An Alphabetical List of the Officers of the Grenadier Guards: From 1800-1854

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Parker, Furnivall, 1854 - 66 oldal

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74. oldal - Surveyors' Plan Cases. AGRICULTURAL. Tubing for conveying Liquid Manure. Lining for Manure Tanks. Driving Bands for Thrashing Machines, &c. Traces. Whips. Buckets, Bowls, &c.
69. oldal - It is impossible to conceive of anything more injurious or destructive to the health of the community than the use of leaden pipes for the conveyance of water. The poisonous salts of lead thereby communicated are most insidious and subtle. I hail with gratitude the substitution of Gutta Pereha Tubing.
74. oldal - Cords (these cords do not sink in the water like the hempen ones) ; Lining for Boxes ; Speaking Tubes for communicating between the Man on the Look-out and the Helmsman, Captain, &c.; Anchor Floats.
74. oldal - Fencing Sticks. Portmanteaus. Police Staves. Life Preservers. Embossed Book Backs. Embossed Globes and Maps for the Blind. Railway Conversation Tubes. Miners Caps. Beds for Paper Cutting Machine Knives. Fringe for Mourning 'Coaches. Fine and Coarse Thread. Alarum Tubes for Minis, Ac.
74. oldal - Wafer Holders. Inkstands. Ink Cups (in lieu of glass). Pen Trays. Cash Bowls. Washing Basins, &c., (which cannot be broken). Tubes for conveying Messages. Canvas for covering Books, etc. Architects' ami Surveyors
74. oldal - Shuttle Beds for Looms; Washers; Bowls for Goldsmiths; Bobbins; Covers for Rollers; Round Bands and Cord ; Breasts for Water Wheels ; Oil Cans. For Offices. &C.— Wafer Holders; Inkstands; Ink Cups (in lieu of Glass); Pen Trays ; Cash Bowls ; Washing Basins, &c. (which cannot be broken) ; Tubes for Conveying ^Messages; Canvas for Covering Cooks, &c. ; Architects
74. oldal - Hats. Life Buoys, which are more buoyant than cork. Buckets, Pump Buckets. Hand Speaking Trumpets. Drinking Cups. Powder Flasks. Fishing Net Floats. Sheathing for Ships. Waterproof Canvas. Air-tight Life Boat Cells. Tubes for Pumping Water from the Hold to the Deck. Round and Twisted Cords, (these cords do not sink in the water like the hempen ones.) Lining for Boxes.

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