Printed from the original manuscript in the New York Public Library.

Phila Novo 25, 1816 DEAR SIR. There is a very curious collection of maps here in the possession of M. Mellish the geographer to whom I have recommended to forward it to you. It is a General Atlas published in England in the year 1721*. What renders it interesting to us, is the map of Louisiana which must of course have been copied from the French maps of that period and in which the western limit of Louisiana is marked by a coloured & dotted line running along the Rio del Norte from its mouth to the entrance of a river called Rio Salado de Apaches de los siete rios, but which in Humboldts & the later maps is named Rio Puerco and up that river to the mountains. I have no where seen the western limit so strongly designated. This subject has long been familiar to you, and you may perhaps in the course of your researches have seen this very map, but I thought it worth while to mention it in case you may not have met with the work. If that question ever comes into discussion there are a number of works relating to Louisiana in the library of Philadelphia & of the Philosophical society, from which I could at any time extract such information as related to the boundary. The result of the election in this & the neighboring States leaves no doubt as to the next Presidency. The state of the votes here is so singular as to require some explanation. Penn” can furnish about 120, ooo voters, yet only 430.oo voted at the last election & the majority for the successful ticket was about 8ooo. The small number of votes given in is ascribable wholly to the confidence of success which prevented the majority from making any exertion, and the opposition itself was owing in a great degree to the prevailing dislike to the interference of members of Congress in the choice of a President. But what I think it right that you should understand distinctly is that neither the opposition ticket nor the smallness of the majority had any connection with the personal character of the candidate. Of this there can be no stronger demonstration than the fact that the opposition ticket contained many who if they had been chosen would have voted for you, and in truth I doubt whether you have anywhere in the Union a more confirmed popularity than in Pennsylvania. You are resuming your winter labors & I am preparing for my journey to Harris

burg. I will therefore only add that I am
very sincerely

yrs NICHOLAs BIDDLE Hon'ble JAMEs Monroe Washington * The De L'Isle map of 1718 followed in Senex's A New General Atlas (London, 1771).


Works in the New York Public Library are indicated by the letter N following the title, those in the General Theological Seminary by G, those in Union Theological Seminary by U. Lists of Jewish periodicals were printed in the BULLETIN, vol. 6 (1902), pp. 258-264, vol. 7 (1993),

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Periodicals relating to Palestine, oriental archaeology, etc., were included in the list of period

icals relating to archaeology, vol. 1 (1897), pp. 212-226. Titles of a few important religious weekly newspapers, etc., are included in this list, but both Union Seminary and New York Public Library have incomplete files of many such papers not mentioned here.


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title of monthly issues is American Protestant.

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