BiographY AND GENEAloGy.

Alphabetical, by Subjects.

Augur (Edwin P[rosper]). Family history and genealogy of the descendants of Robert Augur of New Haven Colony. Middletown: [Pelton & Æing,) 1904. 260 p., 1 map. illus. 8°. Churchill (Gardner Asaph, and N. W.) The Churchill family in America. [Boston?...] family of G. A. Churchill [1904]. xv, 707 p., Io pl., 16 port. 4°. Pollard (Albert Frederick). Thomas Cranmer, and the English Reformation, 1489—1556. Mew York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1994.1 p.l., xv. 399 p., 2 pl., 19 port., I tab. 12°. (Heroes of the Reformation.) Colyar (Arthur St. Clair). Life and times of Andrew Jackson. Mashville, Tenn.: Marshall & Bruce Co., 1904. 2 v. pl., ports. 8°. Armit mith (Sydney). John of Gaunt, King of Castile and Leon, Duke of Aquitaine and Lancaster, Earl of Derby, Lincoln and Leicester, Seneschal of England. Westminster: A. Constable & Co., 1904. xxviii, 490 pp., 3 maps, II pl., 2 port. 8°. Molyneux (Nellie Zada Rice). History, genealogical and biographical, of the Molyneux families. Syracuse. C. W. Bardeen, 1904. 370 p., I pl. illus. sq. 8°. Williamson (George C.) George Morland. His life and works. London: G. Bell & Sons, 1904. xii, 152 p., 47 pl., 2 port. 4°. Lewis (Rev. Arthur). The life and work of the Rev. E. J. Peck among the Eskimos. New York: A. C. Armstrong & Son, 1904. xvi, 350 p., 1 map, 16 pl., 1 port. 8°. Kohut (Adolph). Friedrich Schiller und die Frauen. Oldenburg : R. Schwartz, 1905. vii, 311 p. 8°. Kremnitz (Mite). Carmen Sylva. Leipzig. E. Haberland [1904?]. I p.l., 322 p., 3 pl., 3 port. illus. 8°. Wright (Alexander Tremaine). Samuel Taylor, angler and stenographer. To which is appended a facsimile reprint of the first American edition of Taylor's system. v. 1. [London.] Willis-Byrom Club, 1904. 1 v. 4°. (Willis-Byrom Club Publications, 1903/04.) No. 58 of 61 copies pub. Gift of the Club.

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Blumenthal (Hans). Die politischen Einrichtungen der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika. (Union und Imperium.) Berlin: F. Vahlen, 1904. 2 p.l., 104 p. 8°. Bolton (Herbert Eugene), and Barker (E. C.) With the makers of Texas: a source reader in Texas history. With an introduction by G. P. Garrison. Austin: Gammel-Statesman Pub. Co., 1904. xvi, 316 p. illus. 12°. Brown (John Henry). Indian wars and pioneers of Texas. Austin, Tex... L. E. Daniell [1904]. 762 p., 12 pl., III port. illus. f*. Drago (Luis M[aria]). La República Argentina y el caso de Venezuela. Buenos Aires: Coni Aermanos, 1903. xix, 326 p., 11. 8°. Drake (Samuel Adams). The making of New England, 1580–1643. Mew York: C. Scribner's Sons, 1902. x, I l., 251 p. 12". Flower (Richard). Letters from the Illinois, 1820, 1821. Containing an account of the English settlement at Albion... and a refutation of various misrepresentations, those more particularly of Mr. Cobbett. With a letter from M. Birkbeck; and a preface and notes by Benjamin Flower. London: J. Ridgway, 1822. (Reprinted in : Early western travels, 1748–1846. Cleveland, 1904, 8°. v. Io, p. 111-169). Flower (Richard). Letters from Lexington and the Illinois, containing a brief account of the

English settlement in the latter territory, and a

refutation of the misrepresentations of Mr. Cobbett. London: J. Ridgway, 1819. (Reprinted In: Early western travels, 1748–1846. Cleveland, 1904. 8°. v. Io, p. 85–109.)

