KING'S COLLEGE, Aberdeen, was the University most frequented by the youth of Moray; and students of the first, second, third, and fourth years' regular attendance were known respectively as Bajans, Semies, Tertians, and Magistrands, designations which, we believe, are still applied.

“ To Master ARCHBALD DUNBAR, of Thundertoun :
“ To ye care of the Postmaster of Elgin.

“King's COLLEGE, Octr. ye 16th, 1702. “SIR,--If this shall chance to find you out when you ar wandering through the north, it is sent to inform you, that (because the Bajan class is fixed in our college) I am to enter with the Semies this ensueing winter; if therfor in the course of your peregrinations you chance to meet with any who have a mind to save themselves a yeares time and expense at the college, pray be carefull to advise or recomend them to me, who (according to the late laudable custom of other universities) can receive them for Semies, although they have never been Bajans in any college. Particularly I am informed that at the school of Elgin ther


is a son of Logie Cumin's and two others who have learned the Greek, but because I have no acquaintance of thier parents, and Mr. Tod the schoolmaster is unfriendly to our college, I must recomend them to your management. In a word your Alma Mater and old Master do be thir presents constitute and ordain you their Factor, sole Actor, and speciall Errandbearer as to the premisses in all partes and places where you pass in your northern precinct. And if you

wil be so kind to let us see you as you go south, you

shall have the thanks of the whole house, as weel as the gratefull acknowledgments of, Sir, your most obsequious servant,


James Keith and his wife who ar presently with me drinking your good health, send their service to you, and therwith also my wife bids me give you hers."

“ KING'S COLLEGE, Nor. ye 16th, 1705. “SIR, -I have yours and shall carefully look after that boy you recomend. If in your peregrination through the north you will be pleased to inquire amongst your acquaintance for such as ar ready to enter Semies this winter and advise them our way, you will do a kindness both to your Alma Mater and old Master, whom upon all occasions

all occasions you shall ever find, Sir, your most obsequious humble servant,


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