The Journal of the Reverend Silas Constant, Pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Yorktown, New York: With Some of the Records of the Church and a List of His Marriages, 1784-1825, Together with Notes on the Nelson, Van Cortlandt, Warren, and Some Other Families Mentioned in the Journal

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private circulation, 1903 - 561 oldal

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484. oldal - In this connection I will say that General Warren did not exert himself to get up his corps as rapidly as he might have done, and his manner gave me the impression that he wished the sun to go down before dispositions for the attack could be completed.
521. oldal - You will assume command of the whole force sent to operate with you and use it to the best of your ability to destroy the force which your command has fought so gallantly today.
481. oldal - The Court is of the opinion that there was no unnecessary delay in this march of the Fifth Corps, and that General Warren took the usual methods of a corps commander to prevent delay.
485. oldal - During this attack I again became dissatisfied with General Warren. During the engagement portions of his line gave way, when not exposed to a heavy fire, and simply for want of confidence on the part of the troops, which General Warren did not exert himself to inspire. I therefore relieved him from the command of the Fifth corps, authority for this action having been sent to me before the battle, unsolicited.
476. oldal - Adams' house, which leads out across Chamberlain's bed or run. I understand you have a division at J. Boisseau's; if so, you are in rear of the enemy's line, and almost on his flanks. I will hold on here. Possibly they may attack Custer at daylight; if so, attack instantly and in full force. Attack at daylight anyhow, and I will make an effort to get the road this side of Adams...
482. oldal - Munford posted in the woods to the north of the White Oak road, which led to the belief, for some time, that the enemy had a line of battle in front; and this may furnish one reason why it was so difficult at first to change their direction to the proper one. OPINION. General Warren's attention appears to have been drawn, almost immediately after Ayres received the flank fire from the "return...
520. oldal - The enemy were driven from their strong line of works and completely routed, the Fifth Corps doubling up their left flank in confusion; and the cavalry of General Merritt dashing on to the White Oak road, capturing their artillery and turning it upon them, and riding into their broken ranks, so demoralized them that they made no serious stand after their line was carried, but took to flight in disorder.
518. oldal - Adams' house; and if I do, you can capture the whole of them. Any force moving down the road I am holding, or on the White Oak road, will be in the enemy's rear, and in all probability get any force that may escape you by a flank attack.
517. oldal - Warren moved according to the expectations of the LieutenantGeneral, there would appear to have been but little chance for the escape of the enemy's infantry in front of Dinwiddie Court-house. Ayres" Division moved down the Boydton Plank-road during the night, and in the morning moved west via R.
462. oldal - A division of the 2d corps was immediately sent to his support, the enemy driven back with heavy loss, and possession of the White Oak road gained. Sheridan advanced, and with a portion of his cavalry got possession of the Five Forks, but the enemy, after the affair with the 5th corps, re-enforced the rebel cavalry, defending that point with infantry, and forced him back towards Dinwiddie Court-House.

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