THOSE only who have witnessed the general rush for luggage on the arrival of a railway train can sufficiently appreciate the comfort and advantage of having their luggage in the carriage in which they ride. This can only be managed by having your packages of & size and shape that will fit under the seats of railway carriages. If possible, therefore, always get your wardrobe into a good carpet bag, or, what is infinitely better, into one of THRESHER'S RAILWAY PORTMANTEAUS, made for the purpose; and, before starting, have it placed under the seat of the carriage in which you ride. You will then have no trouble on arrival, but merely to take out your package and walk off, or, if heavier than you like to carry, hail the first porter you see, who will shoulder it to your cab. You will thus escape all the delay and disagreeables of that inevitable attendant apon railway travelling the general scramble for luggage.


There are two individuals which every book should strive at pleasing—the publisher and the purchaser. Without each is equally satisfied the work cannot be considered as one that has attained the desired object of its production. The ensuing pages have been written with the express view of furthering the interests of both. Of late years the changes wrought by road and rail, the local innovations and alterations induced by the march of modern improvement, the creation by fashion of new watering-places, and the consequent desertion of many of the old, are all so many reasons that render former Guide Books quite obsolete, and the want of a new one so universally felt. The antiquated manuals that discourse eloquently of ancient streets long since demolished, and which are provokingly silent concerning the elegant structures and buildings which have risen along the coast during the last ten years, have often proved before now bewildering sources of perplexity to the stranger and a fund of innocent amusement to the inhabitants, who have marked with pride the increased accommodation furnished by their native town. From the extended facilities recently afforded to travellers, and the moderate outlay for which a summer excursion to any chosen point of Albion's coast can now be taken, it is presumed that the period has arrived when these by-gone specimens of blundering topography may be advantageously superseded. The chief features of the present work, and those on which it chiefly bases its claim to public attention, may be thus briefly enumerated :

1. An elaborate and accurate description, derived from the latest personal visits, of the chief places of marine resort, illustrating in a companionable discursive style the scenery and historical antiquities of each, and pointing out those objects which are most deserving of the visitor's attention.

2. A careful and critical inquiry into the peculiar influences and effects of climate, from authorised data, and an indication of those places most suitable for the exigencies of the invalid.

3. The best and speediest modes of transit, with the times of the arrival and departure of the mails, together with all other necessary information to the tourist concerning hotels, boarding-houses, &c.

How far and how ably these designs have been carried out it now remains for the reader himself to decide; but it is confidently believed by the writer that neither publisher nor purchaser will regret the result.

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Carys Sconce
Cliffs End

Colwell Bay

Tollands Bay
Hatha wood
Alican Bay)


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