The IT Value Stack: A Boardroom Guide to IT Leadership

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John Wiley & Sons, 2007. dec. 17. - 308 oldal
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"Ade McCormack sounds a much-needed clarion call for IT to “grow up” and become a mature business function"
Nicholas Carr, Author of Does IT Matter and The Big Switch

"The wit, imagination and insight that Ade brings to his regular Boardroom Debate column in the Financial Times Digital Business section shine through his new book. Ade looks at where the power, blame, influence and value in IT all sit as business technology matures and the game shifts towards maximising its value."
Peter Whitehead, FT Digital Business editor

"This excellent book is a must read for anyone in business. As in his first book Ade McCormack demystifies IT and makes it clear, relevant and interesting for business."
Dr Gerard-Lyons, Chief Economist at Standard Chartered

"Ade McCormack hits at the key issues, the Business/IT relationship can no longer be one of master/slave, but must evolve into one of value based partnership for business advantage. An essential read for those organisations who believe there has to be a third way between traditional business and IT approaches."
—Eddie Short, Vice President, Global Lead - Business Information Management, Capgemini, London

Successful IT value realisation is a cloudy subject. This in part contributes to the overall dissatisfaction many organisations have with IT. This book tackles the subject of IT value realisation head on. Most importantly it provides a model to help CIOs and business leaders maximize the return on their IT investment.

This book is based on the author's IT Value Stack methodology, which helps business leaders take control of their IT investment. Boardroom-bound CIOs will also find this book of value. As will those that advise on strategic business-IT matters.

The model is corroborated with input from influential people working within the world’s most successful end-user, business advisory and technology organisations.

The book covers:

  • The IT Value Stack Model
  • Business-IT strategy entwinement
  • Process-IT entwinement
  • User-technologist entwinement
  • Technology management
  • IT service management
  • Circulation management
  • Value management.
  • Valuable input from influential contributors from the end-user, technology and advisory communities.

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The book is aimed at a fairly high-level audience and makes a case for better integration, or "entwinement", of technology into businesses. Ade can come across somewhat opinionated but he gives you ... Teljes értékelés elolvasása


Whats IT All About?
Do you have a Problem?
Introducing the IT Value Stack
Strategy Entwinement
Process Entwinement
People Entwinement
Technology Management
Service Management
Circulation Management
Value Management
IT Value and You The Top 10
About the Contributors

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A szerzőről (2007)

Ade McCormack has over twenty years experience in the business-IT space. He is also a public speaker and coach. Ade has a column in the Financial Times advising business leaders on business-IT issues. He is also author of the acclaimed book – IT Demystified.
An astrophysicist by training, he entered the IT industry as a real-time embedded software engineer. Through Brownian motion his career recoiled into project management. Today he focuses more on people development, advisory, writing and public speaking in the IT value realisation space. Ade is married with one son and lives in the Chilterns in England. His interests include road / cross-country running and French jive, the latter being a form of dance which Ade has single handedly, and perhaps inadvertently, evolved into a martial art.

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