and the Holy Ghost, by the which we are made the adopted sonnes of God, and allso our bodyes are nurrished and fedd by participation and communion with the spirituall fleshe and blood of Christ, the which is in our bodyes a seede of imortalitie, by the which, as Christ promised, our bodyes shall bee resuscitated to injoy with our soules eternall life; that as wee glorifie and worshipp the Holy Trinitie in this worlde with our bodyes and soules united in one person, called man, that evin so we shall after this life and the resurrection, we beeing made perfet men, wee shall worshippe and glorifie Him eternally in His triumphant Church, with sperituall hymnes and songes, prayses and thankesgiving, in the society of all His holy archangels and angels; and, seeing that sinne and death was brought in this worlde by Satan, and by it death, and that the Eternall Sonne of God did suffer death, in His human nature, to deliver and save all faithfull beeleevers from eternall death, and not from the first and corporall death, I confesse that all wee of this ellected flocke must suffer the death of our bodyes, and therby are partakers of the sufferinges of Christ; and that thearby wee, persevering to the end in true faith, working by charitie, shall be pertakers of His glory; and I protest before His Divine Majestie that I have a firme faith and hope, by His grace to attaine to that selfsame glorification, beeing purged from all my sinnes by the unspeakable suffraunces of my Lord, my God, and Saviour, renouncing to all merites of myself, or any others, angels or men. Allso, because I am bound to be carfull of my wife and familie, and to dispose to their profitte the goodes, landes, and possessions which God hath liberally and miraculusly given me, I refer the dispositions of all that I have in ffraunce, to the donation which I have made heartofore to Geneviev Petaw, my loving wife, and to Sir Robert Gordon, and Lucie Gordon, my only childe, his wife; praying them all that they will endvor themselfes to be righted against the wronges

that I have suffered, by my absence from ffraunce, against all the lawes and customes of that kingdome. As for my goodes and moveables, and house situat in the Close of Sarum, my will is that they be sould, and that the one halfe of the money shall bee for the use of my wife her life during (the which shee shall leave after hir to my saide sonne and daughter), the which moietie, with the other that I give by this my will to them, shall be by them injoyed theire lifeduring, and then shall leave both the saide moities to the children gotten and to be begotten of them ; and, to that effect, both the saide moities shall be employet in leases or other purchises, which my wife and they shall injoy (as said is) theire life-during, and shall leave the proprietie thereof to theire saide children ; to the performaunce wheareof I charge them, in the name of God, as they shall awnsweare to God at the fearfull


day of judgment. My will allso is that the gould and money that shall be found in my possession, or shall bee due to mee by bandes or billes at the time of my death, shall remaine to my saide wife only, whome I do charge with the costes of my buriall (and not my sonne and daughter), and with the doles that shee may give to the poore at the time of my buriall ; willing my body to be buried before my seate in the quier, and I refer to my saide wife the forme and manner of my saide buriall. To my loving wife allso I give the some of forty poundes to bee laide in a stocke, and that the use of the said stocke shall be kept for the maintenaunce of poore boyes of the choristers, for the space of three yeares, during the which they may be provided other ways, and that after they goe from the quier, (not comprehending in this guift those boyes who have parents to meintaine them, to whome, at theire going forth, shall be given, every one, forty shillinges); and this stocke be put in Chamber of the Cittie, which shall be bound to pay yearly the use thereof to such one that shall be appointed by the Deane and Chapter of Sarum, to whome he shall render accoumpte.

I give allso to my servantes, men and women, a yeare of theire wadges and hire, during fower termes that shall fall out after my death. I give to the library of the church the tomes of the Annales of Barronius, togither with such bookes as I have or shall have the day of my deaceas, to the use

of them that will studdie on them in the saide library. I ordayne that the debtes which I may be owing, the day of my death, in this kingdome of Ingland, bee payed on my annus post mortem, and especially, if God call mee before the hearnestes of my personadges, that which shall be repaied to the baylife of them for the termes of Christmas, the Annuntiation, and Midsomer, if they have paid them or any of them during my life, and that the rest of the saide annus post mortem remayne to my saide lovinge wife only, who shall paye

the saide debtes to the concurrens and vallues of the said annus. I doe make and ordayne my saide loving deare wife to bee the whole executrix of this my saide last will, referring all other thinges to her conscience and discretion. In witnesse wheareof I have written with my owne hand, and have subscrivit with my ordynary singe, this my will, the day and year above-mentioned.



The plains of Moray were subject to constant incursions by the Highlanders, who “ lifted cattle, " took whatever fell in their way, and returned to their hills with the booty. Cluny Macpherson thus writes to the Baronet of Gordonston:

* CLUNY, 6 Novr. 1676. “ Rytt HONORIBLE,--I received ane lyne from you directed to Nuid" and me, showeing that you are informed the Claneranald are in some place in the Breay of Murray, which if they be, treuly it is unknowen to me; but it is wery probabile they may be their or els wheir at this tym. Therfor it is my advice to your honour, that you cawse your people of Dollase look well to their cattel, and let them waitch, every neight, souch of their beasts as ar not housed, aithervayes they may come to misse a pairt of them ; for our contry watch is, ere now, dissolved for this

Therfor let your people be cairfull, and your honour shall fynd that I shall doe them, on your accompt, all the good service that lyes in the power of, Ryt Honorible, yors asuiredly to serve you,


D. M‘PHERSON. 1 Macpherson of Nuid.

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