Johnny Ludlow: In Three Volumes, 3. kötet

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Richard Bentley, 1874 - 909 oldal

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309. oldal - And there shall be no light there ; and they need no candle neither light of the sun ; for the Lord God giveth them light : and they shall reign for ever and ever.
187. oldal - Oh, it is you," he said, and broke out into a smile — which somehow made the face look even more worn and weary than before. " I thought you had all left." " So we have, sir. But Miss Whitney forgot her bag, and I have run back for it. She left it in the small room in the hall." " Oh ay, all right,
244. oldal - The sea was like a great surging plain, full of angry tumult — but it was a grand sight to see. The waves dashed over the pier, ducking the three or four venturesome spirits who went on there. I was one — and received a good blowing up from Mr. Brandon for my pains. The gale passed. The weather set *n again calm and lovely ; but we seemed to be no nearer hearing anything of the Clement-Pells.
112. oldal - questioned he, nibbling a bit of the parsley that was in the broth. " I — it is to pay a debt, sir," I answered, feeling my face flush hot. " Whose debt ? " By the way he looked at me I could see that he knew as plainly as though I had told him, that it was not my debt. And yet — but for letting him think it was mine, he might turn a totally deaf ear. Old Brandon finished up his broth, and put the basin down. " You are a clever fellow, Johnny Ludlow, but not quite clever enough to deceive me....
149. oldal - I said to Mrs. Todhetley, after breakfast in the morning. " There is no reason why you may not, Johnny, that I know of," she answered, after a pause. " Except the cold." As if I minded the cold ! "I hope the whole lot, she and the young ones, won't look like skeletons, that's all. Tod, will you come?" " Not if I know it, old fellow. I have no fancy for seeing skeletons." " Oh, that was all my nonsense.
38. oldal - Not wishing alarm to get to the boy's mother, he told Jim Batley that David had gone by early train to Worcester : he told the mother so. As to the boots, Hill declared they were his own, not David's ; and that Jim's eyes must have been deceived in the size. And he vowed and declared he knew no more than this, or where David could have got to. " What do you think you deserve for locking the child in the house by himself? " asked the Squire, sternly. " Everything that'll come upon me through it,
25. oldal - But what else, except a dream, do you fancy it could have been?" " Well, sir, that's what is puzzling me. But for Hill's convincing me Davy could not have got out of here after he had locked him and Macintosh in for safety, I should have said it was the boy himself, calling me from outside. It sounded to be in the room, close to me : but the fright I was in might have deceived me — What's that ? " A loud rapping at the window had caused the climax.
5. oldal - His soft brown eyes had a shrinking tenderness in them, his face looked delicate as a girl's, and his hair hung in curls. But he was a little bit deformed in the back — some called it only a stoop in the shoulders — and, though fourteen, might have been taken for ten. The boy's love for his mother was something good. They had lived at Worcester, she having a small income, where he had been well brought up. When she married Hill — all her friends were against it, and it was in fact a frightful...
307. oldal - John's gone on to it,' you and papa will be thinking ; ' we shall see him again when the end comes.' And it will cause you to look for the end, instead of turning, frightened, away from it, as too many do. Don't grieve, -mother ! Had it been God's will, I should have lived. But it was not ; and He is taking me to a better home. A little sooner, a little later ; it cannot make much difference which, if we are only ready for it when it comes.

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