Madera County, Calif---------------------------------------------- 26247

1. Associated Farmers of Madera County, Inc.-------------------- 26247

A. Officers and directors--------------------------------- 26247

B. Large contributors----------------------------------- 26249

C. Minutes of meetings---------------------------------- 26249

D. Finances-------------------------------------------- 26255

E. Correspondence-------------------------------------- 26256

2. Cotton pickers' strike, 1939----------------------------------- 26259

A. Correspondence of Associated Farmers------------------ 26259

B. Growers Emergency Committee----------------------- 26.263

(1) Minutes of meetings-------------------------- 26264

(2) List of growers attending meetings.-------------- 26265

(3) Senate subcommittee representatives refused access

to meeting--------------------------------- 26.267

C. Affidavits of witnesses to strike incidents.---------------- 26268

(1) Mass arrests, October 12, 1939----------------- 26268

(2) Attacks on picket line at Dairyland, October 19,

9-------------------------------------- 26269

(3) Dairyland Gin, October 20, 1939--------------- 26.277

(4) Attack on strike meeting in Madera Park, October

21, 1939----------------------------------- 26278

D. Hospital records of persons injured during strike---------- 26284

E. Court records--------------------------------------- 26303

3. Madera County sheriff's office-------------------------------- 26.306

A. Affidavit of Sheriff W. O. Justice answering subpena------ 26.306

B. Extra expenditures during strike----------------------- 26312

C. Applications of cotton growers for permits to carry con-

cealed weapons------------------------------------ 26313

4. Madera County district attorney's office--------------------- __ 26316

A. Circular listing cotton strikers' license numbers---------- 26316

5. Records concerning John W. Van Wy-------------------------- 26317

A. Payments by sheriff's office---------------------------- 26317

B. Payments by district attorney's office------------------ 26326

6. Telephone calls by John W. Van Wy and officials of the Associated

Farmers------------------------------------------------- 26327

7. Correspondence and reports of California State Division of Immi-

gration and Housing--------------------------------------- 26328

8. Madera County agricultural conservation payments.------------- 26330

9. Madera County grand jury----------------------------------- 26332

Fresno County, Calif----------------------------------------------- 26333

1. Associated Farmers of Fresno County, Inc --------------------- 36333

A. Officers and directors--------------------------------- 26333

B. Contributors of $25.00 and over- - - - - - ----------------- 26335

C. Membership list, 1939-------------------------------- 26335

D. Finances-------------------------------------------- 26342

E. Labor activities---------------------------- - - - - - - - - - - 26344

F. Minutes of meetings---------------------------------- 26348

2. Fresno County sheriff's office--------------------------------- 26352

A. Check from Associated Farmers of Fresno County, Inc - - - 26352

B. Remarks of Sheriff Overholt before California Peace

Officers Association--------------------------------- 26.353

C. Investigation of labor activities------------------------ 26.353

D. Protest restrike activities of deputies------------------- 26356

3. John W. Van Wy---------------------- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 26356

A. Teamsters Union card-------------------------------- 26356

B. Correspondence of chief of police and district attorney---- 26357

C. Payments by district attorney and sheriff, 1935–37------- 26359

(1) From district attorney's General Fund, 1935–37 26359

(2) From sheriff's Special Fund, 1935–38------- - - - - - 26359

(3) From district attorney's Special Fund, 1936–38

to John Van Wy and others----------------- 26368

D. Expense accounts rendered by John Van Wy to district

attorney and sheriff-------------------------------- 26372

Associated Farmers of Tulare County, Inc.---------- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 26.407

1. Officers and directors--- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 26407

2. Contributors of $25.00 and over -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 26410

3. Membership and contributions-------------------------------- 26412

4. Finances--------------------------------------------------- 26416

5. Minutes of meetings----------------------------------------- 26417

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1. Articles of Incorporation

