The Poetic World of Classic Korean Women Writers, 9. kötet

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Ewha Womans University Press, 2005. jan. 1. - 109 oldal

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s Hwang Jinis Pride Songdosamjeol
Although Its Beauty Fades Its Clear Fragrance Will 25
My Body Too Is of Royal Blood 39
Long Ago at My Home by the Sea I Was Happy with Family 45 Kim Hoyeonjae Who Composed Poems with 13 Members
Knowing Contentment Is Most Important in Life 53
Please Do Not Concern Yourself with Food and Clothing 69
As First Plum Blossom Falls Dreams Become Clearer 87
The Great Ultimate Abides within Us 103

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A szerzőről (2005)

저자 : Lee Hai-soon
Hai-soon Lee is Professor of Korean Literature at Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea. She received her M.A. both in Korean Literature and Comparative Literature respectively from Seoul National University, Korea and University of Illinois in U.S.A., and Ph.D. in Chinese Literature from National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan. Her recent research has focused on the experiences of other cultures and their meanings in traveller''s accounts as well as intellectual history of female writers in Korean classical literature. Her publications include Comparative Literature: Theory and Method, A Study on The Water Margin, Lecture on Korean Literature(co-work), Literatures of Korean Envoys to Japan, A Study of Women Writers in Korean Classical Literature(co-work), History of Korean Literature Written in Chinese Characters in the First Half Period of Koryo Korea. She also co-translated The World of Korean Women''s Classical Literature and Life and Death of The Faithful Ladies in Chosun. She was recently elected president of the Society of Korean Language and Literature.

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