same year, he was elected, in the room of the latter, a member for Boroughbridge, and in place of the former, for St. Edmundsbury, for which he chose his seat in parliament, which he kept till his grandfather's death, in May 1757. His Grace is receiver general of the profits of the seals, in the courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas; ranger of Whittlebury-forest; master of the game in Salcey-park; his Majesty's game-keeper at Newmarket; recorder of Thetford; high steward of Dartmouth; one of the governors of the Charter-house; and president of the Small Poxhospital. In the late reign, he was appointed Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum of Suffolk, and continued so in the present. On July 10th, 1765, his Grace was appointed one of his Majesty's principal SECRETARIES OF STATB, which he resigned in May, 1766; on August 2d following, was constituted First LORD COMMISSIONER OF THE TREASURY, which he resigned January 28th, 1770. On June 12th, 1771, constituted LORD PRIVY SEAL, in which high department he continued till Nov. 1775. On Dec. 5th, 1768, his Grace was elected chancellor of the University of Cambridge, and installed July 1st following; also in a chapter held September 20th, 1769, was elected one of the Knights companions of the most noble order of the Garter, and installed July 25th, 1771.

On Jan. 29th, 1756, he married Anne, only child of Henry Liddell, Lord Ravensworth; and by her had issue, a daughter, Lady Georgiana, born on May 8th, 1757, and married, on June 4th, 1778, to John Smyth of Heath, Esq.; and died January 10th, 1799, leaving issue.

Also three sons, first, George Henry, Earl of Euston, born on January 14th, 1760; another son, born on February 20th, 1761, who died soon after; a third son, Charles, born on July 17th, 1764, who married, June 20th, 1795, Miss Mundy, daughter of Edward Miller Mundy, Esq. who died August 9th, 1797, leaving one son, Charles Augustus; and married, secondly, March 10th, 1799, Lady Frances Stewart, eldest daughter of Robert, Earl of Londonderry, by Lady Frances Pratt: his Lordship is a lieutenant general in the army, and colonel of the forty-eighth regiment of foot.

His Grace obtained an act of parliament whích received the royal assent on March 23d, 1769, whereby his Grace's marriage with the said Anne Liddell was dissolved; in consequence whereof, this Lady remarried to John, the present Earl of Upper Ossory, and bis Grace, in May following, took to his second Duchess, Elizabeth, third daughter of the Rev. Sir Richard Wrottesley, Bart, and Dean of Windsor, by whom he has had issue, five sons,

third, Lord Henry, born March 22d, 1770; in holy orders; married, October 20, 1800, Miss Caroline Pigot, youngest daughter of the late Admiral Pigot; fourth, Lord Augustus, born June 1st, 1773, a captain in the navy, died 1799; and, fifth, Lord Frederick, born September 16th, 1774; sixth, Lord William, born June 1st, 1782, a captain in the navy; seventh, Lord John, born September 24th, 1785. Also seven daughters, viz. Lady Charlotte, born May 14th, 1771; Lady Elizabeth, born October 19th, 1775; Lady Louisa, born July 30th, 1777; Lady Augusta, born February 19th, 1779; Lady Frances, born June 1st, 1780, married, November 25th, 1800, Lord Francis Almaric Spencer, second son of the Duke of Marlborough ; Lady Caroline, born July 5th, 1781, died May 28th, 1803; Lady Harriot, born April 28th, 1784, died April 14th, 1804 ; Lady Isabella, born November 17th, 1786.

George HENRY, Earl of Euston, married, November 16th, 1784, Charlotte Maria, second daughter of the second Earl of Waldegrave, and by her has had six sons and four daughters; viz. Henry, Viscount Ipswich, born . February 10th, 1790; Charles, born 1791, an ensign in the first regiment of foot guards; William, born January 201h, 1794; Hugh George, born 29th, 1795; died April 26th, 1797 ; Richard James, born May 3d, 1800, died September 29ıb, 1801; Mary Anne, born November 3d, 1785; Georgiana Laura, born January 15th, 1787; Elizabeth Anna, born June 29th, 1788; and Isabella Frances, born May 6th, 1792. His Lordship has for many years represented the University of Cambridge in parliainent,

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Titles. Augustus Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Grafton, Earl of Arlington and Euston, Viscount Thetford and Ipswich, Baron Arlington of Arlington, and Baron of Sudbury.

Creations. Baron Arlington of Arlington, in com. Middlesex, Viscount Thetford in com. Norfolk, and Earl of Arlington, aforesaid, by descent from his mother Isabella, sole daughter and beir to the Right Honourable Henry Bennet, Earl of Arlington, who was created Baron by letters · patent, on March 14th, 1663, 16 Car. II. and Viscount and Earl, on April 22d, 1672, 24 Car. II, Baron of Sudbury, Viscount Ipswich, and Earl of Euston, all in the county of Suffolk, on August 16th, 1671, 24 Car. II. and Duke of Grafton, in the county of Northampton, on September 11th, 1675, 27 Car. II.