ExHIBIT 12901



That we, the undersigned, a majority of whom are residents of the State of California, have this day voluntarily associated ourselves together for the purpose of forming a nonprofit, co-operative corporation under and pursuant to the provisions of Title XXII, Part IV, Subdivision I of the First Division of the Civil Code of the State of California and other laws in harmony therewith, and for such purpose we do hereby certify: FIRST: That the name of Said association shall be WESTERN GROWERS PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION. SEcond: That the purposes for which it is formed are: (1) To develop and protect the interests of the growers, shippers, distributors and handlers of vegetables and cantaloupes, of California and Arizona. (2) To appoint such agents and officers as its business may require, and such appointed agents may be either persons or corporations; to admit persons and corporations to membership in the corporation, and to expel any member pursuant to the provisions of its by-laws; to forfeit the membership of any member for violation of any agreement between him and the corporation or for his violation of its by-laws. (3) To purchase, lease or otherwise acquire, hold, own and enjoy, to sell, lease, mortgage and otherwise encumber and dispose of any and all and every kind or kinds of real and personal property, including stock in other corporations, also to carry on any and all operations necessary or convenient in connection with the transaction of any of its business; to borrow money; to mortgage or pledge any property real or personal, owned or held by such corporation; to secure any contracts made by it, or any bonds, debentures, promissory notes, or other obligations by it issued or incurred or guaranteed; and to acquire by purchase or otherwise, the interest of any member in the property of the corporation. (4) Consolidation of associations. Upon the written assent of two-thirds of all the members or by a vote of members representing two-thirds of the total votes of all members of each of two or more such non-profit co-operative corporations to co-operate with each other for the more economical carrying on of their respective businesses by consolidation as provided in section six hundred fifty-three i, of the Civil Code of the State of California, such consolidation shall be effected, and thereupon the effect of such consolidation shall be the same as declared in said section. Any such corporation upon resolution, adopted by its Board of Directors, shall have the power to enter into contracts and agreements, and to make stipulations and agreements with any other corporation or corporations, for the co-operative and more economical carrying on of its business, or any part or parts thereof; or any two or more co-operative corporations organized under this title, upon resolutions adopted by their respective boards of directors, may, for the purpose of more economically carrying on their respective businesses, by agreement, unite in adopting, employing and using, or several such corporations may separately adopt, employ and use the same methods, policy, means, agents, and agencies for carrying on and conducting their respective businesses. (5) Any corporation formed, existing or consolidated under this title may be dissolved, and its affairs wound up voluntarily by the written consent of members representing two-thirds of the total votes, in the manner and with the effect provided in section six hundred fifty-three j of the Civil Code of the State of California, except that any property remaining after liquidation shall be divided among the members in proportion to their respective property interests therein.

*For general_testimony relating to the Western Growers Protective Association, see pt. 46, Roi 17097–17103. * All documents, unless otherwise noted, were received from the files of the Western Growers Protective Association under subpena.

(6) To have, exercise and possess all powers, rights, and privileges necessary or incidental to the primary purposes for which the Association was organized or the activities in which it is to be engaged and in addition any other rights, powers or privileges granted by law, and to contract accordingly, to the same extent, and as fully as, a natural person might or could do, without limitation as to the place of conduct or operation and within the State of California, or elsewhere, subject only to the limitation that its business and operations shall be conducted without profit to the Association as such. THIRD : That the place where the principal business of the Association is to be transacted is the City of Los Angeles, County of Los Angeles, State of California. FourtH : That the term for which the Association is to exist is fifty (50) years from and after the date of its incorporation. FIFTH: That the number of its directors shall be eleven (11), and the names and residences of those elected for the first year, and until their successors shall have been elected and shall have accepted office, are:

Names Residences A. E. Barker ---- -- Los Angeles, California, O. W. Schleussner ---- Los Angeles, California, C. I. Sawdey---- - Los Angeles, California, John S. Arena------------------------------------- Los Angeles, California, H. P. Garin____ - San Francisco, California, A. N. Jack ---- - - Riverside, California, A. T. Miller--------------------------------------- Brawley, California, George E. Mann -- - -- El Centro, California, George H. Jones----------------------------- Brawley, California, Dean Stanley-------------------------------------- Phoenix, Arizona, Elmer M. Sears----------------------------------- Phoenix, Arizona.