Gue (Benjamin F.) History of Iowa from the earliest times to the beginning of the twentieth century. New York: Century Hist. Co. [cop. 1903.] 4 v. maps, pl., port. 8”.

Hamm (Margherita Arlina). Famous families of New York. Mew York: G. P. Putnam's Sons [cop. 1902]. 2 v. facsim., pl., port. 4°.

Heilprin (Angelo). The tower of Pelée; new studies of the great volcano of Martinique. Philadelphia: J. B. Zippincott Co., 1904. 62 pp., 23 pl. f*.

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Kittredge (George Lyman). The old farmer and his almanack. Being some observations on life and manners in New England a hundred years ago, suggested by reading the earlier numbers of Mr. Robert B. Thomas's Farmer's Almanack. Together with... miscellaneous matter. Boston: W. Ware & Co., 1904. xiv, 403 p., 1 map. 22 pl., 1 port. 8°.

Lewis ([Meriwether]), and Clark ([William]). Original journals of the Lewis and Clark expedition, 1804–1806, printed from the original manuscripts in the library of the American Philosophical Society... Edited with introduction, ... by R. G. Thwaites. Mew York: Dodd, Mead & Co., 1904. 2 v. in 4. illus. f*,

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Snook (J[ames] E.) Colorado history and government, with state constitution. Denver, Col.: The Herrick B4. & Stationery Co. [1904.] 63, 47 p. maps. 8°. State (The) of Missouri, an autobiography. Edited... by W. Williams. [St. Louis, ) 1904. 5 p.l., 592 p., 4 maps. illus. 4°. Gift of the Missouri Commission, Louisiana Purchase Exposition. Stiles (Henry R[eed]). The history of ancient Wethersfield, Connecticut, comprising the present towns of Wethersfield, Rocky Hill and Newington; and of Glastonbury prior to... 1693 ... Based upon the manuscript collection of... Judge S. W. Adams... New York : Grafton Pr., 1904. 2 v. facsim., maps, plans, pl., port. 4°. No. 210 of 5oo copies printed. Gift of B. Adams. Torres Caicedo (JIosé] M.) Union latinoamericana: pensamiento de Bolivar para formar una liga americana; su origen y sus desarrollos. Paris: Rosa y Bouret, 1865. 2 p.l., 385 p. 12°. Winslow papers, A. D. 1776–1826... edited by Rev. W. O. Raymond. St. John, M. B.: The Sun Pig. Co., 1901. 3 p.1, 5–732 p., 9 pl., 6 port. 8°. (New Brunswick Historical Society.) Wood (W. C.) One hundred years of publishing [1804–1904]. A brief historical account of the house of W. Wood & Co. [Signed W. C. W.] Aew York. W. Wood & Co., 1904. 29 p. illus. 12°. Woods (John). Two years' residence in the settlement on the English prairie, in the Illinois Country, United States. With an account of its animal and vegetable productions... &c... Principal towns, villages, &c., &c., with the habits and customs of the back-woodsmen. London: Longman, 1822. (Reprinted In: Early Western travels, 1748–1846. Cleveland, 1904. 8°, v. Io, p. 171357, 2 maps.)

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tionnel et précurseur de la science sociale. P. Girard & E. Briere, 1904. 2 I. 8°. Brampton (r. baron), Sir HENRY HAwkins. The reminiscences of Sir H. Hawkins, Baron Brampton. Edited by R. Harris. London: E. Arnold, 1904. 2 v. port. 8°.

Coleridge (r. baron), John Duke. Life and correspondence of John Duke, Lord Coleridge, Lord Chief Justice of England. Written and edited by E. H. Coleridge. London: W. Heinemann, 1904. 2 v. pl., port., tab. 8°.

Gissing (Algernon). Broadway, a village of middle England. With illustrations by E. H. New. Alondon: /. As. Dent & Co., 1904. xi, 90 pp., I l. illus, nar. 12°. (Temple topographies.)

