The Municipal Code of Ohio

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W.H. Anderson Company, 1909 - 957 oldal

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692. oldal - It shall be the duty of the Legislature to provide for the organization of cities and incorporated villages, and to restrict their power of taxation, assessment, borrowing money, contracting debts, and loaning their credit, so as to prevent abuses in assessments and in contracting debt by such municipal corporations...
178. oldal - Boston, who shall have been such for at least three years prior to the date of their appointment, one for the term of five years, one for four years, one for three years, one for two years, and one for one year, and thereafter as the terms of office expire in each year one member for a term of five years.
163. oldal - National Mediation Board," to be composed of three members appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, not more than two of whom shall be of the same political party.
604. oldal - That the body of any person whose death occurs in this state, or which shall be found dead therein, shall not be interred, deposited in a vault or tomb, cremated or otherwise disposed of, or removed from or into any registration district, or be temporarily held pending further disposition more than 72 hours after death, unless a permit for burial, removal, or other disposition thereof shall have been properly issued by the local registrar of the registration district in which the death occurred or...
790. oldal - ... two of whom shall be elected for one year, two for two years and two for three years from the date of the annual school meeting next succeeding such special meeting.
565. oldal - ... the right of such judges and chancellors to hold their offices for the full term hereby prescribed shall not be affected by any change hereafter made by law in any circuit, division, or county in the mode or time of election.
295. oldal - Senate, shall appoint three persons, not more than two of whom shall belong to the same political party, who shall be styled a "State Board of Arbitration...
604. oldal - He shall obtain the personal and statistical particulars required from the person best qualified to supply them, over the signature and address of his informant. He shall then present the certificate to the...
328. oldal - ... and shall have such other powers and perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the board of directors or by the bylaws.
604. oldal - Registrar of any violations of this law coming to their notice by observation, or upon complaint of any person, or otherwise.

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