United States, cont'd.

Rouse's Point. New York State.—Railroads, Committee on.

Reports... on... bridging Lake Champlain at Rouse's Point. Jan. 28, 1851. m.t-p. [Albany, 1851.] I 14 pp., I diagr., 3 maps. 8*. (Senate,

no. 20.)
St. Joseph.

Pope (Willard S.) Description of the method of founding the piers for the bridge over the Missouri river at St. Joseph, Missouri... (Prepared for the Civil Engineers' Club of the Northwest, and read at the meeting, April 8, 1872.) n. t.-p. m. p. [1872?] Io pp. 12°.

St. Louis.

[Bridge Convention, St. Louis, August, 1867.] Proceedings and report of the board of civil engineers, convened at St. Louis, in August, 1867, to consider the subject of the construction of rail and highway bridge across the Mississippi River at St. Louis. St. Louis. G. Knapp & Co., 1867. Ioo pp., 3 diag. 8°.

Construction (The) of the new Forest Park bridge for the Wabash R. R. at St. Louis, Mo. (Engineering News. v. 52, pp. 431–433. Mew Pork, 1904.)

Eads (James Buchanan). U. S. Engineers' Report on the St. Louis bridge reviewed. St. Louis: Democrat Lith. and Printing Co., 1873. 42 pp. 8°

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Terre Haute. Highway(The) bridge over the Wabashriver at Terre Haute. A structure having an unusual combination of trusses and plate girders. (Engineering Rec. v. 51, pp. 672–675. Mew York, 1905.)

Thebes, Ill.

Mississippi (The) river cantilever bridge at Thebes, Ill. (Engineering News. v. 53, pp. 479– 483. Mew York, 1905.)

Thebes (The) bridge. (Engineering Rec. v. 50, pp. 566–567. Mew York, 1904.)

Thebes (The) bridge superstructure. (Engineering Rec. v. 52, pp. 98–99. AWew York, 1905.)


Construction of the Topeka Melan bridge. (Engineering Rec. Mew York, 1898. f. v. 37, pp. 426-428.)

Warehouse Point.

Ellis (T. G.) Description of the iron bridge over the Connecticut river, on the Hartford & New Haven R. R. [where it crosses the Connecticut river near Windsor Locks and Warehouse Point]. With a brief history of iron bridges... Hartford: Brown & Gross, 1866. 33 pp., 2 plans. 8°.

Warren, Mass.

Massachusetts.-Governor. Message in relation to the bill entitled “An act to establish the Warren Bridge Corporation.”... together with yeas and nays in the Senate and House of Representatives. March 10, 1827. n. t-p. [1827.] 28 pp. pap. 8°. Washington, D. C. Connecticut (The) Avenue concrete arch bridge, Washington, D. C. (Engineering Rec. v. 52, pp. 30–33. Mew York, 1905.) District of Columbia.- Commissioners, Board of Report from the Commissioners... together with plans and descriptions, specifications and estimates for a bridge...across Rock Creek--Washington : Govt. Prog. Office, 1898. 26 pp., 35 pl. 8°. (55. Cong., 2. sess., S. Doc. 96.) Long Bridge across the Potomac river. Washington, D.C., U. S. A. [n. A.; Scherser Atolling Lift Bridge Co., 1901.] I p.l., 15 pp., 2 pl. ob. 4°. Memorial (The) bridge across the Potomac. (Engineering Rec. v. 41, pp. 362-369. Mew York, 1900.) Turnbull (William). Reports on the construction of the piers of the aqueduct of the Alexandria Canal across the Potomac River at Georgetown, D. C., 1835–40. Washington, 1873. pl. 4’. (U. S. War Dept. Engin. Dept.) United States.—Bngineer Department. Report relating to the construction of a highway bridge across the Potomac River, in accordance with ... act approved Feb. 12, 1901. [Washington, 1901.] 38 pp., 2 maps, 9 plans. 8”. (57. Cong. 1. sess. H. Doc. 138.)

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United States, conf'd. Wheeling.

Pennsylvania (State of) vs. Wheeling & Belmont Bridge Company and others. Order of reference of the Supreme Court of the United States... with the proofs taken before R. Hyde Walworth, commissioner; together with his report... Saratoga Springs: G. White, pr., 1851. liv, 720 pp., I map, 5 plans, 2 pl. 8°.

Taney ([Roger Brooke]). The opinion of chiefjustice Taney, in the Wheeling Bridge case. Richmond [Pa.]: Ritchies & Dunnavant, 1852. 14 pp. 8°.

