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Political christianity. State patronage and government support, in national establishments of religion, not only ineffective, as a means of propagating divine truth, but pernicious to the nation, and obstructive to the progress of scriptural religion: illustrated in the political, ecclesiastical, and educational statistics of Ireland. London: Hamilton, Adams & Co., 1834, v, 1 l., 136 pp. 8°. ( :* edition has title: The Irish church, and Ireland 1535).

Reports (Two) of commissioners of ecclesiasti

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M'Ghee (Rev. Robert James). A letter to the protestants of the United Kingdom, exhibiting the real principles of the Roman Catholic bishops and priests in Ireland, as contained in their standard of theology adopted in 1808, and since used as a guide in their private clerical conferences. London: L. & J. Seeley, 1835. 2 p.l., 39 pp. 8”.

National property and ... the prospects of the present administration and of their successors... London: B. Fellowes, 1835. 132 pp. 3. ed. 8°.

Proofs of a proposed preface to the fourth

edition of the pamphlet on national property, to be ublished or not, as may be thought expedient. London, 1835 P] 36 pp. 8°.

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Report of committee on the practicability and public advantage of making a navigable inland communication between Galway and Castlebar through the lakes Corrib, Mask, and Carra; between Westport and Castlebar through lake Rakiss; between Ballina and Castlebar through lakes Conn and Cullin. With evidence. map. 1835. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.)

Reports (Two) of committee on the advances made by the commissioners of public works in Ireland, the regulations which they have made, purposes to which they have been applied and amount of repayments. Evidence, appendix, index. maps. 1835. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.)

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Asistory, cont'd., 1835–1836.

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Orange societies, edited 16 pp. [London: J. Longley,

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History, cont'd., 1837–1839.


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Cooke (H.) Sins of the times; a discourse delivered in... Belfast. *. Aug., 1837. Belfast: W. A/"Comb, 1837. 51 pp. 8°

Ireland.—Municipal Corporation Boundaries, Commissioners of Copy of instructions given by ... the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, with reference to the boundaries and division into wards of the several cities, boroughs and towns corporate. . . Reports and plans. [London, 1837..] f".

Macnagaten (Sir Francis Workman), bart. Some observations upon the present state of Ireland. London, 1837. 8°. Murray (Sir James). Four letters, on the relief of the sick poor in Ireland. m. t.-p. [Dublin, J 1837. 8°. Murray (John Murray). One of the jobs of the Commissioners of National Education in Ireland detected and exposed. London: W. Clowes and Sons, 1837. 16 pp. 8°. O'Malley (Thaddeus). A word or two on the Irish poor relief bill, and Mr. Nichols' report; or, A postscript to the Rev. Mr. O'Malley's “Idea of a poor law for Ireland.” London, 1837. 12°.

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Report of Commons committee on the progress and operation of the national system of education in Ireland. Evidence and index. 1837. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.)

Report of Lords committee on the progress and operation of the national system of education in Ireland. Evidence and appendix. 2 v. 1837. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.)

Reports (Two) of commissioners appointed to consider and recommend a general system of rail. ways for Ireland. 2 pts. 1837–38. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) Sections of the several lines laid out under direction of the commissioners. 1837. (ibid.) Maps and plans of the several lines laid out under direction of the commissioners. 1837. (ibid.)

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Sons, 1837. 1 p.l., 48 pp. 8°. 1838. Carey (Mathew). Letters on Irish immigrants

and Irishmen generally. An attempt to place both on more estimable ground than, in the opinions of some members of this community, they occupy at present. Addressed to the Right Rev. John Hughes, D. D., bishop of New York. Philadelphia, 1838. 8 pp. 8°. Hoare (Edward Newenham). Practical observations on Church reform, the tithe question and national education in Ireland. Dublin, 1838. 8°. Irish poor-law bill, The: two letters to Daniel O'Connell, in reply to his letters to his constituents [signed S J. London, 1838. 8°. Lynch (Andrew Henry). Address to the electors of Galway on the poor-law bill for Ireland. London, 1838. 8°. Meyler (A.) Irish tranquillity under Mr. O'Connell, my Lord Mulgrave, and the [Romish priesthood]. Dublin. W. Carson, 1838. xii, 126

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French (Fitzstephen). The question, Are the government entitled to the support of the Irish liberal members at the present crisis? considered. London, 1839. 8°.

History, cont’d., 1839–1842.
Hoare (Edward Newenham). Letters on sub-

jects connected with Ireland, addressed to an

English clergyman. Dublin, 1839. 8°.

Horton (Sir Robert John Wilmot), bart. Ireland and Canada; supported by local evidence. London, 1839. 8°.

