A review of the reports to the Board of agriculture, 1. kötet

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174. oldal - seem to inherit with the estates of their ancestors, their notions of cultivating them, and are almost as much attached to the one as the other. They are rarely aspiring, and seem content with their situation; nor is luxury in any shape an object of their desires. Their little estates, which they cultivate with their own hands, produce almost every necessary article of food; and clothing they in part manufacture for themselves.
55. oldal - An ESSAY on the CONSTRUCTION of the PLOUGH, deduced from mathematical principles;
85. oldal - ... off with equal speed, but not to the same distance; forming a shorter circle and again returning with a bolder and more threatening aspect than before, they approach much nearer, probably within thirty yards, when they make another stand, and again fly off; this they do several times, shortening their distance and advancing nearer till they come within ten yards, when most people think it prudent to leave them, not choosing to provoke them further ; for there is little doubt but in two or three...
85. oldal - The mode of killing them was perhaps the only modern remains of the grandeur of ancient hunting. On notice being given that a wild bull would be killed on a certain day, the inhabitants of the neighbourhood...
xx. oldal - Economy, the arbitrary lines of counties are to be wholely disregarded. For if any plan was observed in determining the outlines of provinces, in this island, it certainly had no reference, or alliance whatever, to agriculture ; unless it •were to divide, between opposing claimants, the natural districts, which required to be studied, separately, and entire* Natural, not fortuitous, lines are requisite to be traced, agricultural, not political, distinctions are to be regarded.
86. oldal - ... a few steps, and bolted at his legs with all its force ; it then began to paw again, bellowed, stepped back, and bolted as before; but...
84. oldal - Their colour is invariably white ; muzzles black ; the whole of the inside of the ear, and about one-third of the outside, from the tip downwards, red* ; horns white, with black tips, very fine, and bent upwards : some of the bulls have a thin upright mane, about an inch and a half or two inches long.
249. oldal - The advance of wages, and the preference given to the manufacturing employment, by laborers in general, where they may work by the piece, and under cover, have induced many to forsake the spade for the shuttle, and have embarrassed the farmers, by the scarcity of workmen, and of course advanced the price of labour.
217. oldal - The following observations contain the reason for this belief. If profit is considered, every tree of every kind ought to be cut down and sold, when the annual increase in value of the tree, by its growth, is...
123. oldal - ... watershaken, with here and there spots of gravel interspersed ; but these are of small extent, the middle of none of them being half a mile from clay. The hills between the sea, and an imaginary line drawn from...

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