The Court Journal: Court Circular & Fashionable Gazette, 7. kötet

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Alabaster, Pasemore & sons, Limited, 1835

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2. oldal - And I shall be glad to go ; For the world, at best, is a weary place, And my pulse is getting low : But the grave is dark, and the heart will fail In treading its gloomy way ; And it wiles my heart from its dreariness, To see the young so gay.
113. oldal - The colours that show best by candlelight are white, carnation, and a kind of seawater green ; and oes or spangs, as they are of no great cost, so they are of most glory.
135. oldal - Gentlemen of the House of Commons, " I have directed the estimates for the ensuing year to be prepared, and they will, in due time, be laid before you.
116. oldal - Gazette of this' day contains the official announcement that " the Queen has been pleased to direct letters patent to be passed under the Great Seal of the United Kingdom of Great...
2. oldal - Blessed mother ! was it thine? In foreign lands I travelled wide, My pulse was bounding high, Vice spread her meshes at my side, And pleasure lured my eye ; Yet still that hand, so soft and cold, Maintained its mystic sway, As when, amid my curls of gold, With gentle force it lay. And with it breathed a voice of care, As from the lowty sod, " My son — my only one — beware ! Nor sin against thy God.
112. oldal - Neither time, nor distance, nor grief, nor age can ever diminish my veneration for him, who is the great moral poet of all times, of all climes, of all feelings, and of all stages of existence. The delight of my boyhood, the study of my manhood, perhaps (if allowed to me to attain it) he may be the consolation of my age. His poetry is the Book of Life.
112. oldal - After all this, it is surely superfluous to answer the question that has once been asked, Whether Pope was a poet? otherwise than by asking in return, If Pope be not a poet, where is poetry to be found?
85. oldal - ... to consider the state of the several dioceses in England and Wales, with reference to the amount of their revenues...
130. oldal - This year (16'99) died the Marquess of Winchester, whom the king had created Duke of Bolton. He was a man of a strange mixture. He had the spleen to a high degree, and affected an extravagant behaviour ; for many weeks he would not open his mouth till such an hour of the day when he thought the air was pure. He changed the day into night, and often hunted by torchlight, and took all sorts of liberties to himself, many of which were very disagreeable to those about him.
136. oldal - Church, and to confirm its hold upon the veneration and affections of my people. "1 feel it also incumbent upon me to call your earnest attention to the condition of the Church of Scotland, and to the means by which it may be enabled to increase the opportunities of religious worship for the poorer classes of society in that part of the United Kingdom.

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