Mr. Cumming of Logie seems to have borne his loss with much resignation : “ To The LAIRD OF NEWTON, Younger, "At Duffus.

“LOGGIE, January 18th, 1734. “SIR, -As it hath pleased God, in his wise providence, to remove my dear wife, I am determined to bury her, Tuesday next, since the body can keep no longer. I therefore intreat the honour of your presence here, by ten a'clock that day, which will very much obledge, Sir, your most humble servant,


The presence of Mr. Forbes under such circumstances was not desirable :

“ To ARCHIBALD Dunbar of Duffus, Esqr., “Elgin.

Tuesday, 28th Sept. 1742. “MY DEAR SIR, I told you that I could not doe myself the honour to witness the interment of your worthy father. This is to tell you that I have been drinking, this whole day, with our Magistrats and Town Councill (God bless them), and am, just now, almost unfitt for your conversation ; and therefor choose to goe home rather than expose my self; which I hope you will approve off. I hope you will ever believe that I am, with the greatest faith and truth, my dear Sir, yours to serve you, Will. FORBES.”



John GORDON, Dean of Salisbury, was a son of Alexander, Bishop of Galloway, only brother of that Earl of Huntly who was slain at Corrichie. He died, 3d September 1619, in the seventy-fifth year of his age, and was buried at the place pointed out in his will.

His widow, Dame Geneviev Petaw (a French lady), died at Gordonston, 6th December 1643, in the eighty-third year of her age, and was buried at Kinnedder in the county of Moray.

Louise, only child of the Dean, married Sir Robert Gordon of Gordonston, second son of the Earl of Sutherland, on the 16th February 1613. Of this marriage there are numerous descendants.


" Anno Domini 1618, Die 16, Menss Septembris. THE NAME OF GOD THE ETERNALL, CALLED IN

THE HEBREW, JEHOVAH ELOHIM, one in substaunce or essence, and three in subsistence or persone, I, Jean Gordon, borne in Scotland, of the

House of Huntly, Doctor of Divinitie, and Deane of the Cathedrall Church of Salisburie, being in health of body and of minde, now of the age of seventy-four years, beginning the first of September last past, prayes the said Eternall and Allmightie to direct my minde by His Holy Spirit, that I may

make this my latter will and testament, in such a manner as shall be agreeable and conforme to His Divine Majesties will. Imprimis, I give thankes to the saide God, all powerfull and all bountifull, that He made me to bee instructed and taught, from my youth up, in scholes and collidges, as well in Scotland as in ffraunce, in all good discipline and liberall arts and sciences, and in the knowledge of the Greeke and Hebrew languadges, and other Orientalls; and, by that meanes, called me from the invocation and adoration of creatures inferiors to the saide Holy and Blessed Trinitie, practised in the now Romaine Church, and other new erronious doctrines of trans-substantiation and adoration of the hostiamissalis exercised therein ; and hath called mee to the reformed Church of England, Scotland, and Ireland ; protesting by me, before the Eternall and Allmightie God, and before the celestiall powers, archangells, angels, cherubins and seraphines, and all other His ministeriall spirites, that by the grace of God and the assistaunce of His Holy Spirit, that I shall constantly persevere and continue, unto the seperation of my soule from my body, in the doctrine of salvation,

now preached in the said Church. I give also thankes to the said Holy Trinitie, who, after I bad bine gentleman of three Kinges chambers in ffrance, to wit, Charles the Ninth, Henery the Thirde and Fowerth, in the flower of my adge, and there was assailed with many corruptions, as well spirituall as temporall, and many dangers of my life, that my said Lord and Saviour did miraculusly preserve me and deliver me from all the said daunger, and called me by King James, my dread soveraigne's gratiosness, to this habitation in Ingland, and to this holy ministerie, being then fifty-eight yeares of adge; and that from that time the said most gratious God hath opened to me, allthough unworthy, the intelligence, in such a measure as hath pleased His Godly Majestie, of His Holy Scriptures, and of the high and deepe mysteries of life eternall; most humbly craving from His gratiousnesse that He will be pleased to augment in me, His unworthy servant, the knowledge of the saide misteries ; and, that I may leave to posteryty all the bookes that I have written, both in Latine and also in Inglish, in matters of religion, praying ernestly Sir Robert Gordon of Sudderland, my soone-in-lawe, that if God shall call mee to His hevenly kingdome before I may publishe the saide bookes, that he will be carefull of them, that they that are in Inglishe be published in Scotlande, and these which are in Latine, beyond the seaes, so that the greate and long labors and paines, that I, by the grace of God, have bestowed in composing the saide bookes, be not loosed. Now, because the Apostell, Heb. ix. ver. 27, hath taught me and all Christians that Statutum est hominibus semel mori, post autem hoc judicium, -It is ordained to men once to die, and that after that is judgment,--I believe constantly and firmly in Christ's saying, in St. John's Gospell, chap. v. ver. 24, Qui verbum meum audit, et credit ei qui misit me, habet vitam eternam, et in judicium non venit,sed transiuit a morte invitam ;-He that heareth my word and beeleveeth in Him who hath sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not com into condemnation, but is passed from death unto life;—and therefore (seing that God hath given me an assured and stedfast faith that the Eternall Father hath sent His Eternall Sonne in this worlde, for to redeeme, from Satan, hell, and condemnation, all faithfull beeleevers, acording to His eternall forknowledge, purpose, election, predestination, effectuall vocation, and viuificant justification and sanctification), that I, beeing of the number of them, by His only grace and mercy, shall, after the seperation of my soule from this corruptible body, receive glorification, ffirst in my soule, and afterward in my body, when, at the time apointed in God's eternall councell, the bodyes of all men shall be resuscitated and immortallised, and rejoyned with their soules ; that as we beleeve in the Holy Trinity, and are baptised and speritually regenerated by water

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