Rethinking Pension Reform

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Cambridge University Press, 2004. aug. 2. - 247 oldal
This book is unique as it presents an academic and a practical aspect on managing pension funds to clarify the global debate on social security. The authors establish the basic choices in designating any system to help policy makers develop the system that achieves their many objectives. The success of reforms depends on financial innovation to mitigate key risks and some innovations are discussed, which also demonstrates how pension reform choices affect the achievement of retirement objectives. Finally, the authors examine some proposed hybrid options to show how the beneficial features of these hybrids can be captured through good design in a single fund.

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A Taxonomy of Pension Reform Issues
An Evaluation of Pension Reforms
Welfare Costs of Defined Contribution Schemes
The Transition from PAYGO to Funding with a Common
Social Security Reform in Spain
The TwoPension Fund Theorem

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227. oldal - ... earnings in excess of the exempt amount. These beneficiaries may thus have their benefits ceased in the actual year of excess earnings, rather than receiving overpayments which must then be recouped later. Work effort and the retirement test. The Congressional Budget Office, in its May 23, 1991 testimony before the Committee on Ways and Means Subcommittee on Social Security, made the following comments regarding the work-response of seniors to the retirement test: Eliminating the earnings test...

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Franco Modigliani, Institute Professor Emeritus and Senior Lecturer in Economics, Finance, and Accounting at MIT, received the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science in 1985 for his pioneering work in analyzing the functioning of financial markets and the behavior of household savers. Much of his writing since that time has been devoted to issues relating to social security, capital markets, money supply, the Euro, and unemployment. He is the author, editor or coeditor of numerous books, including The Debate over Stabilization Policy (Cambridge, 1986) and the autobiographical Adventures of an Economist. Professor Modigliani's professional papers were collected in five volumes and published between 1980 and 1989.

Arun Muralidhar is Managing Director of FX Concepts, Inc. a private financial analysis firm. Prior to holding that position Dr Muralidhar served as Head of Research in the Investment Department and a member of the Investment Committee of the World Bank in Washington, DC and subsequently served as Managing Director and Head of Currency Research at J. P. Morgan Investment Management. He is the author of Innovations in Pension Fund Management (2003) and articles in leading journals in finance, including the Journal of Portfolio Management, the Financial Analysts Journal, the Journal of Risk, Derivatives Quarterly, and the Journal of Asset Management. He received his PhD in 1992 from MIT where he studied under Professor Modigliani.

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