Arms. The arms of King Charles II. with a Battone sinister compone, Argent and Azure.

Crest. On a chapeau, gules, turned up ermine, a lion statant guardant, Or, crowned with a ducal coronet, Azure, and gorged with a collar countercompone, Argent and Azure.

Supporters. On the dexter side a lion guardant, Or, crowned with a ducal coronet, Azure, and gorged with a collar counterpone, Argent, and Azure: on the sinister, a greyhound, argent, gorged as the lion.

Motto. Et Decus et pretium recti.

Chief Seats. At Wakefield Lodge in Whittlebury Forest, in the county of Northampton; at Livermore Hall, in the county of Suffolk; and at Euston Hall in the same county, which last, derived from the Earl of Arlington, is his principal seat.

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This noble Duke derives his genealogy from an illegitimate branch of the house of PLANTAGENET, (whence it is observable, that his progenitors have flourished with the titles of Dukes, Marquisses, and Earls, and have not descended to a lower degree for these seven hundred years) being lineally descended from John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, son of Edward III. who caused all his natural children, by Catherine Swinford, daughter of Sir Payn Roet, alias Guyen, king of arms, and widow of Sir Otes Swinford, Knight, to whom he was afterwards married, to be called BEAUFORT, from the castle of Beaufort in the county of Anjou, the place of their nativity; which castle came, A. D. 1276, to the house of Lancaster by the marriage of Blanch, daughter of Robert I. Count of Artois, and widow of Henry I. King of Navarre, with Edmund (surnamed Crouchback) Earl of Lancaster, second son of Henry III. King of England.

By the said Catherine, he had before marriage three sons, and a daughter, who were all legitimated by act of parliament in 1396, viz. Joan, who was first married to Sir Robert Ferrers of Oversley, secondly to Ralph Nevill, the first Earl of Westmoreland, and dying anno 1440, was buried in the cathedral of Lincoln. Of the sons, which were John, Henry, and Thomas, the latter was created Earl of Dorset, and Duke of Exeter, but left no issue ; he died 1427, and was buried at St. Edmund's Bury in Suffolk. His body was a found in 1772, by some workmen who were employed among the ruins of that abbey. The second was made Bishop of Winchester, anno 1405, and was also Cardinal and Lord Chan

• Gentleman's Magazine, vol. xlii. p. 92.

eellor, and father of a natural daughter, Joan, wife of Sir Edward Stradling in Wales ; and John, the eldest, was created Earl of Somerset, anno 1396, also Marquis of Dorset and Somerset, September 29th, 1398, from which last titles he was afterwards deprived. In 1400, he was made Lord Chamberlain of England for life; Knight of the Garter, and captain of Calais. He died March 16th, 1410, and was buried in Canterbury cathedral.

John, second Earl of Somerset, having married Margaret, sister and coheir to Edmund Holland, Earl of Kent (who was secondly married b to Thomas Duke of Clarence, son of King Henry IV.) by her had four sons and two daughters, whereof Joan, the eldest, was married first to James I. King of Scots, and after his death, to Sir James Stuart, son to Lord Lorne, from whom the Duke of Athol; and Margaret, to Thomas Courtnay, Earl of Devonshire.

The sons of the said Jolin Earl of Somerset were, Henry, John, Edmund, and Thomas; whereof HENRY the eldest dying unmarried, anno 1418, left bis inheritance to his brother,

John, who succeeded him as third Earl of Somerset ; and in 1413, was created Duke of Somerset, and Earl of Kendale, and constituted lieutenant and captain general of Aquitain; as also of the whole realm of France, and duchy of Normandy. His Grace departed this life on May 27th, 1444, and was buried at Winborne minster in Dorsetshire ; leaving issue by Margaret his wife, widow of Sir Oliver St. John, and daughter to Sir John Beauchamp, of Bletshoe in the county of Bedford, Knight, (and heir to John her brother) an only daughter, Margaret, married to Edmund of Hadham, Earl of Richmond, eldest son of Owen ap Merideth ap Tudor, and Catherine of France, Queen of England, dowager to Henry V. and by him was mother of Henry VII. she was secondly, married to Sir Henry Stafford, son of Humphry Duke of Buckingham; and thirdly, to Thomas Stanley Earl of Derby, and dying on 3d calend. of July 1509, was buried in Henry VII.'s chapel, Westminster Abbey.

To him succeeded Edmund his next brother, who was Earl of Mortien in Normandy, and created Marquis of Dorset on June 24th, 1443. In 24th Henry VI. he was Regent of Normandy ; and in 26th Henry VI. created Duke of Somerset ; but was slain in the battle of St. Alban's, on May 22d, 1455. He married Eleanor, second daughter and coheir to Richard Beauchamp, Earl

b Vincent, p 283.

* Inscrip. Timuli.

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