The Royal Kalendar, and Court and City Register for England, Scotland, Ireland, and the Colonies

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Vol. for 1832 includes the British almanac of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge.

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10. oldal - Privy Councillors. Chancellor of the Exchequer. Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. Lord Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench. Master of the Rolls. Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas. Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer.
504. oldal - FOUR-FIFTHS, or 80 per cent, of the Profits, are assigned to Policies every fifth year, and may be applied to increase the sum insured, to an immediate payment in cash, or to the reduction and ultimate extinction of future Premiums.
12. oldal - ... by act of the Scottish Parliament of 1469, the titles of Prince and High Steward of Scotland, Duke of Rothesay, Earl of Carrick, Baron of Renfrew, and Lord of the Isles, were vested in the eldest son and heir-apparent of the crown of Scotland for ever. 'Great Steward of Scotland ' has thus become one of the titles of the Prince of Wales.
186. oldal - Judges shall be the Lord Chancellor, the Lord Chief Justice of England, the Master of the Rolls, the Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, and the Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer.
329. oldal - Report of the National Society for the Education of the Poor in the Principles of the Established Church, throughout England and Wales.
506. oldal - Esq., and John Tidd Pratt, Esq. Superintendent — Philip Scoones, Esq. LIFE DEPARTMENT. This Corporation has granted Assurances on Lives for a Period exceeding One Hundred and Thirty Years, having issued its first Policy on the 7th June, 1721. Two-thirds, or 66 per cent, of the entire Profits are given to the Assured.
103. oldal - Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, born Nov. 9, 1841. Alice Maud Mary, born April 25, 1843. Alfred Ernest Albert, born Aug. 6, 1844. Helena Augusta Victoria, born May 25, 1846. Louisa Caroline Alberta, born March 18, 1848.
12. oldal - Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland ; Defender of the Faith ; Sovereign Protector of the United States of the Ionian Islands ; Sovereign of the Orders of the Garter, the Thistle, St.
504. oldal - One-third of the premium on insurances of £500 and upwards, for the whole term of life, may remain as a debt upon the policy, to be paid off at convenience ; by which means £1,500 may be insured for the present outlay otherwise required for £1,000.
162. oldal - And be it enacted, that the lord president of the council, the lord privy seal, the first lord of the treasury, the principal secretaries of state, and the chancellor of the exchequer for the time being, shall, by virtue of their respective offices, be, and they are hereby declared to be, commissioners for the affairs of India...

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