cian and that he could change himself into any shape.

Be this as it may, little Daffydowndilly had learned a good lesson, and from that time forward he worked at his task, because he knew that work 5 is no more toilsome than sport or idleness.

And when he knew Mr. Toil better, he began to think that his ways were not so very disagreeable, and that his smile of approval made his face almost as pleasant as even that of Daffydown-10 dilly's mother.


approval (ap proov'l): liking, think

ing well of Daffydowndilly (daf'fy down dil'ly):

daffodil. See page 103.

dismay (dis mā): fright
hesitated (hez'i tāted): paused, de-



1. Why did Daffydowndilly run away from school ? 2. What different groups of people did he see on his walk ? 3. What person that he did not wish to see was in each group? 4. Who did his companion prove to be? 5. What lesson did the boy learn? 6. What lesson has the story for you?

[graphic][merged small]

The boy stood on the burning deck,

Whence all but him had fled;
The flame that lit the battle's wreck

Shone round him o'er the dead.


Yet beautiful and bright he stood,

As born to rule the storm ;

A creature of heroic blood,

A proud though childlike form.

The flames rolled on — he would not go

Without his father's word; That father, faint in death below,

His voice no longer heard.


He called aloud, “Say, father, say

If yet my task is done ?
He knew not that the chieftain lay

Unconscious of his son.


Speak, father!” once again he cried,

“ If I may yet be gone!” And but the booming shots replied,

And fast the flames rolled on.


Upon his brow he felt their breath,

And in his waving hair ;
And looked from that lone post of death,

In still, yet brave despair.

And shouted but once more aloud

- My father! must I stay?


While o'er him fast, through sail and shroud,

The wreathing fires made way.

They wrapt the ship in splendor wild,

They caught the flag on high,
And streamed above the gallant child

Like banners in the sky.


Then came a burst of thunder sound

The boy - oh! where was he?
Ask of the winds that far around
With fragments strew the sea;


With mast, and helm, and pennon fair,

That well had borne their part
But the noblest thing that perished there
Was that young, faithful heart.



1. This is a famous poem, which every one is supposed to know. 2. What is the scene of it? 3. Where is the boy? 4. Why does he stay? 5. Where is his father ?

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1. 'Mid pleas - ures and pal a -ces though we
2. An

ile from home, splendor daz zles

may roam, in vain;


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charm from the sky seems to hal low us there, Which, seek through the birds sing-ing gai - ly, that came at my call, Give me them, and the


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How sweet ’tis to sit ’neath a fond father's smile, And the cares of a mother to soothe and beguile! Let others delight ʼmid new pleasures to roam, But give me, oh, give me, the pleasures of home!

Home! home! sweet, sweet home! There's no place like home! there's no place like



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