Irish stew; or, a taste of something spicy, and suitable to the time; being an attempt to solve the main (e) question, relating to the disputed territory to the west of St. George's Channel; with a commentary on the effusions of Corney the Rhymer. By one who regrets he is a Peer of the Realm. London: J. W. Southgate, 1839. 64 pp. 3. ed. 8°

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Meyler (A.) The real causes...April 8, 1839. See 1847 below.

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Napier (Sir Charles James). An essay on the present state of Ireland, showing the chief cause of, and the remedy for, the existing distresses in that country. Dedicated to the Irish absentee landed proprietors, as proving that, although their absence is injurious to Ireland, it is not the primary cause of the sufferings endured by the Irish people. London: Ridgway, 1839. 1 p.l., 70 pp., I pl. 8°.

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State of Ireland. Speech... in the House of Ilords, March 21, 1839, on Lord Roden's motion, for a committee to inquire into the state of crime in Ireland since 1835. London: Ridgway, 1839. 1 p.l., 65 pp. 8°.

Popish (The) college of Maynooth; by the author of “The progress of popery.” London: Protestant Ass'n., 1839. 4th thousand. 12 pp. 8°.

Report of Lords Committee on the state of Ireland since 1835 with respect to crime and outrage, which have rendered life and property insecure in that part of the empire. Evidence, appendix, index. 4 pts. 1839. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.)

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Summary (A) digest of the...evidence...before “the select committee of the House of Lords on the state of Ireland in respect of crime,” as relating to the Ribbon Society: With an appendix containing verbatim...evidence. London: Hatchard &' .Son, 1839. xxxii, 47 pp. 8°.

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Bartlett (W.H.) The scenery and antiquities of Ireland, illustrated in engravings from drawings by B.:... with historical and descriptive text by J. S. Coyne, N. P. Willis, etc. London [1842]. 2 v. pl. map. 4°.

Cawdor (earl), John FREDERick CAMPBELL. Letter to Sir Robert Peel, on a southern communication with Ireland. London, 1842. 8".

Daunt ( ). Speech[es] on the repeal of the Union. Dublin: Repeal Assoc., 1842–43. 24°.

De Vere (AUBREY THoMAs). Inaugural address delivered on the evening of the eighth of February, 1842, at the house of the Limerick Philosophical and Literary Society. Dublin: Grant & Bolton, 1842. 45 pp. 12°.

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Reports (Two) of committee on post office communication between Great Britain and Ireland. Evidence and appendix. 2 pts. plans. 1841–42. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) — Letter to the Admiralty by W. R. Ormsby Gore on a paper appended to above report. Chart. 1842. (ibid.) Series (A) of letters between John Bull, Jonathan, and another individual called Erigenus. Occasioned by the great National Irish Repeal Convention, held in Philadelphia, on Tuesday, Feb. 22nd, 1842. Dublin: /. Coyne, 1842. vi., 5–285 pp. 8°. Sheil (J. B.) Observations on the salmon fisheries of Ulster; urging their claims to legislative protection. London: The Author, 1842. 71 pp. 8”.

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1843. D. (T. D.) A Letter [signed T. D. D.] to Wm. Sharman Crawford... on the condition of Ireland. With an appendix containing extracts from letters on the state of Ireland, written between the years 1829 and 1843...[n. A., 18437). 30 pp. 12°. Dunsany (16. baron), Edward PLUNKETT. Address to the landowners of Ireland upon the present agitation for a repeal of the union. 20 pp. London: J. Ridgway, 1843. 8°. Fitzgerald, Archdeacon. Speech on the repeal of the Union, Ballingarry, 29. Jan., 1843. Dublin: /. Browne, 1843. 36 pp. 24”. Hayes, Alderman. Repeal of the Union: speech... upon the motion to petition Parliament for a repeal of the Union, Apr. 19, 1843. Dublin: J. Browne, 1843. 79 pp. 24”. Ireland and its rulers; since 1829. Part the first.—[With appendix: A plan of tenure reform for Ireland. By Stephen Barry..] [By Daniel Owen Madden.] London: F. C. Newby, 1843. 1 p.l., 353 pp. 12°. Mac Donnell (E.) The “crisis” unmasked. Respectfully inscribed to the British people. London: /. Ollivier, 1843. 36 pp. 8°. O'Brien (William Smith). Speech on the causes of discontent in Ireland. Dublin, 1843. 8°.

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... Dublin:

The Irish

1844. Friends' Educational Society. Report concerning Friends' schools in Ireland; presented... 1843... York, 1844. 22 pp. 8°.

Glance (A) at the present state of Ireland; with reflections on the absolute necessity of a complete and effective emancipation; and a summary of the civil regulations of the Roman Catholic Church in the Austrian dominions and in France, by the author of “Persecutions of Popery." London: F. Shoberl, Jr., 1844. 67 pp. 8°.

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