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Analogy between Legisation and Horse-racing

92 Lord Northington's toast

94 Ofer of a Young Minister

95 Epigram on the retirement of Lord Bute

97 On the King declaring no money should be spent in Elections ibid Epigram on Fox

98 Epigram, by an Eton Boy

ibid Lines posted up at the Sun Fire Office in 1768

99 Ballad on the General Election in 1768 Political genealogy Directions for new -painting the City Arms

ibid Campaign of 1768 Inscription for Marshal Thomas

103 Inscription for a Column in the Ine of Thanet

ibid 'To Mr. Harley, on the dedication of a Tower

104 Infcription for the Villa of a decayed Statesman; by Mr. Gray 105 * Jemmy Twitcher, or the Cambridge Courtship

Тоб Initation of Anacreon, to J. W. Esq.

107 Epittle to John Wilkes, Esq. in Confinement

109 The whole dispute between Law and Politics The Lion in the Toils; by Mr. Kenrick

ibid Harry and Nan

113 On the Duke of Bedford's arrival in Ireland Middlesex Election, a Ballad On the Investiture of Cardinal Bernis with a blue ribbon Epigram on Lord Bute

123 Ode to Colonel

ibid On Mr. Secretary Brauishiw

123 State Coach Epigram. Outs and Inns

135 A Character

136 The Answer Conversation between the heads on Temple-bar

138 Dialogue at St. James's-gate Mr. Gray's Ode on the Installation of the Duke of Grafton 144 Gray Travestic

145 To any Minifter or Great Man

158 On the University Church, Oxford, being converted into a Law-school

160 Elegy on the late King

ibid ; The first with or my Heart Extempore, on the Ottoman Porte

164 To the Conqueror of Loujibourg, &c.

ibid The Answer

167 Ode to Lord North on commanding the House of Commons 170 indarcica



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