Membership on the Board of Directors shall be confined solely to that class of members designated as regular membership. SixTH: That membership in the Association is to be confined to growers, packers, shippers, brokers, wholesalers, receivers and jobbers of vegetables and cantaloupes of California and Arizona and shall be divided into two classes of membership, as follows: Regular: comprising growers, packers and shippers. Associate: comprising brokers, wholesalers, receivers and jobbers. The requirement for membership in the Association, and the kind and classification thereof, shall be governed, and the conditions thereof fixed, and from time to time may be changed, amended or modified by appropriate by-law provisions. Membership in the Association, or in either classification may be terminated, as and whenever the conditions of eligibility no longer exist or as otherwise provided by the by-laws of the Association. SEveRTH : That the voting and property right and interests of members shall be unequal and determined and fixed by the following general rule or rules, as specifically fixed and determined under appropriate by-law provisions: (1) Voting.—The voting privilege shall be limited to those members of the Association holding regular memberships, and those members holding associate membership shall have no vote. Regular members shall have and exercise equal and but one vote on each separate question including the electic n of directors and any question relating to the general business activities or policies of the Association. , (2) Property Rights.--All property rights and interest in the Association shall .vest, from time to time, only in those who at the time may be actively regular members thereof, share and share alike, the respective pronerty rights and interests of each to terminate with membership. Members holding associate membership shall have no property right nor interest in the Association. EIGHTH : The Board of Directors of the Association shall have the right to ifix and determine the charge to be made for facilities afforded or service rendered and to provide ways and means, assessments or otherwise, to raise funds to meet operating expense or other requirements. Any assessment levied for general purposes shall be levied only against such members as have a property interest in The Association. The order levying the assessment shall specify the purpose, that is whether general or special, ...the amount thereof chargeable against each member, when, to whom and where payable and shall fix a day on which the unpaid assessment shall be delinquent, notice thereof to be given by mailing a copy of the resolution imposing the same to each member liable thereunder. The assessment when so levied, shall become valid and binding without other or further formality and may be enforced by appropriate legal proceedings, the determination of the Board of Directors as to the amount thereof, and whether general or special, being final and conclusive.

NINTH : The Association shall issue to each member a certificate of membership on which shall be noted the kind, character and classification of membership but neither the membership nor any certificate may be assigned by any member or by act of law, nor shall any assignee or transferee thereof, receive or be entitled to membership in the Association, or to any right or interest in the Association, but the Board of Directors may expressly authorize any such assignment or transfer and also the terms and conditions upon which such transfer may be allowed and may expressly accept the said assignee or transferee as a member of the Association. The Association shall have the full right and power to purchase the property rights or interests of any member of the Association at a value to be determined by appraisal under such equitable rules and regulations as may be adopted by the Board of Directors pursuant to provisions contained in the by-laws of the Association and with due regard to the then present book value of the interest so to be purchased and its convertibility and the statement of appraised value by the Board of Directors shall be conclusive. Any member whose rights are so purchased shall cease to be a member and his membership certificate shall thereupon be cancelled.

TENTH : The Association may, however, provide in its by-laws or by resolution of its Board of Directors any terms and conditions upon which any membership may be transferred or assigned; conditions upon which and time when membership may cease, mode, manner of withdrawal; permission to members to vote by proxy; the amount to be charged as and for a membership fee, if any, and as and for annual or other dues and charges, and any other things in furtherance of, but not in conflict with these activities.

IN witness whereof, we have hereunto set our hands and seals this 9th day of February, 1926.

