Took np the order of the day, which was the appointment of an additional foreign missionary. Whereupon, the following resolution was submitted, and after due deliberation, was unanimously adopted:

Resolved, That with the concurrence of the Second Associate Reformed Synod of the West, Dr. J. G. Paulding, who has made a tender of his services, be appointed an associate missionary with the Rev. James Barnett, in the foreign field,

The clerk was directed to transmit a copy of the foregoing resolution to the clerk of the Second Associate Reformed Synod of the West.

Messrs W, Wallace, J. T. Pressly and W. Taggart were appointed a committee to prepare a brief address to the congregations within the bounds of this Synod,- the object of which shall be, to lay before them the importance of sustaining our foreign missionaries, and also to recommend to them such plans of operation as may appear most likely to secure the amount of funds necessary to sustain them.

The following resolution was offered by Messrs Osborne and Clokey

Whereas, It has been signified by the trustees of the Second Associate Reformed Church of Pittsburgh, that they are not willing to release Synod from the obligation assumed in 1840, to pay the interest on a loan of $4000 for the term of six years; therefore,

Resolved, That Synod now proceed to devise ways and means to meet the obligation.

While the resolution was under consideration, Synod adjourned.. Closed with prayer.

2 o'clock P. M. Synod met and opened with prayer. The minutes of the last s tting were read.

The clerk informed Synod that Mrs. Elizabeth Shaw had placed at his disposal, five dollars, to be deposited in some one of the fun:ls of Synod for the purpose of aiding in the advancement of the interests of the Redeemer's kingdom. He further stated, that with a view to subserve the benevolent design of the amiable donor, hc had placed the donation in the Home missionary fund.

The committee of accounts presented their report, which was read and laid upon the table.

Mr. Johnson presented a paper purporting to be a protest

against certain proceedings of the Presbytery of Mansfield, which was read and referred to the committee of over tures.

Resumed the consideration of the resolution before Synod at the hour of adjournment. After some discussion, the resolution was adopted.

Messrs. Clokey, Burnett and Karns were appointed a committee to inquire into and report upon the most effectual plan to secure the accomplishment of the end proposed in the resolution just passed. * The clerk was directed to issue the following orders on the teasurer of Synod:

1. An order in favor of J, T Pressly for services as Professor of Theology, for $300.

2. An order in favor of J. L. Dinwiddie, D.D. for services as Professor of Theology, for $300.

3. An order in favor of the clerk of Synod, for $40. 4. An order in favor of the sexton of this church, for $5.

On motion of Messrs J J Buchanan and A H Wright, the following resolutions were offered, which being amended, were adopted

Resolved 1, that inasmuch as General Synod neglected to direct the different Synods to attend to the collection of the requisite moneys for the home missionary fund, the different Presbyteries be instructed to adopt measures lo secure the amount assessed last year for the same purpose.

2 that a copy of the above resolution be transmitted by the clerk, to our sister Synod; and that her cooperation be respectfully solicited.

Took the report of the committee of accounts, with a view to secure the amount necessary to meet the demands of Synod. The committee recommended the adoption of the following resolutions

Resolved, 1, that each Presbytery be directed to adopt the same ratio of distribution among the various congregations, both settled and vacant, which was made last year, for the purpose of raising missionary funds, having respect to changes that may have taken place in the circumstances of congregations, and levying more freely on those which have heretofore been delinquent in forwarding their annual quota to the above fund.

2. That the different Presbyteries take measures to have their respective shares of the existing deficiency of this fund, sent forward to the Treasurer of Synod, as soon as possible; say within the first three months.

The resolutions were adopted.


The protest of Mr. Johnson was referred to a special committee, consisting of Messrs Wallace, Wilson and Waddle. Adjourned to meet at 7 o'clock P. M. Closed with prayer

7 o'clock P. M. Synod met and was opened with prayer. The minutes of the last sitting were read,

The Committee to whom the protest of Mr. Johnson was referred, reported the following resolution, which was adopted:

Resolved, That a commission of five be appointed to sit with the Presbytery of Mansfield, which is hereby required to open the cases referred to for a reinvestigation, and that the commission aid the Presbytery in bringing those cases to a final issue. Messrs. Wilson, Lorimer and Waddle, ministers, and Andrew Walker and James R. Moss were appointed that Commission.

