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MR. VESEY having now, at the close of the nineteenth Volume of his Reports, concluded his valuable labours, the Publishers considered that they should render an acceptable service to the Profession by a general Index to the whole work, digested and arranged in as simple, and yet comprehensive a form as possible. They have been induced to do this, because they considered that a publication extending over so wide a field of legal authority, and embracing so considerable a period of time, might be deemed incomplete without such an appendage.

It has been, therefore, the Editor's principal study to make his work at once useful by following the arrangement pursued in those systems which have been the most approved of; upon this plan, and with these motives, the Editor submits the present Volume to the Profession.

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ABSOLUTION..., ; 1. By the bankruptcy of the Writ to absolve a person unlaw- ' · plaintiff, pending an account, the fully excommunicated: notice re.

suit is abated. Williams v. Kinder, quired. Boraine's case, Vol. XVI. Vol. iv. 387.

346. .:2. qu. Whether notwithstanding the bankruptcy of the plaintiff at law the action may not proceed, the assignees giving security for the AC

CEDAS AD CURIAM. costs. Williams v. Kinder, Vol. IV: ; *; See CoÞYHOLD, 41. 387. .

3. By the - bankruptcy of the plaintiff the suit becomes defective if not abated by analogy to law;

ACCIDENT.. the assignees ordered to be made :. : parties in a limited time, or the bill Under a contract for sale, at a to be dismissed; whether with costs, price to be fixed by an award withQuære. Randall v. Mumford, Vol. in a limited time, during the lives xvIII. 424. i

of the parties, the death of one is · 4. Practice of the Court of Ex not an accident against which the chequer; holding the bankruptcy Court will relieve. Blundell v. of the plaintiff no abatement; and Brettargh, Vol. XVII. 241. " See therefore disinissing the bill of costs ACCOUNT, 8. . for want of prosecution. Ibid. 426. . 5. Upon the bankruptcy of the plaintiff in an injunction bill, the assignees to be made parties, or the

...", ACCOUNT. junction dissolved: 1029. 427. And see Agent and PRINCIPAL,[C]. -- 6. Order for transfer and payment

-FRAUD, 20:-INTEREST,[A.]14. out of Court, though cause abated

-TRUSTEE,[C].-PARTITION, 5. by death of plaintiff, the right being clear. · Roundeli v. Currer, 1. Any creditor may obtain an Vol. vi. 250.

i . '
order for prosecuting a decree for


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