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His Life, Experience, Call to the Ministry of

the Gospel, and Travels as such to

the present time.


« Come and hear, all ye that fear God, and I will de-
clare what he has done for my soul."--Psalm layi. 16.

Printed for the Author,


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MIDDLEBOROUGH, JULY 23, 1828. This may certify, to all whom it may concern, that ELEAZER SHERMAN was received as a member into the Christian Church in Middleborough, September 5, 1815, and retains a good standing, has been a useful member to the present time, and in meetings has improved his gift to the good of those present, and in many places to the conviction of many. Signed in behalf of the Church,


TO THE PUBLIC. My reasons for publishing this short Narrative are, that I have felt it my duty, believing it will be for the good of others, and a benefit to me, as I expect to travel. The small profits I may make on the work, will pay a part of my expenses, as no one can travel and preach the gospel without being at considerable expense, and I have a wife and three children to support, and if I have not the means of supporting them as well as myself, I shall be in the way of

my duty to stop travelling, and labour some other way for my support. All I ask from any one for iny assistance, as I travel, is, for them to do their duty before God, and they will be rewarded in the coming world, as the Saviour has said, if you give a cup of cold water in the name of a disciple, you shall not lose your reward. It is now over thirteen years since I first began to labour in God's vineyard, and those that read the history of my life, will see that I have not been all the time idle, and that my labour has not been in vain. I also believe that this

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