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|Prepared by the staff of the subcommittee from financial records received from the Western Growers Protective Association under subpenal

[merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small]

Disbursements: Salaries–Executive------------------------ 9,483.63 8,492. 20 8,470.08 7,508.30 -- Office------- 7,495. 20 7,043.59 5,772.60 5, 119.50 87.7. 50 891.00 891. 00 648.00 81. 38 85.00 1, 283.38 36.25 618. 04 715.93 192.82 46.89 Stationery & Supplies 3.29.84 646.78 541.86 341.03 Contributions-------- 172.50 40.00 147.21 Traveling & Automob 3, 148, 18 1,983.7 1,078.35 2, 649, 34 Postage-------------- 50 212.00 351. 53 Telephone & Telegrap 1,083.56 860. 57 642.84 798.86 Miscellaneous----------- - 1,411. 39 1,069. 90 3.10.76 157. 13 -- - 23.53 16:00 ---------------------------- 1,935. 49 --------------|--------------|-------------Legal---------------- ---- 334.52 979. 60 3,016.53 1, 115.82 Strike-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2,450.00

$27,372.26 $23,036.27 $22,646. 20 $21,369.86


Western Growers Protective Association—Legal and strike payments—Continued

1935 1934 1933 Totals

793. Disbursements:

alaries–Executive------------------------ 6,799.92 6,833.25 5,277.10 52, 864.48 -- Office----------------- 4, 120.00 2,491.49 2,892.50 34,934.88 Rental------------------------- 648.00 t;48.00 648.00 5, 251.50 Publicity---------------------------------- 15.85 9.00 7.00 1,517.86 axes-------------------------------------- 35.96 34. 55 33.02 1,677.21 Stationery & Supplies 254.47 185.86 217. 57 2,517.41 47.00 40.00 190.00 676.71 1,491.98 685.95 500.00 11, 537.50 Pos 192.77 162. 52 267.40 1,969.70 Telep 716.17 669.67 910. 08 5,681.75 M . 57 33.70 69.68 3, 152.13 39, 53 1,935.49 5,481.47 2,604.52

$14,611.21 $11,793.99 $11,012.35 $131,842. 14

ExHIBIT 12903

[Prepared by the staff of the subcommitte from financial records received from the Western Growers Protective Association under subpena)

Western Growers Protective Association—Analysis of office salaries

Name 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939

T. R. Phillips----------------- --------- -
C. R. Maxwell----------------- $2,425.00 ($2,491.49 2,698.03
Ann Kelley------------------ - 1,466. 56

62 |$2,683.00 $ 50


... 10

Glenmore St. Clair---------- ---- - - ---------- .34 --- -- 34



Vivian Proctor-----------------
Frank Berg-------------------
Bill Green.--------------------- ---
Walter Miller------------------
Phylis McDaniel--------------
Arthur Clark------------------
Ethel Ragan-------------------
Katherine Creeth--------------
Old Age Tax Deductions-------

Totals-------------------- 2,892.50 2,491.49 4, 120.00 5, 119.50 5,772. 60 7,043.59 7,495.20

ExHIBIT 12904

Prepared by the staff of the subcommittee from financial records received from the Western Growers Protective Association under subpenal

Western Growers Protective Association—Legal and strike payments

Date Payee Amount Description 2-11-35 | C. B. Moore------------------------------------------------------ $35.00 | Legislative Bills. 5- 9–36 Schauer, Ryan & McMahon 508. 55 Legal. 6–10–36 -- 4- -- 21. 55 -7–10–36 -- -- -- 3. 90 -8–10–36 -- -- -- 21.05 ++ 10-14-36 i- -- -- 560.77 -3–10–37 44 -- -- 4. 20 -4-10-37 ** -- -- 720.00 -5–10–37 -- is -- 225. 73 48-31-37 -- 4- -- 2,000.00 -9–20–37 -- -- -- -------------------------------------- 66.60 -

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