Wheeling & Belmont Bridge Company. Memorial of the Wheeling and Belmont Bridge Company, asking for an investigation of charges preferred against the Hon. R. C. Grier, one of the Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States. Wheeling: J. T. Russell, 1854. 8 pp. 8°. Wheeling Bridge case. Abstract of the evidence. n. t-p. [Wheeling: Swearingen & 7aylor, 185—?] 8 pp. 8°. The Wheeling bridge suit: a notice of its history and objects, addressed to the Legislature of

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Alphabetical by subjects.

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Wissenschaften. Mit 12 Zeichnungen. Stuttgart:
Strecker & Schröder, 1905. viii, 182 p. 12°.
Cabeça de Vaca (Alvar Nuñez). The jour-

ney of Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca and his companions, from Florida to the Pacific, 1528–1536. Translated from his own narrative by F. Bandelier. Together with the report of Father Marcos...and a letter from the Viceroy Mendoza. Edited...by Ad. F. Bandelier. Wew York: A. S. Barnes & Co., 1905. xxii, 231 p., I map, 2 pl. nar. 12". (Trail makers.) Benton (Josiah H.), jr. Early census making in Massachusetts, 1643–1765. With a reproduction of the last census of 1765 (recently found), and documents relating thereto... Boston: C. E. Goodspeed, 1905. 1 p.l., roq p. facsim. f". Davis (William Watts Hart). History of Doylestown, old and new. From its settlement to the close of the nineteenth century, 1745–1900. Doylestown, Pa.. Intelligencer Print [1905]. 4 p.l., 373, 11 p., 2 plans, 25 pl., 18 port. 8°. Dawson (Samuel Edward). The Saint Lawrence. Its basin & border-lands. The story of their discovery, exploration and occupation...With illustrations...by F. G. Bartholomew. New York: F. A. Stokes Co. [1905] xl, 451 p., Io maps, 1 plan, 23 pl., 4 port. 8°. Fries (Adelaide L.) The Moravians in Georgia. 1735–1740. Raleigh: the Author [1905]. 252 p., 3 plans, 4 pl., 8 port. 12°. Henderson (John). The West Indies, painted by A. S. Forrest, described by J. Henderson. London: A. & C. Black, 1905. ix, 270 p., I l., 74 pl. S”. Huret (Jules). En Amérique. De San Francisco au Canada. Paris: E. Fasquelle, 1905. 2 p.l., 564 p. 12°. Parsons (Langdon B.) History of the town of Rye, New Hampshire, from its discovery and settlement to December 31, 1903. Concord, M. H.: Rumford Pig. Co., 1905. vi, 675 p., 2 maps, 1 port. illus. 8°. Payne (Charles Thomas). Litchfield and Morris inscriptions. A record of inscriptions upon the tombstones in the towns of Litchfield and Morris, Ct. Transcribed by C. T. Payne. Litchfield, Conn.; D. C. Kilbourn, 1905. 304 p., 12 pl. 4°. Quintard (Charles Todd), 2nd bishop of Tenn. Doctor Quintard, Chaplain C. S. A. and second bishop of Tennessee. Being his story of the war (1861–1865). Edited and extended by Rev. A. H. Noll. Sewanee, Tenn.: University Pr., 1905. 5 p.l., 183, 11., vip., 1 port. 12". Reader (Francis S[mith]). History of the newspapers of Beaver County, Pennsylvania. Mew Brighton, Pa.; F. S. Reader & Son, 1905. 4 p.l., 176 p., 2 l., 15 pl. 8°. Stevens (Henry Newton). Lewis Evans, his map of the Middle British Colonies in America. A comparative account of ten different editions published between 1755 and 1807. London. H. Stevens, Son, & Stiles, 1905. vi., I l., 41 p., I l. sq. 4°. Thwaites (Reuben Gold). France in America. 1497–1763. Mew York: Harper & Bros., 1905. 5 p.1., xiii-xxi, 320 p., 7 maps, 1 port. 8*. (The Amer. Nation... v. 7.) Von Achten der Letzte. Amerikanische Kriegsbilder aus der Südarmee des Generals Robert E. Lee, von einem ehemaligen königl. preuss. Einjährig-Freiwilligen. Wiesbaden.: /. Miedner, 1871. viii, 1 1., 276 p. 12°.

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Asia, Australia, PACIFIC ISLANDS.

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