Kalamatiano de Blumenthal (Verra Xenophontovna) Folk tales from the Russian. Retold by V. X. Kalamatiano de Blumenthal. Chicago: Aand, McMally & Co. [cop. 1903] 154 p. illus. 12°. Oberlaender, pseud. of KARL Rehfuss, jr. Im Lande des braunen Bären. Jagd- und Reisebilder aus Russland. Mit 137 Abbildungen... von K. Wagner und A. Weczerczick. AVeudamm. /. Meumann, 1905. ix, 382 pp. 8°. Petersen (Eugen). Comitium, rostra, Grab des Romulus. Rom: Loescher & Co., 1904. 2 p.l., 7–42 pp. 8°. Politisches Archiv des Landgrafen Philipp des Grossmütigen von Hessen. Inventar der Bestände, hrsg. von... F. Küch. Bd. 1. Leipzig. S. Airzel, 1904. 8°. (Publicationen aus d. k. preussischen Staatsarchiven, Bd. 78.)

Sauer (Augustin). Rom und Wien im Jahre 1683. Ausgewahlte Actenstücke aus rêmischen Archiven zur II. Säcularfeier der Befreiung Wiens als Festgabe des unter allerhöchstem Protectorate stehenden Priestercollegiums von Campo Santo zu Rom. Hrsg. von A. Sauer. Wien: Hof-u. Stattsdruckerei, 1883. viii, 195 p., I pl., 1 port. illus. 4°

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schen, 1904. 158 p. 16°. (Sammlung Göschen. [No. 231.]) Schiff Collection. Bischoff (Erich). Thalmud-Katechismus. Mit Abbildungen von seltenen Originalen. Leipzig.: T. Grieben, 1904. xii, 112 pp. 12°. (Morgenländische Bücherei. Bd. 3.)

Schiff Collection.

Gross (Heinrich). Lehrbuch der israelitischen Religion für die oberen Klassen der Mittelschulen. Frankfurt am Main. J. Kauffmann, 1904. 4 p.l., 145 pp. 8°. Schiff Collection.

Maimonides ([Moses]). Maimonides' Commentar zum Tractat Sanhedrin. Abschnitt iv-v. Arabischer Urtext mit verbesserter hebräischer Uebersetzung, deutscher Uebersetzung und Anmerkungen. Won I. Bleichrode. Berlin : L. Bleichrode. 1904. 26, 11 p. 8°.

Schiff Collection.

Oettli (Ssamuel]?), Geschichte Israels bis auf Alexander den Grossen. Calw: VereinsbuchhandJung, 1905. vi, 7–556 p. 8°. (Die Geschichte Israels, Hrsg. vom Calwer Verlagsverein, Teil 1.) Schiff Collection.

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North American Indian fairy tales, folklore and legends. Illustrated by R. C. Armour. London : Gibbings & Co., 1905. viii, Il., 192 p., 16 pl. 12°. Pain (Barry). Lindley Kays. London. Methuen & Co. [1904] viii, 306 p. 2. ed. 12°. Pinero (Arthur Wing). Letty. An original drama. London: W. Heinemann, 1904. 3 p.l., 247 p. 12°. Samuels (Maurice V.) The Florentines. A play. AWew York: Brentano's, 1904. 153 p. 12°. Stoddard (Janie E.) Tempests of the play gods. A novel. Mew York: Neale Pub. Co., 1904. 268 p. 12°. Willis (Frederick Milton). The City of Is, and other poems. Frontispiece by E. C. Piexotto [Peixotto). San Francisco: Mercury Pr. [cop. 1903] 3 p.l., 122 p., I pl. 12".

Worke for cutters; or, A merry dialogue betweene sword, rapier and dagger. Acted in a shew in the famous Universitie of Cambridge, A.D. 1615. Edited, with historical prologue...by A. F. Sieve king. With introductory note by A. W. Ward. London : /. C. Clay & Sons, 1904. 92 p. illus. sq. 8°.

World's (The) best poetry. In ten volumes, illustrated. Editor-in-Chief, B. Carman, Associate editors, J.V. Cheney, C. G. D. Roberts [and others]. Philadelphia: J. D. Morris & Co. [1904.] Io v. 8°.


