for taking the census of Ireland. July 25, 1870. [London, 1870.] 4 pp. f*. (Com. 237.) (In: Parl. paper. 1870, v. I.) Ireland—General Register Office. Census of Ireland, 1871. Part I, Area, houses and population: also the ages, civil condition, occupations, birthplaces, religion and education of the people. Dublin. Alex. Thom, 1872–73. 4 v. f. (In: Gt. Br. Parlt. papers. 1873–1874.) v I, Province of Leinster (1873), Parlt. Papers, v. 67; v. 2, (2 pts) Province of Munster (1873), same, v. 3, Province of Ulster (1874), same, v. 74; v. 4, Province of Connaught (1874), same, v. 74, pt. 1-2. — — Census of Ireland, 1871. Part 2, vital statistics. v. I. Report and tables relating to the status of disease. Dublin. Alexander Thom, 1873. iv, 204 pp. f*. (In: Gr. Br. Parlt. Papers, 1873, v. 72.) Census of Ireland, 1871. Part 2, Vital Statistics. v.2. Report and tables relating to deaths. Dublin: Alexander Thom, 1875. cxxviii, 274 pp. f*. (In: Gr. Br. Parlt. Papers, 1874, v. 74, pt. 3.) Census of Ireland, 1871. Part 2, Vital Statistics. v. 3. General report with illustrative maps and diagrams, summary tables and appendix. Dublin: Alexander Thom, 1876. viii, 493 pp. f*. (In: Gr. Br. Parlt. Papers, 1876, v. 81.)

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