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The Second Associate Reformed Synod of the West met, and the Moderator being absent, was opened with a Sermon by Rev. James Prestly from Psalm 45: 16. “Instead of thy fathers," &c. It was then announced that the Synod would meet and constitute at a half past 2 o'clock P. M.

Half past 2 o'clock P. M. Synod met and was constituted with prayer by Dr. Macdill, the Senior minister present. The following names were reported as members of this Synod.

Vol. II-SIG. 19.

1st Presbytery of Ohio. Ministers.

Elders: David Macdill, D. D.

William Taylor, Joseph Clay baugh, D. Di

James McCracken,S. W. McCracken,

David Macdill, W. M. Boyse,

William Pressly, ti John Reynolds,

R. C. Stewart, James Prestley,

Alex. Fairly, Peter Monfort, t

Robert Reid, John M. Graham,

Jeremiah Morrow,
James Morrow,

John Pinkerton.
Presbytery of Indiana.
William Horne,

William Fee,
Sam'l C. Baldridge,

Alexander Innis, William Turner,

James Gray, ť
John N. Pressly,

David Robertson...
William Lind,
Hugh Mayne,
James Worth.

Presbytery of Springfield.
James F. Sawyer,
James R. Bonner, +
John M. Gordon,

John Nichol,
Charles T. McCaughan,

John Shaw, John McCracken,

Thomas Wright, Samuel Sturgeon,

Joseph Wright 1st Presbytery of Illinois.


James McCauley, t

Presbytery of Michigan.
Wilson Blain, t
Reune R, Coon, t
John H. Bonner,
John F. Kerr. †

Presbytery of Chillicothe.
John Graham, *
Robert Stewart,
Samuel Arbuthnot,
James Caskey, t
William T. Findley.
* Not present when the roll was called.
Not present during the meeting.
On motion of Dr. Claybaugh and Mr. McCaughan,
Resolved, That the reading of the minutes be dispensed with.

Messrs. Turner and Arbuthnot were nominated for Mod. erator.

Mr. Turner was chosen and took the chair. Called up an item of the unfinished business of last year, on the reference of the Springfield Presbytery, and on motion of Messrs. Reynolds and

the business was laid on the table for the present.

The first Presbytery of Ohio reported as follows:
The First Presbytery of Ohio


To the Moderator and other members of the Second Synod of the West to meet at Oxford Oct. 9, 1844.

Since our last report we have had four regular meetings and one called meeting. At our first meeting which was held at Fairhaven Nov. 28th, 1843, the moderation of a call was granted to the con. gregation of Fairhaven. A call was subsequently moderated addressed to Joseph H. Pressly, and sent on to the Presbytery of Monongahela to be put into his hand. The call was not accepted and Fairhaven is still on our list of vacancies.

At our present meeting in compliance with the request of said congregation a member of Presbytery has been empowered to moderate in a call provided the congregation be ready to go into it prior to our next meeting.

At the same meeting at Fairhave 1 a call was received addressed to Rev. Joseph Claybaugh, by the 1st Church at Pittsburgh. As the Presbytery did not feel competent without the action of Synod to do any thing, that might lead to the dissolution of Dr. Clay baugh's relation to the Synod as Theological Professor, and as it was understood that he had no thought of accepting the call, it was not put into his hands. Of this our action the 1st Church was duly apprized. At the same meeting Mr. Henry Allen an under graduate of Miami University, was received as a student of Theology. He attended your Seminary during the last session. Mr. Allen, though nota graduate, was received as a student of Theology in view of his age, attainments and mental culture, and on the condition that, he would prosecute his literary studies during the vacations of the Seminary.

At our Spring meeting in Cincinnati nothing was done which need be reported to you.

Our third meeting was held in Hamilton immediately before the meeting of General Synod. At this meeting calls, one from the congregation of Bethel, Jefferson co. Ia., and the other from the congregation of Union, Randolph co. lll., were put into the hands of Mr. William M. Graham, the latter of which he accepted. On his own application Mr. Graham was at this meeting dismissed to join the Presbytery of Illinois. At the same meeting Mr. Mitchell M. Brown after having spent the usual time of study at the Seminary, and having delivered the prescribed pieces of trial, and passed a satisfactory examination, was solemnly licensed to preach the everlasting gospel and has since been laboring under the direction of General Synod.

A called meeting was held in Oxford, August 23d, at which Mr. James Barnett, previously appointed by General Synod as a Missionary to Palestine, was after delivering the pieces of trial prescribed in the Constitution, and after being examined, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, with prayer, and the laying on of hands ordained to the office of the holy ministry.

At the last regular meeting of Presbytery which was held Sep. 9th at Hopewell Mr. John Milligan was received as a student of Theology and directed to attend the Seminary. We would state that though Mr. Milligan has not graduated, his education is about as thorough, and his mind as fully trained, as if he had under ordinary circumstances taken his degree, and he intends to spend a summer in com; pleting this course.

We have under our care two licentiates and three students of Divinity. Our vacancies are as at our last report.

We would record our gratitude to the Father of our mercies for sparing the lives of our members, for our being enabled to labor in his cause and for whatever tokens of his blessing we have experienced.

Our churches enjoy a usual measure of prosperity. The attendance upon ordinances is good; and the Lord is adding to our com

fication of the Sabbath, and the assiduous training of their children, in the knowledge of the Scriptures and our catechisms. It is believed that the popish controversy is destined to be ere long, if it is not already, the absorbing theme of religious discussion, and that which will draw most other controversies into itself. At this crisis it is believed there is special need for our ministers and people to turn their attention to the great principles of the Reformation.

A statistical table accompanies this report.

The Presbytery of Springfield gave in their report, which is as follows: To the Second Synod of the West to meet in Oxford, O., on the 2d Wednesday of October 1844, The Presbytery of Springfield

REPORT: That during the last year the lives of all our members have been preserved, and through the blessing of a kind Providence a reasonable degree of health and peace have been enjoyed. At our spring meeting held at Piqua, Rev. A. Bower presented a certificate of good ministerial standing from the Presbytery of the Lakes, and was received by this Presbytery. A call was presented from the Bellefontaine congregation to Mr. Bower which he declined accepting. At our present meeting a request for a certificate to join the Presbytery of Monongahela was received from Mr. Bower, and his request. granted. Rev. John S. McCracken presented a certificate from the 1st Presbytery of Ohio, of good ministerial standing, and was received and his nanie added to our roll.

Among our congregations there is some new attention to the subject of the Sabbath: this is favorable. Accessions to the church in our bounds the past year have been about as usual. Attendance on the preaching of the gospel is as good if not better than usual. But we see many things over which we mourn, and many that are encouraging---for which we thank our Heavenly Father, and in confidence on his promises we hope and labor.

By order of the Presbytery. JAMES R. BONNER, Clerk. A statistical table accompanies this report.

Read a report from the Presbytery of Michigan. To the 2d Associate Reformed Synod of the West to meet at Oxford, Ohio, Oct. 9th 1844: The Presbytery of Michigan

REPORT. That during the past Synodical year nothing of unusual interest has occurred within our bounds. Our business transactions have been of the ordinary character. The A. R. Presbytery of Caledonia N. Y. have requested us to resume the care of the Town-river church which is now vacant. Rev. John H. Bonner has been relieved from the charge of the Salem church, and that church is now vacanta Rev, R. R. Coon has also been relieved from the charge of his Mount

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