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— Report on Queen's College, Cork, for 1896–97, on the importance of establishing chairs for scientific teaching of Celtic and of agriculture. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.)

A report of the Cork: E.

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Reports from magistrates on meetings held at Dromore: depositions and verdict at the inquest on Samuel Giffen. Plan. 1884. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.)


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- Minutes, 1881–86. Dublin, 1882– '87. 4°.

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All Saints (Priory of) Dublin. Registrum Prioratus omnium Sanctorum juxta Dublin. Edited from a manuscript . . . with additions from other sources, and notes, by the Rev. Richard Butler. [Latin | Dublin: The Irish Archaeological Society, 1845. 2 p.l., lxxi, 151 pp., I pl. 4°. (The Irish Archaeological Society.)

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Bernard (J. H.) The cathedral Church of Saint Patrick. A history and description of the

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Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity. See Christ Church.

Cathedral Church of St. Patrick. See Bernard (J. H.)

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The history of the County Dublin. Hodges & Smith, 1838. viii,

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— Report of commissioners on the sewerage and drainage of the city of Dublin, and other matters connected therewith. Evidence, appendix, index. 1880. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) Correspondence with reference to the annual teachers' congress, public meeting, and dinner of teachers, held in Dublin, Dec. 1883. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) Report of committee on the Dublin metropolitan police. Evidence, appendix, minute of the Lord Lieutenant on the report. 2 pts. maps. 1883. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.)

Report by Mr. Rogers Field on the sanitary condition of the royal barracks, Dublin, with return to Dec. 1887 of all cases of febrile disease in the Dublin garrison. diagr. 1889–91. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.)

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— Report on the Dublin barracks improvement bill. Evidence. 1892. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.)

— Report of committee on the buildings and site for a royal college of science for Ireland, at Dublin. plan. 1899. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.)

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Letters addressed to Parliament, and to the public, in general, on various improvements of the metropolis; which appeared in the Dublin Journal, in December last... By the author; an admirer of general, of useful, and necessary improvements. Dublin. T. Byrne, 1786. 1 p.l., viii, 3–7o, Io pp. 8°.

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Topography, cont'd.
Lough ERNE.

Lough Erne drainage scheme. maps and diagrams. 1891. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.)


Otway (C.) Sketches of Erris and Tyrawley, illustrative of the Scenery, Antiquities, Architectural Remains, and the manners and Superstitions of the Irish Peasantry. Dublin, 1850. 12°.


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Great Britain. Report to the Admiralty by Captain Washington, Captain Vetch and Mr. Barry Gibbons on the capabilities and requirements of the port and harbour of Galway. plans. 1859. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.)

Report of Admiralty committee on the suitableness of Galway for a transatlantic packet station, in connection with a harbour of refuge. 1859. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.)

— Contract between the Postmaster-General and the Atlantic Royal Mail Steam Navigation Co., for mail service between Galway and America, 15 July, 1863. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.)

Evidence and judgment on the trial of the Galway election petition. 5 pts. 1872. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) — Correspondence between the Treasury, the Post Office, and the Atlantic Royal Mail Steam Packet Co., from 4. May, 1860, to 13. June, 1861, as to conveyance of mails from Galway to America. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) Further report, 1860–1863. (ibid.) Hardiman (James). The history of the town and county of the town of Galway, from the earliest period, to the present time... To which is added a copious appendix, containing the principal charters and other original documents. Dublin: W. Folds & Sons, 1820. xvi, 320, lvi. pp., 2 l., 4 plans, 7 7 pl. 4°. Queen’s College, Galway. Report of the president for the session 1896/'97-1903/4. Dublin. A. Thom & Co., 1897–1904. 8°. Report of the extraordinary visitation of the Queen's College, Galway, held in Dublin Castle, March, 1870. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.)


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the kingdom of Kerry. London, 1871. 8°.

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Same plates used in the two issues.

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