A Digested Index to the Nineteen Volumes of Mr. Vesey's Reports of Cases in the High Court of Chancery: With a Table of the Names of the Cases, 27. kötet

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J. and W. T. Clarke, law booksellers, 1822 - 461 oldal

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381. oldal - ... remainder to the first and other sons of the marriage in tail male; remainder to the first and other...
386. oldal - ... remainder to her first and other sons in tail male; remainder to her daughters in tail general ; remainder to...
138. oldal - ... and after his decease to the use of his first and other sons in tail male, and for default of such issue, or in case of the death of A.
388. oldal - Surrey and the heirs male of his body and for default of such issue...
290. oldal - ... or marriage ; if there is nothing more and the interests are vested, and the contingencies have happened at which the portions are to be paid, the interest is payable and the portions must be raised in the only manner in which they can be raised, that...
353. oldal - Where a copyhold which had been surrendered to the use of a will was devised to A. and his heirs, in trust for B. and his heirs, upon the death of B.
120. oldal - Whether the covenant runs with the land, so as to bind, and be enforced by assignees ; whether it is contrary to the policy of the law, and as to the effect of a renewal of a lease, queers.
108. oldal - When a misrepresentation is made as to quantity, though innocently, I apprehend the right of the purchaser to be to have what the vendor can give, with an abatement out of the purchase money for so much as the quantity falls short of the representation.
101. oldal - B., then and not otherwise to pay to the children of A. : with a proviso to go over if she shall refuse or neglect to give such security...
6. oldal - On suspicious circumstances in the answer a general account was decreed against a steward, notwithstanding a receipt in full; which was allowed only as proof of the particular payment, not of a general release or discharge on an account stated ; though under circumstances it might have that effect ; as upon proof, that the principal never would give any vouchers, and an account kept by the steward. Middleditch \. Sharland, Vol.

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