The Committee of Overtures, in the case of the appeal of Messrs, Neil and Niblock, reported the following resolution which was adopted:

Whereas, The discipline of our church requires a complainant to make out, not only the proof of the scandal, but of his previous christian demeanor, with regard to it, on peril of being himself censured as a scandalous person, therefore,

Resolved, That when a complainant fails in the proof of his charges, he is to be regarded as a proper subject of church discipline, and is to be dealt with accordingly,

The Committee appointed to devise ways and means to meet the claim of the Trustees of the Second Associate Reformed Church of Pittsburgh, reported the following resolutions, which were adopted:

1. Resolved, That the amount claimed be divided among the several Presbyteries, according to their relative ability, and that they be desired to adopt such measures as may seem to them most judicious to secure the collection of their respective quotas.

2. That the interest which will fall due on the 1st of January, 1845, be added to the estimate already made for the ensuing year.

3. That a committee, consisting of a member from each Presbytery, be appointed to make the apportionment, in conformity with the foregoing resolution,

Messrs. Kerr, Shields, Mehard, Duff, Galloway, Johnson & Waddle were appointed that committee.

Vol. II-SIG. 21.

On motion, the committee obtained leave to retire and prepare their Report.

Messrs. S. Findley sen., and Parks presented the following: resolution which was adopted:

Whereas;. Many of our members are engaged as public inkeepers, and,..

whereas, many difficulties occur in relation to the amount of attention to their business which may be consistent with a due observance of the Sabbath; therefore,

Resolved. That a committee of three bé appointed to prepare a Report on the subject, to be presented at the next meet ing of Synod, Messrs. S. Findley sen., Clokey and W. Tag-gart were appointed that committee.

The committee appointed to make an apportionment of the interest claimed by the Trustees of the Second Associate Reformed Church, Pittsburgh, among the different Presbyteries, presented the following Report, which was adopted: The Presbytery of Big Spring, $ 80.

Monongabela, 260.
of the Lakes, 130.

Steuben ville,

145. Mansfield,

75. 6. Second Presb'y of Ohio, 155. On motion it was. Resolved, tkat hereafter the Clerk of Synod be directed to issue an order in favor of the professors in the Theological Seminary, for their annual salary at the expiration of every session,

Messrs. Wm. Kerr, Francis Karns and Hezekiah Nixon were appointed agents on behalf of this Synod, to obtain from the Trustees of the Second Associate Reformed Church, Pittsburgh, a pledge, that should their house pass out of the possession of the Associate Reformed Church, the money which has been paid or may be paid over to them, in the form of interest, shall be refunded to this Synod.

The Clerk was directed to publish in the Preacher, such ex

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Synod adjourned, to meet in Chambersburgh, on the second Monday of September, 1845, at 11 o'clock, A, M., singing the 133d Psalm, and pronouncing the Apostolic benediction.

JOHN EKIN, Moderator. J. T. PRESSLY, Clerk,

Dr. Cheever of New York is now travelling in Europe. The

following is an extract from one of his letters:"",

• GENEVA, Aug, 21st, 18 14. It is hardly possible to describe to you, to make you conceive rightly, unless you were on the ground, the extraordinary politico-religious fermentation through which France is paşsing at the present time. An unobservant person, or one who travels hastily through the country, might see nothing of it, might know nothing of it, and might come back to America with the news that all is quiet ; but one who looks about him, observes, inquires, converses, reads the journals and the new hooks, sees that a great movement is at hand. Rome is rousing herself for the conflict, but at the same time great masses of resistance are preparing against her, in quarters where formerly there was no opposition. Rome is gaining power over the Court, the Jesuites increase, they are bold and hardy in their movements, religious persecution is let loose, the Jesuits steal children; and are not yet called to account for it; priests are imprisoned for becoming Protestants ; but amidst all this there is preparing a stronger defence of religious liberty, a wider progress of the truth, a more general and better sustained conflict against Rome, than ever has been witnessed in this country

This year the public mind has been strongly agitated by the conflicts between the Jesuits and the University, on the subject of public instruction. The Jesuits pretend to support what they call liberty of teaching, but it is only that they may get all the education of France into their own hands. The University contends that education is to be taken care of by the state, the government having a controlling power over all educational seminaries. The University contends for freedom of teaching apart from the tyranny of priests ; but while doing

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