Printed from the original manuscript in the New York Public Library.

(Private) NAshville DEco 20° 1817


I have the pleasure to acknowledge the receipt of your favour of the 2" instant with your message to Congress enclosed for which accept my thanks. The prosperous state of our Country & particularly our finance, so near the close of an expensive War, must be a source of great gratification to every true American and profitting from experience will enable the Executive government, with the aid of Congress to place the whole country in a state of defence, which will command Justice and respect from all Nations & thereby perpetuate the blessings of peace. I have read with great attention your letter. The plan proposed fully meets my approbation, for I see in it that magnanimity of conduct only to be met with in great & good minds—and also a System that will produce subordination & harmony without which an army cannot be beneficial or effective. Whenever an officer is responsible for the defence of a country or place, his means never ought to be taken from him or directed without his knowledge. I had determined to retire from Service, the moment I could with propriety & honor but I have determined since the receipt of your letter not to resign until I can have the pleasure of seeing you & until you make the Southern tower you contemplated next spring & in which I intend doing myself the pleasure of accompanying you. It is my wish to retire from publick life, for I am advancing to that age which makes retirement desirable, but as long as I can be really serviceable to my country and there remains any prospect of my services being wanted I will not retire more particularly as it is your wish I should not

I am Sir with great respect & sincere friendship
Yr. mo. ob. Serv
ANDREw J Ackson

JAMEs Mon Roe

President of the U. States [Endorsed by Monroe:] Dec 20, 1817. Gen". Jackson. He highly approves the plan wo. I propose for settling the aff, with Depo of war. Magnanimity.


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Sénat . . . Question


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