The Lily of the Valley

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199. oldal - So they left that goodly and pleasant city which had been their resting-place near twelve years. But they knew they were pilgrims, and looked not much to those things; but lifted their eyes to heaven, their dearest country, and quieted their spirits
68. oldal - mockery ! give the reed From storms a shelter — give the drooping vine Something round which its tendrils may entwine — Give the parched flower a rain-drop — and the meed Of Love's kind words to woman.
262. oldal - Man dieth, and wasteth away; yea, man giveth up the ghost, and where is he ? Death,
265. oldal - Lend, lend your wings ! — I mount! I fly ! 0, grave, where is thy victory 1 0, death, where is thy sting 1
68. oldal - crown, Borne from a deathless tree ; I hear the pealing music of renown, — 0, Love, forsake me not ! Mine were a lone, dark lot, Bereft of thee
69. oldal - but that strange, solitary feeling, which I cannot chase away, comes over me too often, like a dark, sudden shadow, bringing with it an utter indifference to all around. I lose it most frequently, however, in
264. oldal - Where seraphs gather immortality On life's fair tree, fast by the throne of God !
70. oldal - ladies, every time I happen to speak, look as if they expected sparks of fire, or some other marvellous thing, would proceed from my lips, as from those of the Sea-princess in Arabian fiction.
255. oldal - religion, education and civil liberty; to awaken admiration of that integrity, disinterestedness and courage, which stood unshaken in the midst of trials, and in the maintenance of the highest objects; finally, to cherish unceasing reverence for the principles

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