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Arranged chronologically.

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[blocks in formation]

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Include facsimiles of John Goghe's map of Ireland, 1567; of John Norden's map, 1609–1611; and of an anonymous sixteenth century map of Munster.

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This reprint is edited by Aquilla Smith.

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5 V. 4". Ireland.—Public Record Office. Calendar [abstract of the patent rolls of James I, with supple

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2 v. 4. Calendar of the patent

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Looking-Glass for England; abstract of the bloody massacre in Ireland, by the instigation of the Jesuites, priests and friars...executed by the Irish Papist upon the English Protestants in 1642; also, a brief apology in the behalf of the Protestants in the valleys of Piedmont; with a narrative of the barbarous butcheries... perpetrated by them by the Popish party during the heat of the late massacre in Apr., 1655 . . . London, 1667. sq. 8°.

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— The Irish rebellion; or, An history of the attempts of the Irish papists to extirpate the protestants in the kingdom of Ireland; together with the . . . cruelties and ... massacres which ensued thereupon. Written from his own observations, and authentic depositions of other eye-witnesses... London. White, Cochrane & Co., 1812. xii, 236 pp. f*.

A reprint of the London: J. Brindley, 1746 edition.

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