The Eleanor Smith Music Course, 3. könyv

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American Book Company, 1908

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189. oldal - tis of thee, Sweet land of lib - er - ty, 2. My na - tive coun - try, thee, Land of the no - ble free, 3. Let mu - sic swell the breeze, And ring from all the trees 4. Our fa - thers...
189. oldal - Of thee I sing ; Land where my fa - thers died, Land of the Thy name I love; I love thy rocks and rills, Thy woods and Sweet...
77. oldal - Busy, curious, thirsty fly, Drink with me, and drink as I ; Freely welcome to my cup, Couldst thou sip and sip it up. Make the most of life you may ; Life is short, and wears away. " Both alike are mine and thine, Hastening quick to their decline ; Thine's a summer, mine no more, Though repeated to threescore ; Threescore summers, when they're gone, Will appear as short as one.
189. oldal - Pil - grim's pride, From ev - 'ry moun-tain side, Let free - dom ring, tern - pled hills, My heart with rap - ture thrills, Like that a - bove. breathe par-take, Let rocks their si - lence break, The sound pro - long, ho - ly light, Pro - tect us by Thy might, Great God, our King ! No.
25. oldal - DO di RE ri MI FA fi SOL si LA li TI DO _ YZ.
106. oldal - twas leaving. So loath we part from all we love, From all the links that bind us ; So turn our hearts as on we rove, To those we've left behind us.
60. oldal - I SAW three ships come sailing in On Christmas Day, on Christmas Day ; I saw three ships come sailing in, On Christmas Day in the morning.
27. oldal - THE WIND. The wind has a language, I would I could learn! Sometimes 'tis soothing, and sometimes 'tis stern, — Sometimes it comes like a low sweet song, And all things grow calm, as the sound floats along, And the forest is lulled by the dreamy strain, And slumber sinks down on the wandering main, And its crystal arms are folded in rest, And the tall ship sleeps on its heaving breast.
106. oldal - As travellers oft look back at eve When eastward darkly going, To gaze upon that light they leave Still faint behind them glowing, — So, when the close of pleasure's day To gloom hath near consign'd us, We turn to catch one fading ray Of joy that's left behind us.
174. oldal - Guessing Song Oh ho ! oh ho ! Pray, who can I be ? I sweep o'er the land, I scour o'er the sea ; I cuff the tall trees till they bow down their heads, And I rock the wee birdies asleep in their beds. Oh ho ! oh ho ! And who can I be, That sweep o'er the land and scour o'er the sea? I rumple the breast of the gray-headed daw, I tip the rook's tail up and make him cry "caw...

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