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The success and increasing popularity of our QUARTO Notion appears to us to obviate the necessity of continuing the issue of our Semi-Monthly Magazine. The number of subscribers entitled to receive it after this date is limited, and to them we shall substitute copies of the Quarto Notion, which will be giving them a greater amount of reading matter than that contai i

The Quarto Notion forms a beautiful volume at the expiration of the year, and we think will prove a handsome substitute for the present publication. This, therefore, is the last number of the Magazine which will be published.


Publisher and Proprietor. BOSTON, JANUARY 1, 1841.

N. B.-Thirteen numbers only of Quarto Notion have as yet been published, and back copies from its commencement can be furnished to new subscribers.


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CELLANEOUS Arriba, Corsin

343 Ancient Regime,

615 634 662 714 758

801 A Mystery.

893 Actidk apon Suspicion,

916 A Soldier's Domicil,

1007 Benson, Peter, the Miser 991 Chinese Collection at Philadelphia,

557 Curcumstantial Evidence, 677 Cecast, Jacquer, the Hunchback Pbiloso her,

945 Country Towa,

956 Desth of De Soto,

532 Dorham, the late Lord,

565 Danks, Nicholas,erki nied Macerel for Dipner,

749 Donnybrook Fair,

892 Deable Jealousy,

999 Ere of St. Bartholomew,

369 Extracts by C.F. Hoffman, 566 Eoglish Mariner,

613 EleworFable,

701 Lorlish Poetry,

91 England, the sun io

976 Forty.one Tons of Indigo, 581

Fairy surprised

845 Foreign Review,

267 George St. George Jalian, 496

549 585 626 739

787 Gruody, Mrs.. what will she sas? 962 Hoffman, C.F.

325 Houk, The late Theodore Edw. 940 Ireland, The faction fights of 569

" Wandering Idiots of Kilkenny 838 Italian Exile,

955 Jews in Spain,

594 Letters from abroad to Kindred

at Home, (Miss Sedgwick) 600
Lemplighter's Ntory, (Boz) 705
Long, long ago, or the Bea Bear,

by Lt. Parsous, RN,
Marquinez and La Cellegialla, 537
Malmaison, The sale of


Robert Philada, and his

Married Officer,

924 Marriage of Achilles,

Old Maids, comedy, by Jas Sber.
idan Knowles,

Poacher, The, a povel, continued
from the ist vol.


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Jacobs Dream,
Lings, by H. T. Tuckerman,

on the Deatb of Lucy Hoo
Letter to the dead,
Our Country,
Siege and Capture of Alhama,
Sonnet, by Mrs. Norton,
The Widows Reply,
The Wife,
The Lovers reproof of Time,
The Aged,
The Hanmer Oak,
The Pearl Wearer,
To Miss Adelaide Kemble,

993 594 568 604 695 695 888 938


0474 203




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Nothing, except that I am not guilty,' re. words, and that the next morning he was to be plied Joey.

taken down to Exeter to await his trial, and exI have had the warrant out against him these pressed a wish, if possible, that she would come seven years, or thereabouts, but he escaped me,' there to see him; and, giving a guinea to the observed the peace-officer; "he was but a lad then. turnkey, requested him to forward the letter.

• He must have been a child, to judge by his • It shall go safe enough, young master,' represent appearance,' observed the magistrate, plied the man. • Now do you know that yours who was making out the committal. I now is one of the strangest cases that ever came to perfectly recollect the whole affair.'

my knowledge?' continued the man; 'we've The oficer received the committal, and in been talking about it among ourselves; why, the half an hour our hero was locked up with felons first warrant for your apprehension was out of every description. His blood ran cold when more than eight years ago; and to look at you he found binnseif enclosed within the massive now, you cannot be more than seventeen or walls; and, as soon as the jailor had left him eighteen.' alone, he shuddered and covered his face with *Yes, I am,' replied Jrey; 'I am twenty-two.' his hands. Our hero had, however, the greatest • Then don't you tell any body else that, and of all consolations to support him-the conscious. I will forget it. You see youth goes a great ness of his innocence; hut when he called to way in court; and they will see that you must mind how happy and prosperous he had lately have been quite a child when the deed was done been-when he thought of Emma, and that now for I suppose by the evidence there is no doubt all his fair prospects and fondest anticipations of that—and it won't be a hanging matier, that were thrown to the ground, it is not surprising you may be certain of; you'll cross the water, that, for a short time, he wept in his solitude that's all; so keep up your spirits, and look as and 'silence. To whom should be make known young as you can.' his situation? Alas! it would too soon be known. Mary received the letter on the following day, and would not every one, even Emma, shrink and was in the deepest distress at its contents. from a supposed murderer? No! there was one She was still weeping over it, and her work had who would not-one on whose truth he could been throun down at her feet, when Mrs Ausdepend; Mary would not desert him even now; tin came into the dressing-room where she was he would write to her and acquaint her with his sitting. situa ion. Our hero having made up his mind What is the matter, Mary?" said Mrs. Austin. so to do, obtained paper and ink from the jailor "I have received a letter from my brother, when he came into his cell, which he did in Madam,' replied Mary; "he is in the greatest about two hours after he had been locked up.- distress; and I beg you to let me go to him im. Joey wrote to Mary, stating his position in a few mediately.'

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