Barahona de Soto (Luis). Primera parte de la Angelica de Luys Barahona de Soto...con advertimientos...y breves summarios... por R. Verdugo de Sarria. Granada: H. de Mena, 1586. [repr. ; AVew York: The De Vinne Press, 1904.] 5 p.l., 251 ll. 8°. Gift of A. M. Huntington. Christensen (Heinrich). Das Alexanderlied Walters von Châtillon. Halle a. S.: Buchhandlung des Waisenhauses, 1905. xii, 225 p. 8°. Cyon (Ilya Faddeich). Kakustanovit’ v Rossii pravovoi gosudarstvenny stroi2 [How shall Russia become a constitutional state ol Aaris. Asaar & Steinart, 1905. xvii, 75 p. 8°. Franko (Ivan). Zbirnyk tvoriv. Kiev. P. Barski, 1903. 2 v. 8°. Ruthenian fiction. Frenssen (Gustav). Jörn Uhl. Roman. Berlin: G. Grote, 1902. 3 p.l., 525 p., I port. 12°. (Grote'sche Sammlung von Werken zeitgenössischer Schriftsteller. Bd. 73.) Grushevsky (M.) Opovidannya. Barski, 1904. I port., vii, 147 p. 8°. Ruthenian fiction. Halden (Charles ab der). Études de littérature canadienne-française, précédées d'une introduction, “La langue et la littérature française au Canada, la famille française et la nation canadienne,” par L. Herbert. Paris: F. A. de Rudeval, 1904. 2 p.l., civ, 352 p., 1 1. 16°. Koch (Max), and Heusler (Andreas). Urväterhort. Die Heldensagen der Germanen. Berlin: M. Oldenbourg [1904]. 64 p. illus. f*. Krymsky (A. E.) Iz povistok i eskizov. Zvenigorodka. Ya. A. Airenberg, 1904. 138 p. 8”. Ruthenian fiction. Malmanche (Tanguy). Marvaill ann ene naounek. Marvaill dramatik rimadellet e diou nozvez. [Texte breton... traduction française.] Paris. Spered ar Pro, 1904. 57 p., 1 1. 12°.

Title on cover reads: Le conte de l'ame qui a faim. Conte dramatique en deux veillées, en vers libres.

Marchesi (Giambattista). Studi e ricerche intorno ai nostri romanzieri e romanzi del settecento, coll'aggiunta di una bibliografia dei romanzi editi in Italia in quel secolo. Bergamo. Ist. Italiano d'Arti Graftche, 1903. 431 p. illus. 8°.

Melitz (Leo). Die Theaterstücke der Weltliteratur ihrem Inhalte nach wiedergegeben. Hrsg. mit einer Einleitung zur Geschichte der dramatischen Literatur von L. Melitz. Berlin & Wiener'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung [1904]. 3. ed. 2 v. in 1. 12°.

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Multatuli, pseud. of E. D. Dekker. Walter Pietersee. A story of Holland, by Multatuli. Translated by H. Evans. New York : Friderici & Gareis [1904]. xiv, 303 p., 1 port. 12°. Myrny (Parnas). Morozenko. Opovidannya. Aiev: P. Barski, 1904. 6o p. 12°. Ruthenian fiction. Needler (George Henry). The Nibelungenlied, translated into rhymed English verse in the metre of the original. New York: H. Holt & Co., 1904. xxxvi, 349 p. 8°. Vovchok (Marko). Karmelyuk. Nevil'nychka. Aiev. P. Barski, 1904. 84 p. 12°. Ruthenian fiction. Vovchok (Marko). dannya. Aiev. P. Barski, 1904. Ruthenian fiction. Wassermann (Jakob). Die Kunst der Erzählung. Mit einer Heliogravure...u. sieben Voll

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Mead (Daniel W[ebster].) Notes on hydrology, and the application of its laws to the problems of hydraulic engineering. [Chicago: S. Smith & Co.,] 1904. xi, 202 p., I pl. illus. 8°.

