Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London

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W. Bowyer and J. Nichols for Lockyer Davis, printer to the Royal Society, 1808

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32. oldal - ... and in the philosophical division of the classes of bodies, the analogy between the greater number of properties must always be the foundation of arrangement. On this idea, in naming the bases of potash and soda, it will be proper to adopt the termination which, by common consent, has been applied to other newly discovered metals, and which, though originally Latin, is now naturalized in our language.
31. oldal - ... the largest quantity of oxygen indicated by these experiments was, for potash 17, and for soda 26 parts in 100, and the smallest 13, and 19...
2. oldal - I ventured to conclude from the general principles on which the phenomena were capable of being explained, that the new methods of investigation promised to lead to a more intimate knowledge than had hitherto been obtained, concerning the true elements of bodies. This conjecture, then sanctioned only by strong analogies, I am now happy to be able to support by some conclusive facts.
5. oldal - ... basis of potash. I found that the platina was in no way connected with the result, except as the medium for exhibiting the electrical powers of decomposition ; and a substance of the same kind was produced when pieces of copper, silver, gold, plumbago, or even charcoal were employed for compleating the circuit. The phenomenon was independent of the presence of air ; I found that it took place when the alkali was in the vacuum of an exhausted receiver.
336. oldal - ... the infusible nature of the earths: the strong affinity of their bases for oxygen made it unavailing to act upon them in solution in water : and the only methods that proved successful, were those of operating upon them by electricity in some of the combinations, or of combining them...
33. oldal - The knowledge of the powers and effects of the etherial substances may at a future time possibly act a similar part with regard to the more refined and ingenious hypothesis of LAVOISIER; but in the present state of our knowledge, it appears the best approximation that has been made to a perfect logic of chemistry. Whatever future changes may take place in theory, there seems however every reason to believe that the metallic bases of the alkalies, and the common metals, will stand in the same arrangement...
15. oldal - ... explained from its strong affinity for this substance. In sulphuric acid a white saline substance with a yellow coating, which is probably sulphate of potash surrounded by sulphur, and a gas which has the smell of sulphureous acid, and which probably is a mixture of that substance with hydrogene gas, are formed.
127. oldal - LEE at about £550. per annum : in which some allowance is made for this apparatus being made upon a scale adequate to the supply of a still greater quantity of light, than he has occasion to make use of. He is of opinion, that the cost of attendance upon candles would be as much, if not more, than upon the gas apparatus ; so that in forming the comparison, nothing need be stated upon that score, on either side. The economical statement for one year then stands thus : Cost of 1 10 tons of cannel...
96. oldal - I had designed appears to be superfluous, as all the facts that I had observed are but particular instances of the more general observation of Mr Dalton, that in all cases the simple elements of bodies are disposed to unite atom to atom singly, or, if either is in excess, it exceeds by a ratio to be expressed by some simple multiple of the number of its atoms.
8. oldal - ... the want of moisture for its solution, the process stopped, the interior being defended from the action of the gas. With the substance from soda, the appearances and effects were analogous. When the substances were strongly heated, confined in given portions of oxygen, a rapid combustion with a brilliant white flame was produced, and the metallic globules were found converted into a white and solid mass, which in the case of the substance from potash was found to be potash, and in the case of...

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