Printed from the original manuscript in the New York Public Library.

QUINcy Dec 6th 1816 DEAR SIR Although our good old Massachusetts, has encore quelques Prejuges, yet I find that all our liberal minded Men have a Strong desire to See our past present and future Presidents They hesitate not to ask me for Introductions and I hesitate not to give them knowing as I do the past, present and future President to be as liberal Men as themselves They all return so full of Gratitude for their kind Receptions so delighted with their Tours and so full of Praises of the Characters they have Seen, that I am encouraged to persevere Indeed this my office of Introducer General is the only means left me of contributing one mite to the preservation of the Union of the Once Colonies now States, which has been the Object of my Life It is curious that I should introduce to you a Gentleman who carries to the President of the Senate twenty odd votes for your Rival Candidate. Yet so it is. And you may depend upon it, The Reverend M. Henry Colman, the Bearer of this Letter is one of our most ingenious litterary Characters, our most amiable Men and our most tollerant Politicians as well as Theologians. No Bigot; No Fanatic; a phylosophic Divine; And this is no contradiction I pray you to introduce this Gentleman to Madam Monroe. I have observed that our grave Philosophers and Divines return from Washington, Montecillo and Montpelier as full of Panegyrics on Madam Madison Madam Randolph and her Daughters as of their Husbands Fathers & Grandfathers For my part I wish the Ladies would undertake to reconcile North and South, East and West. I verily believe they could do it, though the Gentlemen have not yet been able to accomplish it. It would not be so difficult, nor so wonderfull as the Peace of the Romans and Sabines which Fathers Brothers and Husbands could not effect

I am Sir, with Sincere Esteem Your humble Servant
John ADAMs

JAMES Mon Roe. Secretary of State




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