Wallentin (Ignaz). Einleitung in die theoretische Elektrizitätslehre. Mit 81... Figuren. Leipzig. B. G. Teubner, 1904. x, 444 p. 8”. (B. G. Teubner's Sammlung von Lehrbüchern auf dem Gebieteder math. Wissenschaften... Bd. 15.)

Biological Sciences.

Armsby (Henry Prentiss). The principles of animal nutrition. With special reference to the nutrition of farm animals. Mew York: J. Wiley & Sons, 1903. vii, 614 p. 8”.

Cambridge (The) natural history. Edited by S. F. Harmer and A. E. Shipley. v. 7. London: Macmillan & Co., 1904. 8”.

Haeckel (Ernst [Heinrich Philipp August]). The wonders of life. A popular study of biological philosophy. Translated by J. McCabe. Supplementary volume to “The riddle of the universe.” Mew York: Harper & Bros., 1905. x, 2 l., 484 p., 1 1. 12°.

Jacoby (Paul). Études sur la sélection chez l'homme par le Dr. P. Jacoby. Avant-propos par

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täglich Arbeit für die Gesundheit. Mit 42 Illustrationen nach der Natur und einer Zeittafel. Aus dem Dänischen nach der 5. Auflage des Originals

von M. und H. Tillge ubersetzt. A openhagen : Tilge, 1904. 89 p., 1 tab. 8°. Osler (William). AEquanimitas. With other

addresses to medical students, nurses, and practitioners of medicine. Philadelphia: P. Blakiston's Son & Co., 1904. vii, 389 p. 8°. Semon (Richard). Die Mneme als erhaltendes Prinzip im Wechsel des organischen Geschehens. Leipzig.: W. Engelmann, 1904. xiv, 353 p. 8°.


Athanasius, Saint, Archbishop of Alexandria. The canons of Athanasius of Alexandria. The Arabic and Coptic versions, edited and translated with... notes... by W. Riedel and W. E. Crum. London : Williams & Morgate, 1904. xxxv, 1 1., 59, 154 p., 1 pl. 8*. (Text and Translation Soc. orks.) Bollack (Léon). Premières notions de la langue bleue (Bolak) langage extranational pratique. Paris: Aditions de La langue bleue, 1904. 1 p.l., ii, 56 p. 8°. Burgt (J. M. M. van der). Dictionnaire français-kirundi, avec l'indication succinct de la signification swahili et allemande. Ouvrage illustré d'une carte, de 252 gravures hors texte... [etc.] Boisle-Duc. Société “L'Illustration Catholique,” 1903. cxix, 648 p., I map, 9 pl. 4°. Velten (Ksarl].) Praktische Suaheli-Gram

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Hobhouse (Leonard Trelawney). Democracy and reaction. London. T. F. Unwin, 1904. vii, 244 p. 8”. Mueller (Karl). Die Geschichte der Zensur im alten Bern. Bern: K. J. Wyss, 1904. 2 p.l., 208 p., 2 tabs. 8°. Randall (Esmilius] Osviatt]). History of the Zoar Society, from its commencement to its conclusion. A sociological study in communism. Columbus: F. J. Heer, 1904. 2 p.l., 105 p., 7 pl., 1 port. 3. ed. 8°. Richard (Achille). L'organisation collective du travail. Essai sur la coopération de maind'oeuvre... Préface par Yves Guyot. Paris: GuilMaumin et Cie., 1904. I p.l., 5–342 p. 8°.

Symonds (Brandreth). Life insurance examinations. A manual for the medical examiner and for all interested in life insurance. AWew York. G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1905. vi., 11., 214 p. 16°.


Oxford University. The ancient kalendar of the University of Oxford from documents of the fourteenth century, together with Computus manualis...from C. Kyrfoth's edition, Oxon., 1519– 20... Edited by C. Wordsworth. Oxford: The Clarendon Press, 1904. xxxii, 294 p. 2 pl. 8°. (Oxford Historical Society. [Pub.] v. 45.)

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