The Oxford Magazine: Or, Universal Museum, 11. kötet

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257. oldal - Who gave thee this Liberty ? A. No Man gave it me. Liberty is the natural Right of every human Creature.
39. oldal - ... passions cease to operate, the piece is at an end. One scene of full joy and contentment and security is the utmost that any composition of this kind can bear; and it is sure always to be the concluding one.
336. oldal - I gave you, and which you should not endure if you have any courage at all in you. If you consent not to meet me hereupon, I will hold you, and cause you to be generally held, for the arrantest coward, and most slanderous slave, that lives in all France. I expect your answer.
243. oldal - Twas cleaned out so nice, and so painted withal; He was always first oars when the fine city ladies In a party to Ranelagh went or Vauxhall. And oftentimes would they be giggling and leering...
4. oldal - The difficulties under which the poor- Sicilians labour, from the extreme oppreffion of their government, obliges them fometimes to invent branches of commerce that nature feems to have denied them, as they are not allowed to enjoy thofe me has beftowed.
243. oldal - And oftentimes would they be giggling and leering, But 'twas all one to Tom their gibing and jeering, For loving or liking he little did care, For this waterman ne'er was in want of a fare. And yet but to see how...
183. oldal - By the, fifth claufe, after giving the reafon a legi/lative authority is appointed, con fitting of perfons refident there, not lefs than feventeen, nor more than twenty-three, to be appointed by his majefty, with the advice of his privy-council, under his or their fign manual, to make ordinances for the government of the province, with a prohibition from laying on taxes ; and alfo every ordinance, &c. made, is to be tranfmitted to his majefty, and if difallowed by his majefty, every ordinance, &c....
138. oldal - ... on account of his afthma, the King (William) would have had him continue in it, and told him exprefsly, that though he could ftay in London but a few weeks, his fervices in the office would be very neceflary to him. His Majefty, however, at length, yielded to the reprefentations of Mr. Locke, who could not prevail on himfelf to hold an employment of that importance, without doing the duties of it more regularly. He formed and executed this defign without making any communication of it, though...
234. oldal - The planters do not want to be told, that their Negroes are human creatures. If they believe them to be of human kind, they cannot regard them (which Mr. Sharpe infifts they do) as no better than dogs or horles.
165. oldal - Wherefore this houfe of reprefentatives, in their own name, and in the name of all the inhabitants of this province, do impeach the faid Peter Oliver, Efq ; of the high crimes and mifdemeanors aforefaid.

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